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Easy Sudoku for 6/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jan/11 2:24 AM
Here's today's teaser - a bit more difficult, so no slacking please! Answers to the 'avoid Machu Pichu if Judy's there' inbox please.
Guess this prefix...

I change something weighing two thousand pounds into a small, light container.
I turn a food that is decaying into one that More...
06/Jan/11 2:24 AM

Aussie Aussie AUSSIE OI OI OI
06/Jan/11 2:24 AM
Uh, Fiona?
06/Jan/11 2:26 AM
Yes, Kathy, you are too late - no name in lights today - no universal recognition of your talents, nothing, girl, nothing!! Ha ha! It's a good day.
06/Jan/11 2:27 AM
Never mind. I clicked "more" twice.
06/Jan/11 2:28 AM
Sort of knew those generous feelings wouldn't last long! Axe coming along nicely too.
06/Jan/11 2:34 AM
I have just noticed some of the previous posts about the nasty, venomous, dangerous and obnoxious things that various countries are host to (snakes, scorpions, crocodiles, white elephants, spiders, etc).

For the adventure hunters...

You should go to the 'Easy' pages of Sudokuland... for real DANGER.
06/Jan/11 2:34 AM
06/Jan/11 2:35 AM
I can live with that, Fiona, because I have figured out today's! Must have been that second cup of coffee this morning. Oh, I am sooooo pleased! HAPPY DANCE!
06/Jan/11 2:36 AM
Hi Fiona,

You spent a lot of time lifting loo seats in Australia?

Just shows you that the fellas are always right.
06/Jan/11 2:37 AM
Just ask Mo - that's what it said to do in the guide books - "all aussie loo seats are inhabited by dirty great spiders which are potentially fatal"! I thought it was true!
06/Jan/11 2:38 AM
Been sharpening it up, have you?
Snakes, scorpions, crocs, etc., have nothing on Fiona, Neil.
06/Jan/11 2:39 AM
So where's your answer then Batty? Nothing in my inbox yet! Or are you just bluffing?
06/Jan/11 2:41 AM
I am still enjoying the moment. Gazing at the piece of paper on the left of the keyboard.
06/Jan/11 2:46 AM
06/Jan/11 2:49 AM
Very many years ago, I had just moved to a jungle area of Indonesia. I found an apartment on the edge of the village.

Nice apartment, no problem.

... until I went to the 'small personal hygiene room' for a dump.

After I had done the majority of the necessary business, I More...
06/Jan/11 2:49 AM
OMG girl, get a grip! What's brought on this self-congratulatory moment?
06/Jan/11 2:50 AM
No need for a laxative, then, Neil?
06/Jan/11 2:52 AM
My good day continues - Grasshopper, the real one, just sent in the first correct answer! Ya boo to you Kathy! Will look in later for an update...
06/Jan/11 2:54 AM
06/Jan/11 2:55 AM
Wait. Just let me remove my dancing shoes......
06/Jan/11 2:56 AM
Also it's helpful before opening your Bank Statement or your Tax Return/Assessment.
06/Jan/11 2:58 AM
Observations on Growing Older

~Your kids are becoming you...and you don't like them...but your grandchildren are perfect!

~Going out is good..
Coming home is better!

~When people say you look "Great"... they add "for your age!"
06/Jan/11 3:03 AM
Think I'll ask my doctor for a spider prescription before the next "procedure". No need to drink that awful gallon of glop.
06/Jan/11 3:07 AM
My hubby doesn't call it "pre-sleep", he calls it "resting his eyes".
06/Jan/11 3:09 AM
A nice link to a time passed.

06/Jan/11 3:13 AM
Hi Kathy,

Are you absolutely sure your hubby said 'eyes'?

He may have said 'ears'.
06/Jan/11 3:14 AM
"I was just studying the inside of my eyelids."
06/Jan/11 3:21 AM
Good afternoon all,
A quick joke:

Paddy and Mick are two Irishmen working at the local sawmill.
One day, Mick slips and his arm gets caught and severed by the big bench saw
Paddy quickly puts the limb in a plastic bag and rushes it and Mick to the
Local More...
06/Jan/11 3:22 AM
A Guide for males co-habiting with females, with regard to loo lids:

You have two options...

1 You discuss and agree whether the lid will be closed or open after the appropriate evacuation procedures have been completed, so as to prepare, in the most convenient fashion, for the More...
06/Jan/11 3:34 AM
Re getting old, check out the picture I just posted in my gallery...
06/Jan/11 3:42 AM
Oh you get used to all sorts of meanies as G H says. I have scorpions in my classroom. We, including the students, just grab the scorpion catcher (a clear cup and a thick cardboard) to scoop up the little bugger and toss it into the canyon behind the my classroom.
06/Jan/11 3:43 AM
Wow we jumped from page 2 to 3 in the time it took me to respond. Oh well, in that same line, you can even get used to earthquakes. Although here maybe in a year or two a little shake up and twenty or so years for the big ones.
06/Jan/11 3:45 AM
Well, I'm not visiting your house, Neil. "angle of dangle", indeed!
06/Jan/11 3:46 AM
Neil, or you have separate bathrooms for both! No problem here!
06/Jan/11 3:47 AM
Ah, yes, we use separate bathrooms in our household. Not so much because of the toilet seat controversy, but because of a difference of opinion in how you deal with the toothpaste tube.
06/Jan/11 3:52 AM
Yes ShoSho there was a quake in LA when we were there a couple of years ago and people around us were running outside and we wondered what was going on. The building shook and it was quite surreal at the time. We were in San Clemente and apparently it was a big enough shake to make the news.
06/Jan/11 3:53 AM
06/Jan/11 3:55 AM
Should I???
06/Jan/11 3:55 AM
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