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Easy Sudoku for 6/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Who will be # 2
06/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen everyone!
06/Oct/08 12:00 AM
hehehe, Sue - it's you!!!
06/Oct/08 12:01 AM
Where did Keith & Linda go?
06/Oct/08 12:02 AM
Goodmorning Vici
06/Oct/08 12:02 AM
Since I seem to be here alone will go do the puzzles
06/Oct/08 12:03 AM
Morning Vici and Sue!

06/Oct/08 12:04 AM
What beautiful smiling faces!
06/Oct/08 12:04 AM
Hey I made my favorite number! Thank you Sue!
06/Oct/08 12:04 AM
Hi Shosho - Sue, that's what I was up to...puzzles!
Keith must be sleeping in
06/Oct/08 12:05 AM
Linda - hope you aren't too sore from you long walk yesterday...here's some ice to ease your aches
06/Oct/08 12:06 AM
2:02 to you all from rainy Beijing.
06/Oct/08 12:07 AM
Everyone must be hiding, Keith & linda were on the last page just before turnover
06/Oct/08 12:08 AM
Good morning Jim, or what ever time it is there, not quiet midnight I think
06/Oct/08 12:09 AM
I think I remember seeing this one before! What happy faces!
Hi Jim! We got a slight dusting moisture. Just enough to need to us the windshield wipers for a few minutes and to dot the ground.
06/Oct/08 12:10 AM
Well, Sue maybe you better go back and get them. I'd hate to thing they're still wandering around in yesterday!
06/Oct/08 12:11 AM
I think we might spot Vici and Keith very soon
06/Oct/08 12:12 AM
I really have to go, I haven't went for my walk yet. Have to wait so long in the morning for it to warm up,
06/Oct/08 12:12 AM
Jaz's birthday turned out very happy,
from the writings of Billy and Appy.
As his spiritual nurses,
they both wrote him verses,
so he must feel a satisfied chappy.
06/Oct/08 12:12 AM
puffing and panting workied last time...
06/Oct/08 12:12 AM
Shosho I thought they were right behind me
06/Oct/08 12:12 AM
06/Oct/08 12:13 AM
Good morning all. who will be 22???
06/Oct/08 12:13 AM
oh drat, Sue beat me to it...left me all alone
06/Oct/08 12:13 AM
My tummy is ordering breakfast, so I will be back after it's satiated!
06/Oct/08 12:13 AM
Really time to walk
06/Oct/08 12:14 AM
4:09 WOW! Look at the contrast of that beautiful shining young ebony skin with the pink wrinkles of the missionary. What a winning smile that little girl at the front has! Bless em all.
06/Oct/08 12:14 AM
Oh Susan! and you have been away so long - just missed it! You must be out of shape, dear one...I'm sure you'll be a major contender tomorrow!
Sue - good move!
06/Oct/08 12:15 AM

********Once a year I get the chance******
********To wish you birthday cheer.*******
********It pleases me no end to More...
06/Oct/08 12:17 AM
Vici, think I'll have to brush up on my tactics - keep the elbows out, trip a few on the way, tie their laces together...hmmm...but for now, bedtime. Enjoy your Sunday!
06/Oct/08 12:19 AM
How about an alternative poem RR...lest she be offended...

Jaz's birthday turned out very happy,
from the writings of Billy and Appy.
As her spiritual nurses,
they both wrote her verses,
so she must feel a satisfied chappy.

nite all
06/Oct/08 12:19 AM
06/Oct/08 12:21 AM
Vici, thanks for the ice, not as sore as I thought as I would be, more stiff than sore.

I just posted the history and recipe for Boo-Yah, on page 20 of my page, sorry about some typos, not use to typing that much at one time on my laptop on my lap! I'll post the recipe for Death By Chocolate for dessert!
06/Oct/08 12:30 AM

Is it Col's birthday? It doesn't seem to be listed on the "Members Birthdays Today", nor was Jaz's yesterday. I'm just getting "None today"
Any one else?
06/Oct/08 12:31 AM
Oh my..Jaz changed gender this b'day!!??
never knew...
06/Oct/08 12:32 AM
Hi everyone
06/Oct/08 12:37 AM
Dear sweet Jaz, all these years you really had me fooled!
06/Oct/08 12:45 AM
Hi there Greg! How are you today?

Recipes are posted on my page, the last post on page 20 and first on page 21. I guess I pushed myself over the edge
06/Oct/08 12:51 AM
You are SUCH a domestic goddess, HYB!
06/Oct/08 12:55 AM
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