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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Okay have just looked at the map...I've put the site in my favourites list and will look up where everyone is from later tonight. Thanks again!!!
Loved Angela's recovery program. I confess to being addicted to Sudoku, but I find this site works well because easy never takes TOO long (I am happy if I am under 5 minutes). I bought some Sudoku books at the grocery store. They sucked up all my time. Sudoku.au chat feels like a worthwhile use of time . . .
maEn! Missed Sudoku yesterday and am already feeling out-of-sorts, and very slow, but what a joy to see the baby.
re: times to do the puzzle and being first 'in.' I don't feel there is much competition in the negative sense here. I think most of us are competing against ourselves. Given the variety of machines and digital connections involved, there is not a level playing field among SudokuLand visitors.
I blame everything but my brain for my slow times. I often have to click 2-3 times before the grid accepts my number. OK, that doesn't explain most of my slowness, but the point is that most of us just want to improve our own game, not beat others.
Angela, you may or may not have submitted before X. Even digital signals take a while to go all the way round Earth to Garth's server.
Margaret: I decided long ago that the time it takes to complete the puzzles is irrelevant; I'd rather just enjoy doing them. It's like eating a delicious cake - why rush it and miss out on the pleasure of the experience? Unless your day is jam-packed and you need to get the puzzles out of the way quickly, what's the point of completing them really fast?
Judy from Bendigo. Roos sound like white tail deer here in the States; they are more common in suburbs than in wild areas: lots more food. Same is becoming true for coyotes and Canada geese (who, like Roos, are partial to golf courses.
One reason I didn't see Roos last trip Down Under was that I spent most of my time caring for my brand new grandson's parents. At 9 months, he is now at the stage where he tries to ingest food via his skin. I can't wait to get there and watch him feed himslef, even if it means I have to clean up a big mess.
I'm still catching up on late posts from yesterday (hence the Roo reply to Judy). So late congrats to Baz and Deb. I always enjoy Baz's 'joshing' comments!
Sarah Beth - congratulations on becoming an expectant grandma! Thre sure are a lot of us grannies on this site. Will this be your FIRST grandbaby?
Took Daughter #2 back to the airport at 1:45 P.M. for her return flight to Raleigh-Durham. Sent her back with a second suitcase full of Christmas More...
Celia from Toronto. Since I've already 'fessed to being Gannie Mo's age, I can tell you I've been in Ithaca for over 40 years. Came here as an undergraduate. Left school to get married. Came back to finish my degree and my (now ex) husband and I then spent my first summer here (the Finger Lakes More...
Kathy/Valrico...thanks for the reminder of how close Christmas is!!!!!
Your Daughter #2 is she feeling better.
Oh the memories of the days of little ones!!!
Congratulations to SARAH BETH with the news of the Grand Baby due in July.
Does it seem to anyone else besides me that the whole tone of the site has been much more fun & friendly lately? And please don't be offended Baz, but that includes you, too!! Loved the story about the broken jar of Vegemite! I'm so glad that a lot of the bashing & meanness of some people seems to have gone away.
Careful, Kathy, don't tempt them!!
Rola - thanks for asking about #2. Yes, she was feeling much better when she left than when she got here. Said TLC from Mom is nice even when you're 35! Her three little boys were so happy to have her back home again (daddy, too, I'll bet!). We spoke to all of them on the phone tonight. The 2 yr. old for some reason calls me 'Boppa' instead of Nana like the other did. I love it!
Judy, you're right - maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it?!!
Hey all, I just got in from a Birthday party, my niece turned 1 today. I have a question for all. Has anyone ever worked with someone that is trying to sabatoge their job? I have a co-worker that is out to get my job, and I really need some advice. I have been at this job for 7 years and she has only been there 3 mo. It's crazy, but, I don't know how to handle it. HELP......
Kathy, Yes, this will be my first grandbaby. Son #1 and wife who got married in June. They didn't want to wait because of medical history on her side of the family. He has friends who have 9(?)year olds, 6 year olds, but I am thankful he waited until now. I will still be a Granny before I'm 50 (just).
Congrats on 12 years of marraige, Baz.
Sara Beth
congratulations on the good news of expectant grandma .... such a great family time.
Kathy, don't worry. The bashing and mean-ness has not gone away. It'sjust been put on the backburner. Eventually someone will say something that gets the old dander up, and you know I won't be able to resist! But at the moment I really can't whinge too much. But I am watching!
Now THIS annoys me, tha ABC Blurb for tonight's enough rope,
Andrew Denton presents an encore screening of his intimate interview with one of the world's most admired and respected men, the lead singer of U2, Bono.

One of the worlds most admired and respected men - NOT as far as I am More...
Hi everyone, it's my first time here. Is 7:40 appallingly bad
Welcome junglemummy. No time is bad, if you've had fun completing the puzzle! It's a very friendly site. I only 'get on' during my 'lunch'break .. which could be anytime during the day. Its interesting to see the comments from round the globe tho.
Refreshing as usual, Baz. And I even agree with you a bit about Bono.
Welcome junglemummy! No, 7:40 is not bad at all for a beginner. Back when I started doing these puzzles the first time I was proud enough to write down was 8:01. Now I'm usually always under 4:00 & sometimes even under 3:00. Have never yet broken 2:00, but I'll keep trying! You'll be amazed how much you improve with practice. Keep at it & soon you'll be an addict like the rest of us!
Keith from CA. Thanks for the tip. I did check out the archives and found out all about Halloween. Thanks
Baz - is ''whinge'' an Aussie version of whine? By the way, I forgot to wish you & Mrs. Baz a happy anniversary. Does she like to do Sudoku, too? I am curious how many couples BOTH enjoy Sudoku. Seems to me there is often one who likes them, one who doesn't. That old Opposites Attract thing, you know?
cute pic. interesting puzzle
Margaret - I love your summers in Ithica, summers in Melbourne plan. How old is your grandson now? Bet you can't wait to see him again!
Sarah Beth - I had my first grandchild just before I turned 50, too. You are going to love being a grandma. And this baby will live near you, too, right? Lucky you!
I managed 3.19 today. The first time I have done under 5 minutes. Feeling quite proud of myself.
Thanks for the kind welcome, Digs and Kathy. This looks like a really friendly site.
Henry is 9 months old. I hope to arrive in Melbourne by his first birthday Feb 2. Am dependent on vagaries of frequent flyer tickets, so actual arrival is uncertain. I just bought 'the last' of his Christmas and birthday presents today. They may not be the last items I find irresistable, either!
Margaret from Ithica - had my first coffee milkshake in Ithica - Yummy!
Kathy from Valrico - my husband thinks I'm nuts doing Sudoku, especially sitting here reading this comments - which I really like best. I do comments before puzzle. Icing before cake! And, boy, do we have an 'opposites' profile here! It works though...
I must confess Henry's mum is a lawyer ('solicitor' Down Under), but I do agree with whomever posted re: 'litigiousness' being one of the more dangerous exports from US to AU (was that you, baz?). She will return to work part-time soonafter I am arrive to help care for Henry. I will be one happy grandmum.
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