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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Dear Ed and Barbara, Thinking of you and wishing you the best of outcomes.
Did you here the one about the two dyslexics? They walked into a bra .....
Hi Nan! Glad you had a nice day yesterday with your sons? Are their birthdays close together? I just have a feeling you must be a wonderful mom. What kind of work do your sons do?
Did either become a teacher like you? How many days now on your countdown to retirement?
3:17 My best time ever! 8.00am Monday in Sydney, sunny and going to get to 30oC. Thinking of you too, Mary and also wishing you the best of outcomes.
This site has become special to so many people. We've shared much over the months: births, achievements, sadness, recipes, many many jokes, virtual parties. Good stuff!!
Sue, Love the dyslexics joke although I guess its not funny to those who have dyslexia. Some people are able to laugh at themselves, though. Most blondes are able to laugh at blonde jokes - if they get them - ha ha!
Speaking of births, have I missed any birth announcements lately? Think we had two gals expecting babies. Was one named Trudy? I've forgotten. Does anybody else remember better than I?
Ed, I have gone back to reread your comments today. You said, 'I just pray I don't resort to my worst thoughts.' That concerns me very much. Can you explain what you meant. I know you haven't lived in FL very long. Do you have close friends, neighbors, or coworkers of Barb that you can talk More...
HAPPY WAITANGI DAY to any Kiwis who might read this. The day here in Wanganui is fine and sunny and I am off to the celebration at Motua Gardens. Hope you enjoy your holiay. Cheers.
I love the previous pictures at the end of the comments. I sometimes have to do 2 or 3 days sudoku at a time and miss the pictures - cause they are not tied to the puzzle but to the date. Thanks Gath.
Nan, just so you don't think I sit here at my computer all day long, I want you to know I leave this website up all day long & stop by to check it every so often when I go up & down the hallway. My Super Senior tennis team played again today & we won 2 out of 3 matches, so now we will get go to compete statewide in Daytona Beach in April. We are very happy
2.10 whoa my brain works okay today

Ed and Barb my thoughts and payers for you both and trust in your love
Love all the jokes especially blonde ones from deb and blonde sheep joke very funny LOL
I too am waiting to hear from Trudy!!!
pay no attention to this, I've had trouble signing in and I'm trying to solve the problem.
Solved it! Good MAEN all
8:11...my first time to break 10! I only heard about suduko last week so I am a newbie. Any tips to improve my time? BTW, Vancouver Island is on the westcoast of Canada
congratulations Kathy from Valrico, you are a tennis champion!
congratulations to jumping about fiona, you are also the champion today! J'ai regardé un peu le match tout en faisant une pile de crepes aux enfants. aujourd'hui je suis la championne de l'envoi de fichier joint!
I don't understand what you mean by making a deal with the devil. I don't know what if any your religious affiliations are so i hope i don't offend you or anyone else on this site by saying this - God's Grace is far more powerful than any deal made with the devil. Through Him you have the power to beat anything.
Hello from the Nations Capital. Cute dog looks close to going to sleep. Sleep, what's that?
5:33 good for me..beat kentucky in basket ball last night... great day for the gator nation
5.03 and getting better. Love the maen, it`s N here
To Col
are you okay or do you need a cyber hug
wipe the tears away and put a smile on your face
your little girl will have lots of fun at school and you will learn to enjoy some special COL time.
will chat later.
the chatroom locksmith LOL
Gath, don't often comment but doing so to let you know I like the way the place we're from is now being shown in italics.
Ed and Barb,
Whatever is going on, know that I am holding you close in my heart. Barb, I have dealt with anxiety and panic attacks and there IS HELP. You don't always have to feel this way. Ed, you worry me to with your comments about your worst thoughts. My best friend suicided 3 yrs ago so I now ask the question: Ed, is this what you meant by that comment?
gO StEeLeRs...
I LuV SuDoKu iTs sO CoOl!!!
Blonde, of course
I, like Suzanne from Seattle, have suffered from panic attacks since the age of 8. Very distressing, scary and personal. Nobody, no matter how much they love you and are close to you can really help. It is a medical condition! I was diagnosed in 2000, put on medication and haven't had one since. Please don't give up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Deb, you must be blonde ... love the jokes!!
WEll done on your tennis matches. I always read your coments with interest especially after the Ozzie Open. You made sure that I took a much keener interest in the doubles.
Keeping you in my thoughts also Ed and Barb - hang in there
Good MAEN everyone. Cute pic, best time so far 2:52
I like the italics. It looks a lot classier >
Barb and I are so grateful for all the beautiful thoughts and concerns.
Eden you never offend me, you are not capable. I describe the person who is doing this to us as evil. I used the Robert Johnson analogy, when he meet the devil at the crossroads. I know God would kick the devil's butt every More...
Hi everyone!
Eden, you're beautiful inside. thanks for putting into words the peace and encouragement that comes from THE RELATIONSHIP. Barb, my heart and my thoughts for your peace that passes understanding are foremost this p.m. anxiety and panic cannot be reasonned through. I, too, don't have them anymore More...
just found the website! that was an easy one
BE THERE FOR HER, as i'm sure you are. 'This, too, shall pass.'
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