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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:46(!) - was that a 'tough' that mistakenly wandered on to the 'easy' page? Good Morning, everyone!
06/Feb/20 12:05 AM
tom & everyone who follow!! No Anne?!
06/Feb/20 1:33 AM
Tom, Denny, and all to follow!
'Night, Anne, where ever you are!
06/Feb/20 2:15 AM
I see I am going to be puzzling with Wombat this morning.
06/Feb/20 2:17 AM
Before I do that thinking cap thing....for Judy...

Where are you when you drop your waffle on the beach?

Sandy Eggo
06/Feb/20 2:19 AM
And, for Shosho.....

When smog finally lifts in Los Angeles, what happens?

06/Feb/20 2:40 AM
And, for no reason at all....

What do you do with epileptic lettuce?

Make a seizure salad

06/Feb/20 2:42 AM
Kathy! Your corny but delightful San Diego joke was amazingly appropriate today! Both of my youngest grandson's parents had to be to work very early today, so he stayed here overnight. He is 11 and growing, and for breakfast he had fresh-squeezed OJ from our trees, a banana, 2 strips of bacon, and 5 Eggos!
06/Feb/20 3:12 AM
Morning all.
06/Feb/20 3:32 AM
2:00 I'm here now (it's 12:44am) but my computer wouldn't work before so I went to bed but I woke up awhile ago and couldn't get back to sleep so thought I may as well see if it's working, and it is.
Good night all!
06/Feb/20 3:46 AM
Hello all - nice IN & OUT puzzle challenge!
06/Feb/20 4:29 AM
And here I thought I was slow, 2:44
06/Feb/20 4:41 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
06/Feb/20 4:42 AM
Weellll, Kathy, you got me and my alma mater!
06/Feb/20 4:43 AM
My alma mater, too
06/Feb/20 4:46 AM
Lovely sunset photo
06/Feb/20 5:28 AM
Beautiful orange sunset photo.
06/Feb/20 5:47 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
06/Feb/20 6:26 AM
06/Feb/20 6:28 AM
Morning all, great sunset photo.
Judy, I think your grandson must have hollow legs !😂😂
06/Feb/20 6:59 AM
06/Feb/20 7:07 AM
06/Feb/20 7:08 AM
Good , Keith has been while I did Wombats puzzle.
Thank you Joyce for the puzzle reminder.
06/Feb/20 7:49 AM
Not any more, Amelia!
06/Feb/20 10:01 AM
….and he's only eleven! Wait until he's 17 or 27!
06/Feb/20 11:56 AM
RIP Kirk Douglas.
06/Feb/20 12:08 PM
Watched BBC (UK) World News today. From all the political stories from around the world I think we can comprehensively say RIP Honest, RIP Integrity, RIP Good Manners and RIP Unselfish Endeavour. Welcome self serving thieves who take salaries for working for their own ends
06/Feb/20 12:34 PM

RIP Kirk Douglas, a marvellous actor.
06/Feb/20 12:43 PM
Geeez Arachnid, why don't you say what you think!
06/Feb/20 1:22 PM
Good to see someone 'stir the pot'...
06/Feb/20 1:50 PM
I'm far too shy to be controversial. It's world wide. I think they are a separate race parachuted in on different nations. Do you think there is a conspiracy here? Should we be digging underground shelters? What is the meaning of life?
06/Feb/20 2:30 PM
Tomorrow's puzzle will require much use of Dr Google. Take your tranquilisers and get ready for a challenge
06/Feb/20 2:32 PM
And now for a beer. Join me in a 'spirit' or perhaps a 'Dead Crow Bourbon Beer'.
06/Feb/20 2:34 PM
Arachnid, I'll join you for a very short one... I woke up very early with similar sunrise... but cold... expecting snow tomorrow.. Bourbon will warm me up and good night sleep will get me ready for snow removal Thanks
06/Feb/20 3:29 PM
06/Feb/20 11:29 PM
Up early this morning. Couldn't sleep. Back ache kept me awake.
06/Feb/20 11:33 PM
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