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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/May/13 10:38 AM
Kathy, you have just reminded me of a couple of night mare drives on I95 Jacksonville to Norfolk. There were times the rain [usually in South Carolina} was so bad we had to pull over until it let up enough we could proceed.
06/May/13 11:05 AM
Kate, I know what it is like to lose pictures. After losing some pictures I started backing up every thing. Best of luck finding your pictures.
06/May/13 11:14 AM
Had a wonderful day with family and friends. If you have never had Dutch Oven cooking you are missing wonderful food. I really ate too much today, it was so good.
06/May/13 11:25 AM

Sarah Beth - Good luck with your new job. I hope the preceptorship works out as well.

Kate - I hope you find your photos. You have such beautiful ones that it would be a shame to lose them - especially the ones with people and memories.
06/May/13 11:48 AM
Think I will call it a day. Until tomorrow...
06/May/13 12:32 PM
06/May/13 12:49 PM
Well, our new blow up bed, had it's first incident, not even 6 hours old.
I was sitting on my side, brushing a child's hair, and Man gets in on his side, with a child at the other end of the bed. Man was commenting how this blow up mattress is not too bad, and I finished with that child's head, More...
06/May/13 1:01 PM
Good night people of the world.
06/May/13 2:00 PM
Slow day at work, found out my tickets for theatre what I thought were on Wednesday night are actually for 1.15pm on Wednesday. Non refundable and the rest of the season is booked out. Guess some friends of mine are going to be very happy with some free tickets!
06/May/13 2:16 PM
I feel your pain, Izzy.
06/May/13 4:44 PM
I have tickets for The Seekers (before your time) in Sydney tonight, but can't go.
06/May/13 4:47 PM

Love the Seekers, CP. Judith Durham could put her shoes under my bed any time she likes.
06/May/13 5:01 PM

Remember this............

06/May/13 5:04 PM
Peter, you just got me in trouble. Apparently U-tube wipes out band width. Oh I am a bad girl. So wasteful.
(Just quietly, though, I really enjoyed it!)
06/May/13 5:23 PM
It is the guilty pleasures in life that are the sweetest.
06/May/13 5:29 PM
I went to see the Seekers in Perth a few years for their 'Final Tour'!
06/May/13 6:38 PM
That should read, 'a few years ago'.
06/May/13 6:50 PM
Thank you Peter,love listening to the Seekers again.
06/May/13 7:51 PM
I have one of the Seekers old LP's but I noticed recently that one of the speakers doesn't sound too good on my old stereo player.
06/May/13 9:01 PM

Anne, more than likely the old ears!
06/May/13 9:21 PM
Ha! Ha! Took me a minute to work out what you were saying, Peter.
06/May/13 10:13 PM
Well here they are. Mr Google has as usual a couple of ring ins so I will add them to the list of correct answers.
1. Broken -> Broke
2. Haven -> Have
3. Town -> Tow
4. Heaven -> Heave
5. Lawn -> Law
6. Pawn -> Paw
7. Linen -> More...
06/May/13 10:23 PM
06/May/13 11:59 PM
07/May/13 4:36 AM
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