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Easy Sudoku for 6/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I see Keith is serving up ice cream again! How you doin' Keith? I love the photos from the garden show, you don't have just a green thumb, you must have a whole arm!
06/Jun/07 2:08 AM
2:20 Glad they fixed the website. How long was it down?
CLAUDE: Thank you for refraining from mentioning Roland Garros scores! Some of the matches are shown as tapes later in the day.
KATHY FROM VALRICO FL: I don't get The Tennis Channel. Wish I did, but I probably wouldn't do anything but watch tennis if I did!!!
06/Jun/07 2:11 AM
CLAUDE, to access your free membership prilivages, you must sign in when you first open the sudoku page. If you set it to REMEMBER ME, subsequent times, it will open for you automatically.

You also have to wait for Gath to accept and activate your membership. It is the wee hours in More...
06/Jun/07 2:17 AM
FDR's Radio address on D Day - June 6th

“Last night, when I spoke with you about the fall of Rome, I knew at that moment that troops of the United States and our Allies were crossing the Channel in another and greater operation. It has come to pass with success thus far.

“And so, More...
06/Jun/07 2:20 AM
KATHY - she lives in So. California
06/Jun/07 2:28 AM
Angie (and Susan), what if the teacher did make the assignment weeks ago and the student forgot about it? It happens.
06/Jun/07 2:37 AM
Angie (and Susan), of course, I didn't hear the whole story...
06/Jun/07 2:48 AM
everyone...some rain overnight here in the Sierra Foothills.
Eva...where in So. Oregon do you live?? I live between Grants Pass and Medford.
Keith...when will you be passing through my way? We won't be home til next Tues. I see you are at your daughter's house. We are in our down in California
06/Jun/07 2:52 AM
Claude: Thanks for the tip about the Roland Garros website. Although I don't have The Tennis Channel, I do get RG coverage on ESPN2 from noon until about 6 pm during the week (NBC on weekends), so I've been able to watch quite a bit of tennis the past several days. ESPN shows some live action, More...
06/Jun/07 3:05 AM
Jane...ESPN2 is showing the Quarterfinal matches as we speak. 10:15 Pacific time, Serena Williams and Justine Henin are showing now.
06/Jun/07 3:16 AM
Dave....Thanks! I'm watching it. Hope this match isn't as controversial as the one they played four years ago!!! I enjoyed watching Jankovic's match earlier. Her game has come a long way this past year.
06/Jun/07 3:22 AM
06/Jun/07 3:32 AM
Sharon and anyone who saw post ~ Mom is very sore and to top it off she has test thurs. she has to spend the night in the hospital wed.I'm going up to check on her and to help her get ready for tomorrow ,well at least she'll be in the hospital ,I'll tell them what happened they might want to x ray More...
06/Jun/07 3:35 AM
EEEKKKKK! I just got to the my afternoon office and there is evidence that a mouse has taken up residence! The boss asked me to set traps before I leave, I said I would set them but I DON'T clean them out!
06/Jun/07 3:42 AM
awe Linda ,why don't you just name him!
I once had a sweet little field mouse in my house,he was so cute ,I would be on the couch and feel something watching me and look at the kitchen and he would scurry away you could hear his tiny nails on the floor,he was so small he ate the peanut butter More...
06/Jun/07 3:54 AM
Nancy, you could play Havermayer from Catch-22...
06/Jun/07 3:56 AM
Nancy, how did you get that mouse downloaded so quickly or are you saving them in the background for the right time...??? I have been working the last half hour downloading a mouse to send to Linda.
06/Jun/07 4:18 AM
Nancy - I would be happy to send him to you
06/Jun/07 4:19 AM
06/Jun/07 4:21 AM
I need to work on getting my smilies, maybe I will visit angie's page and try it out
06/Jun/07 4:22 AM
Today, I had a salad.
06/Jun/07 4:26 AM
I started out using a fork, but it was too hard to spear the croutons that way so I switched to a spoon.
06/Jun/07 4:27 AM
Well, it was really just a bowl of croutons.
06/Jun/07 4:28 AM
Welcome back Glinda. Don't suppose you have some toast with peanut butter that I can use for bait for the mouse?
06/Jun/07 4:29 AM
Good Afternoon to all! Smart little chap in the picture today. Who does he belong to?
06/Jun/07 4:35 AM
Kathy and others: The Senators were dominated in the last two periods, but I never give up. Tough hill to climb though, needing three in a row. As far as I'm concerned, they are champs just for getting this far!
06/Jun/07 4:38 AM
Hi world....enjoy whatever you do where ever you do it! Hope its a great day/Night.
Angie/Meb...I responded to your comment on yesterday's page. My response is similar to Susan/Ingham. I became so annoyed at the unfairness of the assignment, that I forgot I was reading postings from yesterday...lol. Let us know how things turn out.
06/Jun/07 4:40 AM

And for the Ottawa Senators (and everyone else on the site), one of my all time favourite show musical songs on my You Tube. From the musical 'The Man of La Mancha,' ''To Dream the Impossible Dream.'' Enjoy all!
06/Jun/07 4:42 AM
Dave: Now that you've made your trailer available, we can all borrow it! Will you please make sure it has a full tank of gas?
06/Jun/07 4:46 AM
Well, I have been trying to get my smilies, I am ready to give up! For some reason I can't get it to save just the graphic in paint, it saves the whole page!
06/Jun/07 4:46 AM
Hi Greg, are you driving?
06/Jun/07 4:47 AM
06/Jun/07 4:49 AM
I did not know there really was such a thing as a church-mouse. I think you should be nice to it.
06/Jun/07 5:03 AM
Nancy, Hope your mom feels better soon. Thats got to make you feel really bad to see your mom hurting and knowing that the puppy was only trying to be friendly. I'm sure you mom understnds.
06/Jun/07 5:03 AM
06/Jun/07 5:22 AM
Thank you Mama and yes I feel so bad and she kept saying he was just so happy to see me .
Linda ~ you must be saving the whole page? I do know when I make them I have the browse open and the paint open and go back and forth because you have to shrink so many ,Angie has directions on her page and Greg is good at it...oh Greg
06/Jun/07 5:24 AM
No problem Greg since it is a virtual full tank of fuel. Now wouldn't that be nice... I am tired of driving so feel free to jump in there and take over.
06/Jun/07 5:27 AM
nancy...i lit a candle for your mom just now with hopes that her discomforts soon become comfortable to her. everyone felt bad i'm sure!
06/Jun/07 5:30 AM
Nancy, I feel bad for you and your Mom. I hope she feels better soon.
My Rocko hates Mom's wheelchair. He would grab a hold of the wheel and would only let go on command. Not barking. Not growling. Not showing aggression. He just does not want this thing taking Abuela away. One day I had been More...
06/Jun/07 5:32 AM
sorry Dave I didn't see your comment,yep I had the mouse in here and also this lil'guy Linda needs a
06/Jun/07 5:33 AM
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