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Easy Sudoku for 6/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Hi Hal et al.
06/Jun/17 12:00 AM
1:34. Good morning everyone.
06/Jun/17 12:16 AM
Morning HalT, Wolf and Chris and all who follow
06/Jun/17 1:23 AM
Sunny & not sunny today.
('Partly sunny', maybe?)
Have a good one, whatever your forecast is.
06/Jun/17 1:36 AM
Good morning. An appropriate photo as I sit here with my cup of camomile tea.
06/Jun/17 1:40 AM
06/Jun/17 1:48 AM
06/Jun/17 1:57 AM
Good MAen, good people. I have the windows open with the sweet summer breeze blowing through the house. I'm expecting to get that heavy winter comforter laundered and hung on the clothesline today. I only launder it a few times a year and this is the only time it can come in - literally - smelling like a rose.
06/Jun/17 1:59 AM
Apart from that my knee is still mending, still making progress. Still some stiffness and discomfort but I think the doc will say to keep doing what I'm doing.
06/Jun/17 2:01 AM
My TODO list is long this week. Lots to do.
06/Jun/17 2:03 AM
Love this photo! Lots of good things about this flower.
06/Jun/17 3:41 AM
Elijah really likes chamomile tea.
06/Jun/17 5:10 AM
Speaking of Elijah, he's going to be 15 on Wednesday. Somebody tell me how that happened.
06/Jun/17 5:11 AM
Hello, all.
06/Jun/17 6:13 AM
Morning all, pretty picture.
Expecting bad weather here today ,better check the pot plants especially the orchids that are starting to flower.
06/Jun/17 6:46 AM
Here in California, checking the pot plants has an entirely different meaning.
06/Jun/17 7:04 AM
HoHoHo, Keith!
06/Jun/17 7:23 AM
...and hello all, hope you are enjoying your day!
06/Jun/17 7:24 AM
...in a blink of an eye, Serena! Nice to see you around occasionally - been missing you!
06/Jun/17 7:26 AM
OK - Keith -> ~~~
06/Jun/17 7:26 AM
06/Jun/17 7:42 AM
Well, I waited for 14 minutes.
06/Jun/17 7:44 AM
Or 16.
06/Jun/17 7:45 AM
Part of my TODO list today was calling a customer helpline for my website development and hosting company. Turns out the help I needed was to be told I have MORE work to do.
It's disappointing when the TODO list gets longer instead of shorter.
06/Jun/17 9:47 AM
But then, it's going to be a complete overhaul and have really nice new features. So it's worth doing and worth doing well.
06/Jun/17 9:49 AM
Serena, I know what you mean. My little girl turned 25 two weeks ago and she is getting married June 17th. They grow up so fast!
06/Jun/17 11:06 AM
1:45 Good morning all!
Feeling a bit stiff and sore this morning as I was up and down a ladder pruning trees yesterday.
06/Jun/17 11:06 AM
Good night all.
06/Jun/17 11:45 AM
He loves me he loves me not
06/Jun/17 11:55 AM
06/Jun/17 1:26 PM
06/Jun/17 11:58 PM
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