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Easy Sudoku for 6/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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oh Greg~I always loved that song
06/Jul/07 3:10 AM
The women, of course, knew exactly what Gath was asking The evidence is plain for all to see....no men signed on for the competition.
06/Jul/07 3:10 AM
could always have a double competition and guess the weight of baby and mother at the birth..!
06/Jul/07 3:15 AM
Lord & Taylor--now that's funny. Another one for the priest this Sunday ...
06/Jul/07 3:16 AM
Hi Max! Glad you had an awesome 4th. I did too.
From today's posts (so far) no one seems to have been rained out. Wonder if that is some kind of record?
Cathy: Your priest is going to have quite an entertaining Sunday....
06/Jul/07 3:20 AM
06/Jul/07 3:23 AM
Good Maen all.
06/Jul/07 3:30 AM
Good one Glenn! No, I'm sure Ashley doesn't want you to guess HER weight! I put her picture back up on my page. That was taken at 29 weeks (7.5-8 mos). This is her first baby and my first grandchild...first grandchild all around. First GREAT-grandchild AND GREAT-GREAT-grandchild, too. Can you More...
06/Jul/07 3:42 AM
Wagdy, I hope you are having a great time in the USA, spoiling Kevin and visiting your son.
06/Jul/07 3:43 AM
All the talk about Moody Blues I had to put one of my favorites of theirs on my youtube! 'Gemini Dream' has to be from the late 70's with all the hair. I have seen them a few times in concert and Justin Hayward is my firends fave! Mine has to be John Lodge, there is just something about a guy More...
06/Jul/07 3:51 AM
06/Jul/07 3:54 AM
Good Thursday late Maen, all!

06/Jul/07 4:20 AM
World. It was an awesome celebration in Philly too. Kathy it did rain on our parade, but they solidered through. The heavens opened up when it was time for the concert to start, but hundreds of folks stayed around to see Patti LaBelle and Hall and Oaks perform. We had a tornado More...
06/Jul/07 4:33 AM
06/Jul/07 4:35 AM
Very good, Linda. I researched it. Gemimi Traveler was on their Long Distance Voyager Album released in 1981.
06/Jul/07 4:41 AM
Eve, I'd love to have some tickets for Sunday's concert...I too am a long time Ahmad Jamal fan. I also would enjoy the Neville Brothers too....Oh my, so many choices...all good! Enjoy!
06/Jul/07 4:42 AM
Had a wonderful family gathering at my stepson's place. Even my husband's ex, in fact we're best friends. As my stepdaughter says, 'All I can remember is growing up with love.'
Gath, I'm assuming that the weight is for Ashley's baby and not hers. That would be a bit embarrassing for the poor girl. That's the one thing we mothers would not care to remember!
06/Jul/07 4:52 AM
Mamacita: After a 10 day break (special Children's events & party next weekend) we have 18th Lyle Lovett & KD Lang, 19th Temptations & 4 Tops, 20th Joan Osborn & Cowboy Junkies, 21st Doobie Bro. & 22nd Hootie & the Blowfish. Then 4 days off. Makes for a fun summer.
06/Jul/07 5:10 AM
Christina, you were here at the best times of year. Did your Dad take you swimming in any of the area lakes? Ashland has grown a lot recently, but still is a fantastic place to live/visit.

06/Jul/07 5:40 AM
Eve, It does sound like a fun concert season. Philly offers many similar things, but I don't get to go as often as I'd like simply due to distance....altho I will travel pretty far for the jazz concerts..lol. Oregon is one state that I have never been in nor knew anyone....hmmmm, perhaps I need to think about changing that situation.
06/Jul/07 6:15 AM
For those who asked, the Maryland Cream of Crab Soup recipe is on the clips recipe page
06/Jul/07 6:21 AM
Glenn, being from 'Down Under, I didn't get your joke. I can only assume that Lord and Taylor is the name of a place of business in the USA?
06/Jul/07 6:35 AM
We've had this photo before.
06/Jul/07 6:36 AM
Deb: Lord & Taylor is a big department store(s)
06/Jul/07 6:44 AM
Oh okay...thanks kathy...lol
06/Jul/07 6:46 AM
Susan, Judy would be so proud of you for filling in for her with your comment about fireworks for Rob & me!
Deb - glad you overcame your fear of flying & went to see Rick. Good for you & for him!
Kathy - that crab soup sounds good! We want to try some in Baltimore. Do you (or anybody else) have a favorite restaurant there?
06/Jul/07 6:58 AM
Kathy: I don't get to Baltimore too often. Try the Inner Harbor. McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant is supposed to be good. I'm sure there are others. Google away!
06/Jul/07 7:11 AM
Maybe this photo should he called 'Broken Leg Group'. The bloke in the photo doesn't look all that comfy.Check out the position of his left leg.
06/Jul/07 7:36 AM
Eve - if you get within shouting distance of Lyle Lovett, tell him Jamie from College Station sends his regards. I used to go watch him play at Mr. Gattis (pizza joint) on Friday nights!! He is a great guy.
Great music on the youtubes today.
Rain, rain, rain. Last night 148 of the 254 counties in Texas were under some sort of watch or alert due to the rains and flooding.
06/Jul/07 7:52 AM
Kathy (MD): Your recipe for cream of crab soup looks fabulous!

Kathy (FL): You might want to try Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Harborplace in Baltimore. Although I prefer the cream-base crab soup (like Kathy's), Phillips makes a tomato-based veggie crab soup that is also quite tasty.
06/Jul/07 7:56 AM
Hello Folks. I've been doing todays Jigsaw puzzles & can't subit a comment. Has anyone else had this problem?
06/Jul/07 8:26 AM
That should have been 'submit' and there's obviously no problem here!!
06/Jul/07 8:27 AM
Just changed the picture on my page - our newly engaged son. We are very proud, and we LOVE his fiancee.
06/Jul/07 8:37 AM
Hi Everyone,

Maybe I should give a second membership out if you guess the daughter-in-law's weight? .

Sorry for the stuff up - I've fixed it now.

06/Jul/07 8:47 AM
2.25 who is in the photo?
06/Jul/07 8:59 AM
appy - giorgio moroder was popular as part of the group human league - but having just googled him I have just learnt he wrote 2 songs for Sparks - a quirky group which I just loved and had forgotten about - must youtube when i have a mo...x
06/Jul/07 9:13 AM
06/Jul/07 9:26 AM
Hello to all.

Billy, I thought you were going to be posting an ode. Have already reset my odometer, but nary a verse to parse.
06/Jul/07 9:28 AM
anne - i did post ibble obble and the little duck...but i shall have to think on...keep your odometer ticking over...it maybe a weekend assignment...lovely to see you sweetpea x
06/Jul/07 9:44 AM
06/Jul/07 10:05 AM
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