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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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I have never posted before, but have enjoyed the site for sometime now. You are all so caring and compassionate. Nina, I also have been there and done that, all will be well in time. You may have missed the holidays etc. this year, but you will be around to celebrate many more. You are in my prayers also.
That new baby sister is Gods gift to you and i Pray that you give her a lot of TLC
4:04 Was I slow!! Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

I aim to keep this bathroom clean. Your aim will help !
Nina Have a happy birthday, keep your thoughts positive, take care xx
everyone. Nina, add me to those who wish you well, and I, too, will keep you in my prayers.
To Kerrie/Melbourne and Cokielady/CT welcome to this wonderful site.
Nina, all the best for a complete recovery. I have spent more than my fair share of time in hospital, including last New Years Eve, so I have some idea of what you are going through. Be comforted in the knowledge that there are plenty of prayers out here for your recovery. Get well soon.
Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. The doctor just left my room and tells me I could go home today. He will put me on oral anti-biotics for two weeks. I have one more IV today and then they will take the pick-line out. I am so happy I had to tell someone. Thank you for being my sudoku family. I will keep each and everyone of you in my prayers.
Nina: Here's hoping you have a better 2007. It takes the bad times to make us appreciate the good times.
André, here's the way I know the saying in my neck of the woods. It was posted over the men's toilet in a cafe my mom had about 30 years ago.
'We aim to please, you aim too, please!
Nina: Happy New Year! Congratulations on being well enough to come home!
Have a good day everyone! Going to do some shopping then a party tonight!
hi Nina..good to hear that you can get home today..
and let the new year bring you a drug free healthy future..yes YOU CAN MAKE IT....
get well at the earliest....
Best wishes
Good afternoon to all! A late start for me on a Saturday, but the site appears fairly quiet.

NINA: Keep the faith. You'll be out and about in no time.
Eh? How's everything in Boston AP?
Hi Nina, My thoughts and prayers are with you too. I am happy that you are going home to spend your birthday with loved ones. Love and blessings to all others who are not well also.
This story has been making rounds via e-mail for quite some time....but my belief in real world gets boosted up every time i read it...
Tomato Millionaire
An unemployed man goes to apply for a job with Microsoft as a janitor. The manager there arranges for him to take an aptitude test More...
hey CG.. everything fine eh?mmmm,you got me right,eh??lol...
Nina - Happy Birthday! Happy New Year! and especially Happy Going Home Day!
AP - are you staying in Boston forever?
Those little girls remind me of my two!! That was a happy going home day too.
hi there grammie...nothing goes on forever in this universe....simple law of nature...well to elaborate things,i shall be a non resident american for some time i hope..got a home away from home in Boston..just that.(and Grammie hope you have no objection regarding that)
good weekend to you all - NINA, the wheel turns, always..
well b4 signing off..got the keys of the aptment and moved small items in one trip..still to pack a few boxes..half way thru.will be done b4 evening..its 3.30 pm now....will chk in for all practical purpose before tomorrow noon....
so its gonna be B'lington,MA
will log in whenever find time
Hi Nina, . and for your continued recovery. Kerrie and Cokielady.
What a precious picture.

I am sorry to hear about your health, Nina. Here is wishing you a very happy birthday! [happyday]
To Nina...great news that you are coming home today....
also to Patmac, Largs Bay South Oz..
Haven't heard from them for a while?????
What a beautiful picture today - that little baby will surely be loved to bits by the big sister.
For the people that remember Morgana, her photo is posted on my flickr site.
Bets wishes Nina!

This is a lovely picture! I hope they stay close as the years go by!
Here's one for the Aussie's, men in particular but I think most people will enjoy it. (You may need powerpoint to play it)
Praying for you Nina. It must be not fun being in the hospital so long. Pray that you are home soon maybe you will be home for the big game next week between the Gaters and Buckeyes.

What wonderful picture of a little one expression to another little one. I had grandchildren home for the last couple of weeks. They grow so fast. The youngest is already 3 1/2.
Nina - a very Happy Birthday to you and I hope you make a full and speedy recovery.
Nina...Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. Sorry to hear of the difficulties after surgery. The surgery must have been bad enough. Best wishes for a full, cancer free recovery. Stay home girl....
Anne, is it getting up time in WA already. I'm not ready for bed yet.
Greg, I see you have been chasing Rosemary again. You be careful one day she may stop and catch you instead. That will be the day to be a fly on the wall
ap...You are the first Indian-American that I have met who speaks Canadian...eh? Welcome to America, stay as long as you like.
2:15 today
1:58 Maen
LD from Wa - Thanks for your visit on my special page. Thanks also for the homemade wine and the goodies. My husband has an uncle in Illinois who makes homemade wine from an old family recipe. (German) It is always a treat. Come and visit any time.
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