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Easy Sudoku for 7/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Sherlock Holmes!
(Born 6 January 1854)
07/Jan/19 12:00 AM
Everyone, hi Wolf and all who follow
07/Jan/19 12:01 AM
1:40 Good night one and all!
07/Jan/19 12:17 AM
2:33. A barely awake Goid Morning to all.,,
07/Jan/19 12:19 AM
07/Jan/19 12:22 AM
Wolf and Tom! 'Night, Anne and Rage!
We finally have some sunshine today!
07/Jan/19 1:52 AM
Belated wishes, Chris!
I hope you've seen more improvement after your fall. I don't know how you run in all that heat. Stay hydrated!
07/Jan/19 2:03 AM
07/Jan/19 2:50 AM
07/Jan/19 2:51 AM
Hi, Heidi!!!
07/Jan/19 4:35 AM
Morning all,pretty flower.
1-9 easy today.
07/Jan/19 4:43 AM
Our temperature is supposed to reach 22C today with a possible showers, it is already 18.3C and it's not even daylight yet.
07/Jan/19 4:48 AM
winter is slow this year...always ranging between below and above freezing point...mixing rain and snow...more clouds than sun...and lots more of icy roads. I like sun in summer and snow in winter...it doesn't sound difficult! Well ... I'll stay home to cook ... hoping for good weather so the hungry ones come safely
07/Jan/19 5:26 AM
Have a good day night all, don't forget to smile, why not 10 times today?
07/Jan/19 5:34 AM
Morning, all. Back from the city, none the worse for wear. Gold seed markers placed to help target the radiation treatments, which have yet to be scheduled.
07/Jan/19 5:37 AM
07/Jan/19 5:42 AM
Dottie R, has been trying to get back on site but the site won't accept her user name and password. She tried becoming a new member and it won't let her use her email address even when she tries to contact Gath. Any ideas of what else she can try as she doesn't want to open another email account.
07/Jan/19 5:56 AM
I'm in! It helps if I don't try to outguess myself. Once I carefully put in my location using OH instead of Ohio, it logged me right in! Thanks so much, Amelia!
07/Jan/19 6:30 AM
I've been playing the puzzles most days but hadn't been able to log into my account. I do wish all of you a safe and healthy New Year.
07/Jan/19 6:31 AM
Happy to help ,Dottie.👍🤗
07/Jan/19 6:37 AM
Sunny!!!! - four days in a row!
07/Jan/19 6:38 AM
22 for Keith!
07/Jan/19 6:39 AM
But I was just about to come back ...
07/Jan/19 6:48 AM
Lovely flowers. A type of violet , maybe?
07/Jan/19 6:59 AM
If I had only known, Keith!
07/Jan/19 7:20 AM
2:27 Hi All.
07/Jan/19 7:42 AM
Welcome back, Dottie!! You've been missed!
07/Jan/19 9:26 AM
Denny - no cribbage results & I forgot to wish you good cards yesterday; did you have games today as well as yesterday?
07/Jan/19 9:27 AM
No sun here & usually what happens Michigan-way eventually finds its way here - not this time!
I'm with Danstell - if it's going to be cold, give me a good reason to bundle up - where's the snow?
Haha - and when it comes I'll be griping about all the shoveling we'll have to do!
07/Jan/19 9:32 AM
Have a grand day, everyone!

07/Jan/19 9:34 AM
Keith, what 'city' do you visit when you say you've gone to the 'city'? Best to you for the upcoming procedure!
07/Jan/19 9:34 AM
You are amazing Chris, all that running in all that heat and despite your fall. He is isn't he.
07/Jan/19 11:47 AM
1:36. Good afternoon everyone.

Not amazing, just persistent (sometimes annoyingly so I suspect! .)
07/Jan/19 1:09 PM
That's a ghost post from yesterday, but well worth repeating. And seeing this is 33, drink up everyone, there is plenty of money on the bar. Bottoms up!
07/Jan/19 1:09 PM
Our time of posting is the same Chris, but you won the race!!!!!
07/Jan/19 1:11 PM
Thanks Wombat, I just keep missing out lately. This time by 3minutes
07/Jan/19 1:21 PM
Well it was when I started typing
07/Jan/19 1:22 PM
Good amen, good people. I have been working at polishing up the overhaul of the overhaul of the overhaul of the business website (it's been a long time in the works). It absolutely must go live this week because of upcoming events - whether it is ready or not! - SO it has to be ready. I am pouring More...
07/Jan/19 2:04 PM
I just ate a late meal and I am suddenly tired. I think it's time for bed. I made great progress today. I may finish tomorrow but Tuesday is more likely.

Maybe Wednesday.
07/Jan/19 2:06 PM
I can't leave us here at the bottom of the page ...
07/Jan/19 2:07 PM
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