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Easy Sudoku for 7/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:04 Maen
2:40 Cute little puppy
2:20 Hello, big-eyed dog. And Happy Thanksgiving Day weekend to fellow Canuks! Bring on the turkey.
The best thing that I can say about this picture is - it is not a cat!
1:46. Cute Pup. Have the dogs eaten all the cats to get more picture time?
Good evening everyone. Have a lovely weekend
To all our Canadians - a happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. Have an enjoyable weekend
Cute pooch!
Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canada! I hear it's going up to 25C on Sunday! Fellow Canukers -- how are the fall colours in your neck of the woods? Colour rather dull around here so far. ELIZABETH from Newmarket -- did you see the llama on Stouffville Rd last Saturday? Miserable weather that day, cold damp rainy, I wondered if your daughter went to camp at Bruce's Mill after all.
Thank you Anne from Albany -- just an FYI: the actual Thanksgiving DAY is Monday. Do you have a 'thanksgiving day' in Australia?
2.17 pretty good
Little fur ball.
Canukers: how are you celebrating this weekend? Traditional family get-together, turkey, pumpkin pie? Other? I'm in the other category. Riding on Saturday, riding competition on Sunday, recovery on Monday with a bottle of Advil... Thanksgiving celeb will be hubby's birthday Sat night.
So, who is 62 and on the word search puzzle tonight?
Celia, we celebrate Australia Day on January 26
This is such an interesting site (thanks Gath!!) -- you never know where it's going to lead you. Example from yesterday: a mention of Sudoku quilt led to Google led to blog site 'Out of the Middens' (with instruction for interactive s. quilt), led to curiosity (what does 'midden' mean) led to More...
bet with digi cam you neednt have to struggle so much!!
1. Remove film from box and load camera.
2. Remove film box from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.
3. Remove puppy from trash and brush coffee
grounds from muzzle.
4. Choose a suitable background for photo.
5. More...
sorry the title got missed..it shud read
How To Photograph A Puppy
ANNE, what is the significance of the 26th Jan? What sort of celebration? Any special foods? (Have to get food in there somewhere) Is it a 'thanksgiving' harvest sort of thing? It's your summer, isn't it? It sounds more like our Canada Day, national 'independence' celebration.
AP, that's hilarious!
Celia From Toronto:
What type of riding comp. do you do?
Isn't that your horse on 'medium'?;D

Quiltermom, it is 9:39 a.m. friday morning, I am at work until 4:00 then going to watch the rest of the Twins game that they HAVE TO WIN. I will check posts but I will also be in chatroom quite a bit today as it is friday and my work is done for the week.
Would love to be able to meet up with you, but if not, GO CLONES!!!!
Celia, according to this morning's news, the fall colours are supposed to be fabulous in the Niagara region this weekend--good opportunity for a wine tasting excursion ... I'm guessing the Muskoka area will be beautiful this weekend as well.
Celia - gee, I hope my history is correct. It's the day the first fleet landed in Sydney Cove and started the new colony of Australia. We usually have a long weekend and because it's mid summer it's usually spent at the beach, at barbecues, or celebrations in the major cities with fireworks More...
2:38 today - a good time for me! Good Maen all.
OUTLANDER DISCUSSION GROUP: time and date on the Parents' Page.
I'm off to check out Sudoku Quilts on google!
Also, to continue yesterday's discussion, I wonder if ppl have inborn taste tendencies. E.g., I love cilantro, but my mother can't even stand the smell of it.
CORKY: just had a look at Medium re horse pic. Mine? I wish!!!!! The competition this Sunday is a regularly-scheduled school one; I've only been riding a little over a year (took it up at 60 -- it's never too late, all you who are having birthdays!)and compete in the Adult Beginner More...
3:27 Hi to all and have a good weekend!

Thought for the Day:

I got lost in thought...it was such unfamiliar territory!
everyone...2:58 for me this morning. I must be concentrating more.
Have a great day, or the rest of it depending how much you have left, and good night OZ...
Thanks, ANNE! Sounds like fun. (Except for the flies!)
JANCI are you a quilter, too? Do you go to the big quilt show in Houston? Have been trying to get there myself, esp. as my brother lives in H. Yes, I think there's a biological reason for differing tastebud preferences/abhorences. My most More...
DAVE: Is this your first time under 3 minutes???? I remember you saying way back that you would NEVER break that barrier! Sounds like the Old Dog is learning new tricks! :)
CELIA: Doesn't your back hurt after all of that riding? You must be doing a lot of exercise to strengthen it and maintain your flexibility. And don't forget to take your calcium!
Hi JUDY! Was thinking of joining your Outlander discussion until Kathy mentioned the book is 800+ pages!! Can I 'audit' ?!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends to the North. Enjoy the family fun and food this weekend. Andre, as always, I enjoy your tftd. Celia, you are on a roll today. Loved the comment about this site leading you to find more interesting things just because of a mention here. That's really neat.
CELIA: Take the book along with you! Whassa matter ... you can't read on horseback? LOL
4:10. cute doggie
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