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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Yvette, I believe i have discussed the advantages of always being in a hot environment at an earlier date. Darwin has only 2 seasons. The Dry and the Wet.
Dry - 26 to 32C around 20% humidity
Wet - 28 to 34C > 85% humidity and storms nearly every day.
But I don't miss the cold at all!
And teaching someone to drive in the snow????
Oh all i want is warm,hot then warm. Not too much to ask for. Has anyone tried driving whilst on call 30 miles in the snow when you cant move your car off the drive???
2:59 - broke 3 mins
While it is still December 6 here in the United States, the date on this site (Sydney time) is December 7, Pearl Harbor Day. To our vets: We will not forget. We will go to the Arizona Memorial, watch the oil bubbles rise, imagine the sky full of Zeros and flame. We will always remember 07December1941
Jim you are so right. I moan about the weather when there is much more to think about. I hope i am excused. Now off to bed a full day in front off me!!!!
You have me beat there ma'am. Here when it gets cold the people drive like idiots. It's as if they've never seen rain or snow. It truly is trying to say the least.
Never attempted to drive in the snow.
Always thought snow was a good reason to curl up on the lounge and watch movies and eat.
Oh Bill a man after my own heart. I think i like you loads!!!!
Did i mention that my food was all hocolate?
And lots of it!
Warm fire, hocolate and a couple of vdkas and iron bru, Bliss!!!!
Now your flurting.
I'll be there soon:))
15 mins away ive already poured your drink!!! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2:19 today.. am baking Norwegian Kransekake whilst doing this... Should pay more attention to my cooking but going through all the messages is way more interesting. We obviously had a hunstman nest in a wall cavity near a cavity sliding door. the first day we saw about 20 baby huntsmans on the More...
Oh Bill !!! Good night to all!!
to call the exterminator if they kept coming!
I hate Huntsmans!
Good night Yvette ...
What is a Huntsman ? Wasp ?
4:06 Slow, had to let the dog out or there would have been a nasty surprize for me when I finished the puzzle.
Thanks for the drink Yvette, would you like some hocolate with that? mmmmmmm
Huntsmen are big black hairy spiders (look like tarantulas I guess). They are quite common house spiders although their natural habitat is bushland.
They are often about the size of the palm of your hand.
Can you imagine if no one was here and hundreds of them grew to full size.. It would be like a horror movie.
Do they bite or anything other than scare the living bejesus out of you ?
I don't believe they are poisonous but they have large fangs and can bite.. but I haven't ever known anyone to be bitten. Lets hope we never experience it!
7:12.... not so good.....it is so cold in Providence no one can believe it......went to Newport for Thanksgiving....is there Thanksgiving in Australia?...........Cute Joey.......I read the comments.....i can believe someone thought it was a dog!!!?
i can get these...they are too hard. I didn't even see the timer until i read the comments and people were telling thier times!
No thanksgiving in Australia... we must be an ungrateful bunch!
I have this phobia of spiders but do my best to not avoid them. We have banana spiders and garden orb spiders that come out in the fall. They will build webs at night in places you have to walk through. Not poisonous but walking through one is ... NOT FUN.
I looked at the website mentioned. Holy cow what a monster. Four of them down here would make a good meal. At least I think they would have found a way to eat them here. LOL
mo - here in southern Calif I have broccoli that's 2 years old, I harvest little florets, wonderful flavor - they're trees 6 feet tall! Hot summer days and stress may bring some aphids, but I've never seen such stamina! Love to garden, all thru the year here!
are you in happy valley heather???
5:33 with no helps - best ever! it just seemed to flow. good karma, or good joey, or whatevah! visiting the comments is like hearing from old friends. what's the latest gathering? did anyone see the macy's christmas parade? someday i'd love to go, simply cuz it's the best. Over here there's More...
puzzle at noon my time - must check it at lunch one day soon. Happy days y'all!
The huntsmen are usually pretty tame and just sit there looking out at the world from their little corner of the ceiling. They are fairly resistant to sprays and tend to run like the dickens when pursued. The vacuum cleaner is a great method of extinction. Sometimes they will rear up and jump at More...
I guess being around them long enough would make you prone to ignore them. In Hawaii my exwife hate Gecko's ... they were everywhere. I loved them but she panicked everytime. It was actually quite funny.
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