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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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07/Dec/09 4:03 AM
07/Dec/09 4:03 AM
Jerry, travel safe! What are you doing with yourself?
Thanks for the dancing - I'm writing reports at some ridiculous hour of the morning and popped back from some light relief! Just what I needed. I'll boogie off to my task with renewed enthusiasm.
07/Dec/09 4:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! Great photo Jim, and thanks for the information. I had never realized that storks were made of wood.
07/Dec/09 4:35 AM
At the Olympics a man went up to a competitor who was carrying a very long pole.
"Excuse me, are you a pole vaulter?"
"Nein, I am German, but how did you know my name ist Walter?"
07/Dec/09 4:37 AM
During the "rush hour" at Vancouver Airport, a flight was delayed due to a mechanical problem. Since they needed the gate for another flight, the aircraft was backed away from the gate while the maintenance crew worked on it. The passengers were then told the new gate number, which was More...
07/Dec/09 4:39 AM
Kathy, I thought of short sighted immediately yesterday, but sensed it really didn't work. Maybe short eye sight is that ... translated into French ... and then back again, perhaps by way of Japan. Only Fiona knows.
07/Dec/09 5:30 AM
I had thought of short sighted and poor eye sight but like you Keith, I didn't think either of them fit the clue. C'est la vie!
07/Dec/09 5:33 AM
Then again, maybe it could have been 'I spy with my little i."
07/Dec/09 5:35 AM
I didn't agree with it either. Perhaps you're right, Keith, it lost something in translation.
I accepted 'short sighted', because I thought that's what it meant. I also accepted 'eye sight' and 'diminishing eye sight'. I thought 'diminishing eye sight' was a better answer (kudos, Plum)
07/Dec/09 5:54 AM
Send in any answer you come up with, I grade on a curve!
07/Dec/09 5:56 AM
This is an interesting bird, Jim! I have never heard of a Wood Stork. Thanks!
07/Dec/09 6:21 AM

Never heard of Wood Stork? Where were you in August of 1969?

07/Dec/09 6:28 AM
do I hear squeaks??
07/Dec/09 7:24 AM
Good Mean, y'all
Jim introduced me to these prehistoric looking beauties. Jim not only takes wonderful pics of these 'beautiful birds in their own way' he also talks to them in their language and they answer him

I am home from another amazing visit to Florida with More...
07/Dec/09 7:33 AM
Jaz, lucky you! How amazing to visit Jim and be shown some of his world! Look forward to your pics.
07/Dec/09 7:41 AM
Welcome home, Jaz. Glad to know you're home safe.

07/Dec/09 8:17 AM
Keith need oiling.

If you're trying today's puzzle, remember: synonym!

07/Dec/09 8:22 AM
Fiona has surfaced! Back off, lady. Today's puzzle is mine! Here's an idea. Why don't YOU give it a try?
I double dog dare 'ya!
07/Dec/09 8:27 AM
Yikees I had that very same problem when returning from North Carolina, CG! Just I was waiting for my connecting flight to LA in Washington, DC, there was a public announcement that my flight's gate number was changed which was at the opposite end of a very looonnnng terminal. 15 minutes later, More...
07/Dec/09 9:22 AM
Oooops - Once there I saw (not was)!!! Oy vey another error - Now I "was" in a slight panic! Good grief another error! - if she were working "on" the same flight.
Ok say "good night, Gracie"
Good night, Gracie!
07/Dec/09 9:25 AM
I consider running for a changed gate part of my yearly work out routine....
07/Dec/09 9:27 AM

The Swiss have banned the further building of minarets in their country. So far, there are only four.

07/Dec/09 9:42 AM
Christmas presents wrapped. WHY don't I wrap them as I get them??? Every year I say I'm going to.....
07/Dec/09 10:00 AM
Oh my gosh Kathy! Is Christmas coming? I guess i better go shopping sometime in the next two weeks.
07/Dec/09 10:40 AM
This is for anyone still interested in the 'Climategate' controversy.
I found this link.


It is 'scientific' (not 'political'). It examines the problem behind the recent dispute in a rational, balanced way. More...
07/Dec/09 10:42 AM
Welcome home Jaz.
07/Dec/09 10:52 AM

Hiya, Jaz...a few more posts from you would be welcome...

07/Dec/09 10:54 AM
[The temperature/tree-ring correlation works very well indeed for 80 years - between 1880 and 1960. However from 1960 until now (50 years) that correlation is 'breaking down' and is less relaible. My own opinion (from Biffa) is that this divergence is a consequence of the irregularity of the ozone More...
07/Dec/09 10:56 AM

Rayray: good site. A bit more involved but worth looking at is


07/Dec/09 10:57 AM
[or both]
07/Dec/09 10:57 AM
I have looked at the link you posted Ian.
I very much liked the graphical explanations. It is a little more political than the discussion I posted.
After reading yours I came up with an possible explanation for divergence, which is that a relativistic relationship between real temperature and More...
07/Dec/09 11:15 AM
Morning everyone
07/Dec/09 11:19 AM
Sorry the man's name above is - *BRIFFA
07/Dec/09 11:21 AM

There may be a more fundamental problem, Rayray. The very existence of "proxy" data means that some of the process was arbitrary, and subject to all the human failings of greed (for support and funding), pride (in a vested position), and sloppiness. Replicability is crucial, and when More...
07/Dec/09 11:22 AM

sorry...."used, but withheld"
07/Dec/09 11:24 AM
I believe the statistical analysis they used would be standard. The statistical approaches I envisage would be needed would have to be acceptable to the scientific community for them to understand what they were doing. There could be no sinister involvement of 'software that warps data' in More...
07/Dec/09 11:50 AM
Ian: Generally scientists are not as 'manipulative' as oil magnates or American republican politicians. Scientists are very painstaking about their data - collecting it and analysing it - at least I always am. They are usually obsessive in getting things right.
The usual time scale is - one week More...
07/Dec/09 11:58 AM

Well, Rayray, I would then put you in that group which includes hard-working bureaucrats, conscientious cops, dedicated teachers, and idealistic politicians.

07/Dec/09 12:14 PM
Thank-you Ian.
I take that as a compliment.
Without us the world would rotate backwards!
07/Dec/09 12:30 PM
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