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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
aspire - snake anger
And here's today's factoid:
There are about 2,600 different kinds of snakes. Of these, about 400 are venomous.
07/Dec/13 12:00 AM

I have a new spell checker
It came with my PC
It plane lee marks four my revue
Miss steaks aye can knot see

Eye ran this poem threw it
Your sure lea glad two no
It fixed awl spelling errors
My chequer tolled me sew
07/Dec/13 12:00 AM
Good morning all.
07/Dec/13 12:02 AM
A Thought For The Day:

A clear conscience is sometimes the sign of a bad memory.
07/Dec/13 12:02 AM
Time for another disemboweler. For a change of pace, perhaps a pursuit of people pleasing play would placate the most pessimistic. All of the answers begin with the same letter. (And “parvis” is not one of the answers.)

Example: 'Not dirty, family group, tin __,' would be 'Clean, clan, More...
07/Dec/13 12:06 AM
HalT, No hashtag for this puzzle?
07/Dec/13 12:11 AM
Cute little helper.
07/Dec/13 12:20 AM

The given answer is hourglass. After making sure it really existed I also accepted water clock.

In the today we have Judy, Captain J, Kathy, Canuk Greg, lonewoof, HalT, and Doug W.

What better prize than this
07/Dec/13 12:24 AM
Hi shosho.
07/Dec/13 12:24 AM
Hello, friends!
You'll see my baby blues today.
07/Dec/13 12:46 AM
Makes a nice jigsaw, too, even though the pieces are a bit small.
07/Dec/13 1:35 AM
How 'bout 'Marijuana?', Neil?
07/Dec/13 2:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Dec/13 2:53 AM
Karen's back. Missed you.
07/Dec/13 2:58 AM
Good morning to all! She sure looks busy at work in the kitchen. I wonder what she's making.
07/Dec/13 2:59 AM
After being traumatized in that room for, way too long, I thought I would spend Sunday with my family. It was nice. A lazy morning of sharing the paper and watching a few movies. Someone made the mistake of asking for food. The child is 4, she goes into that room all the time and helps herself, she More...
07/Dec/13 3:00 AM
Hi Karen. How's life?
07/Dec/13 3:00 AM
Neil, I think Hal is having pipe dreams.
07/Dec/13 3:01 AM
Then, Monday showed up. I got up ready to go, but the child did not. Oh, she got up, but it took all my power, not to put that whiney, little tush back to bed, and not let her out, until all the whine left her. Unfortunately, I had to be patient, and get her out the door, which proved to be a very More...
07/Dec/13 3:09 AM
Hi, people.
I am trying to tell you, but my hand keeps going to sleep.
Guess, that should tell you how exciting my life is.
07/Dec/13 3:11 AM
Then, Tuesday and Wednesday, were spent doing some major Cyber Shopping. Oh, I hit the jackpot, on one site. My total came to two-hundred something, with sale, two coupons, and no S&H, I only paid $77. That was so cool. Couponing maybe time consuming, but it does pay off at times.
07/Dec/13 3:16 AM
Then Thursday came, SMH.
In the morning, I attempted to walk into my little darlings room. I feared for my life, so I stopped at the door. My darling, had opened her dresser drawers, and was starting the climb to the top. I yelled DANGER. Actually, I did not think of the dangers, the girl could More...
07/Dec/13 3:28 AM
Now, Friday has arrived, it is icy outside, but cozy inside and I have thousands of shoulds to be doing, but I am just sitting here, talking away, while the heathen child chases imaginary stuff around the house, with her whale bubbler. Think this will be my spot for the day. I know it will not happen, but it does not hurt to dream a little.
07/Dec/13 3:31 AM
What a fun life you lead, Karen!!!
07/Dec/13 3:40 AM
Oh, you may like this bit of drama.
I have finally been given the title Room Mother, though it is more like Co-Room Mother, which I am OK with.
I missed our teacher meeting yesterday, so teacher called me after school and filled me in. During the conversation, she told me she gave my phone More...
07/Dec/13 3:41 AM
I so strive for boring, HalT.
Except for the dresser incident, I would not change a thing, even my whiner.
07/Dec/13 3:44 AM
07/Dec/13 4:05 AM
Thank you Serena!!!
Here's some flying your way!!!
07/Dec/13 4:06 AM
I have some of your drama but with kittens who are becoming kleptomaniacs. Funny little things like the drain for my bathroom sink, little brushes, little items disappear regularly. Some times I find them in strange places.
07/Dec/13 4:12 AM
Right now, Blackie is demanding to be hugged. I hugged him but not for a loooonnnnnggggg time, so he's sulking on my desk, laying on my arm and hugging my forearm with both paws. Try to type like that!
07/Dec/13 4:14 AM
I give up, see you later! CP!
07/Dec/13 4:14 AM
Hoo Rah! Karen's back.
07/Dec/13 4:15 AM
Like Lemon in your water - Something restaurants won't tell you.

Your lemon water is kind of dirty: Sliced lemons for water and iced tea just might be one of the restaurant’s dirtiest spots. Often unwashed and kept by the kitchen’s exits, up to two-thirds of restaurant lemons More...
07/Dec/13 4:58 AM
I knew there was a reason I always refused the lemon.
07/Dec/13 5:04 AM
I have one less Christmas card than I do people on my Christmas card list. There are so many ways I can solve this problem. Is it wrong that I leaning towards eliminating a recipient?
07/Dec/13 5:10 AM
Is the recipient a good friend who sent you a card last year? And do you still have the card? If so, send it back with the explanation that you were one card short...

And too cheap to go out and buy another one!!
07/Dec/13 5:49 AM
That's thinking 'outside the box', Hal ~
07/Dec/13 6:04 AM
Morning all, her first lesson on how to mess up the kitchen.
My goodness Karen, how did you survive all that. lol
07/Dec/13 6:05 AM
There are some really (quick look around for Fiona) awesome Australia pictures on this blog.

07/Dec/13 6:07 AM
So close ~
07/Dec/13 6:08 AM
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