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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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And over
07/Feb/08 12:22 PM
And off I go to do some chores.
07/Feb/08 12:22 PM
Be first to comment . I don't think so.
07/Feb/08 12:25 PM
Mon - nee hao , luv, darls, hun, luv...next time we'll have to try the Goth look, do I need to get many face piercings to look the real deal? or will clip-ons do? x
07/Feb/08 12:27 PM
CynB me 2. Hope the butt not to sore. what do you do if you get standed in the desert?... put your head down and Ring Up. {SOORRYY.}
07/Feb/08 12:29 PM
WELCOME, Mavis from Melbourne! I hope you enjoy the site and the wongerful people here.
07/Feb/08 12:58 PM
I've put a incredibly chocolaty chocolate cake recipe in the recipe forum for all the chocoholics!
Actually I guess I can put it here to!

Thanks to Elizabeth David

250g (9 oz) dark bitter chocolate
150g (5 oz) castor sugar
150g (5 oz) butter
100g (3 oz) (2/3 cup) ground More...
07/Feb/08 1:15 PM
Eaa your jokes are much too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
07/Feb/08 1:16 PM
CynB, I meant to tell you that I don't really just pour the Hoi Sin over the steaks. Hoi Sin first, slop steaks around to cover both sides then into oven. If you're really motivated, can add capsicum/onion/whatever during cooking. Back to cleaning, at least it's only 24 degrees in the aircon, very very muggy outside.
07/Feb/08 1:28 PM
It's the Chinese New Year?
To my chagrin, ...I'm a RAT!!! I'd love to be a Tiger or a Rabbit or a Dragon...but WHY a RAT!!!
CynB: Hope you recover soon!
07/Feb/08 1:55 PM
Q. What's the difference between Skippy and Wayne Carey?
A: Skippy can root who he likes and still be a kangaroo!

Q: What's the difference between Wayne Carey and the Titanic?
A: Only 1600 people went down on the Titanic.

A new poll asked 1,000 women if they would have More...
07/Feb/08 1:57 PM
I think that last one's been done about every polititian at one time or another.
07/Feb/08 2:33 PM
polititian...politition...pollititon.....polititan......none of them look right.

SPELLMASTER..........Where are YOUUUUUUUU?????
07/Feb/08 2:35 PM
07/Feb/08 2:36 PM
rofl - no wonder it looked wrong

07/Feb/08 2:43 PM
In the Chinese calendar, I'm a goat. I'm glad my grandchildren don't call me "Nanny".
07/Feb/08 2:43 PM
Gung Hay Fat Choy! This is my older son's year. He is the rat of the family. Younger son is an ox. Funny coming from father who is a dragon and me who is a tiger. Oh well, couldn't be funnier than my parents both are rabbits. Must have scared the willies out of them having a daughter tiger!
07/Feb/08 2:53 PM
CynB, for those who have accused you not taking good enough care of your poor bottom, do you have a reBUTTal? Ouch! Do see a doctor. Nothing like cracking your tail bone. It can be a real pain in the butt. Ooooh, I'm so sorry, giggle, chorkle.
07/Feb/08 2:58 PM
Ganniemo, your poem for Fiona was soooo adorable!
To everyone Happy 4706! Or Happy Heisei 20. My birthyear was Showa 24! Have fun trying to figure that out!
07/Feb/08 3:08 PM
Rats! Have to go back to work on a pile of tests! Nightey night!
07/Feb/08 3:10 PM
One more for the road!
07/Feb/08 3:27 PM
I think Pollution is the word you are looking for Col.
07/Feb/08 3:37 PM
A neighbour of ours is Chinese and he an executive chef, his wife is also a chef. They provide the nearer neighbouts with a sumptuous new year's feast every year. Mountains of food. We are very fortunate. I am a pig which is the best sign to be. Lots of advantages.
07/Feb/08 4:09 PM
Billy, I'm in the process of researching suppliers of white foundations, black nailpolish, black hair dye, straightening irons and blood capsules. Everything should be in readiness at our next coven.........ummmm, I mean, meeting.
07/Feb/08 4:09 PM
I would like to say the jokes left me laughing, but I wouldn't be honest. I am actually blushing and very glad noone heard me snort...
07/Feb/08 4:11 PM
Martha you can stop blowing now, it has arrived. Many thanks.
07/Feb/08 4:14 PM
Lynda, can I move in with you just before next new year's? The feast sounds wonderful!
07/Feb/08 4:18 PM
Hey Mon and Billy, just wait one cotton-pickin' moment - I did NOT say I wanted to look like a goth (sigh)
07/Feb/08 4:19 PM
Oh, but Em, it's so much more fun to misinterpret things!!!
07/Feb/08 4:20 PM
But I have found my white eyeliner.
07/Feb/08 4:21 PM
suzy, not as sane as I sound sometimes, they drive me crazy but this site saves my sanity. Love reading all the posts, when I can. I also have a teenage son, he lives with my parents as my father is the only one able to deal with him. When he's staying with us he hogs the computer, thats when I go slightly cazier than usual.
07/Feb/08 4:26 PM
meant crazier not cazier.
07/Feb/08 4:28 PM
Mon use 'white-out' it works well but avoid getting it in your eyes. Suzy you are more than welcome. You have never seen such a feast as they put on.
07/Feb/08 4:28 PM
A lawyer got married to a woman who had previously been married 12 times. On their wedding night, they settled into the bridal suite at their hotel and the bride said to her new groom, "Please, promise to be gentle. I am still a virgin."

This puzzled the groom since, after 12 More...
07/Feb/08 4:35 PM
A wife arrived home from a shopping trip and was shocked to find her husband in bed with a lovely young woman. Just as she was about to storm out of the house, her husband called out "Perhaps you should hear how all this came about. . ."

I was driving home on the highway when I More...
07/Feb/08 4:37 PM
good one coward
07/Feb/08 4:46 PM
got to go and pick up kids from day care, Thursdays and fridays are kids free days YIPEE!
07/Feb/08 4:48 PM
Have been busier than a one armed paperhanger today!! Haven't even had time to do the puzzle let alone read 6 pages of comments. Thank you to all the visitors to my page and your kind welcoming messages and goodies. I have left you some of my special pate and a very quaffable Annies Lane Cab Merlot - enjoy!! Bi 4 now.
07/Feb/08 4:49 PM
At work again. A rare treat to have read all the posts for today.
07/Feb/08 5:08 PM
Mavis, I think you and Gail are going to get along beautifully. Only she could match your sayings!
07/Feb/08 5:18 PM
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