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Easy Sudoku for 7/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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07/Mar/13 3:29 AM
Look what I got.
07/Mar/13 3:32 AM
07/Mar/13 3:33 AM
Keith, I totaly agree about books being old friends. I HAD over 500 hard and paperback books. There is no space in the new house for all my old friends. It was hard deciding which to keep and which had to go.
07/Mar/13 4:12 AM
For me, that has become one of the more significant reasons to read books electronically ... sort of like cremation and scattering the ashes after ... nothing to take care of from then on.
07/Mar/13 4:34 AM
Shaka, Bruh.
07/Mar/13 4:49 AM
I'll have to go back and read yesterday's comments. I, too, love books. But I literally ran out of room to store them. I kept a few special ones and donated the rest. Now I am completely into my Kindle. Don't have to dust it, either.
07/Mar/13 5:06 AM
The ones I have not been able to part with are the ones I read to my kids and grand kids when they were little. I have a shelf in a closet devoted to those. I can't bring myself to get rid of them.
07/Mar/13 5:09 AM
Speaking of getting rid of things, I have decided to clean out the pantry and kitchen cupboards today. It's always fun to see which can/box has the most embarrassing ''expiration'' date!
Bye for now!
07/Mar/13 5:13 AM
Can't believe I somehow missed a book discussion. I've got floor-to-ceiling shelves of hard covers that I just can't part with (especially the ones I wrote ... yep). But I've joined the brave new world and got a Kobo--it'll be great for traveling.
07/Mar/13 5:33 AM
Cathy, bathroom redo started here Monday. Totaly gutted on Mon & Tue, today the jack hammering began. The floor [cement] where ths bath tub was has to be removed. I need a roll in shower for wheel chair access. First the toilet has to be moved 10 inches to make the shower bigger.
07/Mar/13 6:11 AM
I had to warn one neighbor we were starting renovation, we are connected by a 6 foot wall. Boy did it get loud when the jackhammer was going.
07/Mar/13 6:17 AM
At one point this morning I had 2 electricians, 2 plumbers, 1 contractor & 1 tile person all in this not overly big bathroom.
07/Mar/13 6:17 AM
It is finally quiet, at least for the moment. I really need to get something done today.
07/Mar/13 6:20 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is this chap signing the letter 'Y'?
07/Mar/13 6:30 AM
With regard to books, I still prefer buying real books, and even though I regularly give away many, I have many more then 500. Some of the books I have are over 100 years old, not something you can replace with a Kindle.
07/Mar/13 6:33 AM
Greg, It's a ''Hawaiian Smile''
07/Mar/13 6:49 AM
Morning all,no Greg he is signing 'call me'.lol
Regarding the book/ kindle, I have two hardcover books that are waiting to be finished and as I do most of my reading in bed at night, if I drop my kindle it will put itself to sleep and not lose my place though I love the feel of turning real pages of a book.
07/Mar/13 6:53 AM
Either way (I have an iPad, too), both are heavy after a while, reading in bed and that's my most favorite spot to read! Unfortunately I don't fall asleep reading, I stay up too late!
07/Mar/13 7:10 AM
Hi everyone!
I used to love reading, but once I got hooked on computer/games, etc. I got really lazy. Now I've been having major problems with reading and pretty much had to start from scratch, so every achievement is pretty amazing to me. My son gave me the Lemony Snickett books to test my More...
07/Mar/13 7:14 AM
Ever try to plan a small birthday dinner? I've got one son flying out Thursday, a DIL flying in from Chicago time??, another DIL coming in late from Santa Monica (oh well she's close but work and traffic will make her very late)
07/Mar/13 7:17 AM
Oh no, Judy! Not Lemony Snickett! He's too much into how much cinderellla woes (prior to meeting up with her fairy godmother) can you stand! Read Crighton's books - Jurassic Park has a Lexile of 700 (fourth grade level reading) but the action part will help you stay riveted to the story (adult level content).
07/Mar/13 7:22 AM
Shosho, I did enjoy those books, in a weird way ... the problem was that my eyesight was a bit of a problem for a while, and I was so slow I seemed to be getting no-where. That's improved a lot, but concentration is still difficult. I'm told that Sudoku is wonderful for this! Three months ago I More...
07/Mar/13 7:48 AM
You are doing so well Judy, love reading of your progress :)

Books...I remember them! I could always be found reading out on my front verandah, people got quite used to seeing me there. Same as Judy though, I was introduced to the internet and I met you lot and now those books are just dust More...
07/Mar/13 8:09 AM
Hi everyone!
Books, one of my favourite pastimes. I have however been forced onto electronic due to eyesight problems. I get headaches & eyestrain when reading books with my glasses. The electronic pad can be magnified so I can read 'glassless'.
07/Mar/13 8:43 AM
What really annoys me, though, is the cost involved! It costs almost as much for an electronic download as for a hard copy. There are no printing or shipping costs, so why are they so expensive?
07/Mar/13 8:47 AM
What I would really like , though, is for bookstores to sell copies on memory stick, so I can plug into any device & read, not be restricted to just one device.
07/Mar/13 8:53 AM
My family is very good about giving me Amazon gift cards for certain occasions. They know full well that books will be purchased for my Kindle. I just bought 2 with a birthday gift card. When I read in bed, I'd much rather hold the Kindle than a book. It's much lighter. And Gail's right, you can just thumb the side to turn the page with one hand.
07/Mar/13 9:03 AM
I would love to join in the book topic, but Murphy's Law has hit me. In a good way, but darn it.
I have known that potential buyers are in the area, I think since Monday, might have been since Sunday. Monday, M and I got a little done, Tuesday, I spent most of the day waiting for the pilot truck More...
07/Mar/13 9:11 AM
Man also received a phone call from the realitor lady, who we did not renew contract with, who has more people who want to see the place, I believe tomorrow.
Yep, the week, I have not been at home, and the dust bunnies have been running wild, people are wanting to see the place.
07/Mar/13 9:14 AM
BTW, have any of you attempted to keep 45, 6 and 7 year olds, in the stands, for 3 hours, at a baseball game, they were not interested in, happy?
I took my group out to open area, a few times, to run and scream, but the teacher got onto me and made us go back to the stands. The last 45 minutes went by so slow. So very slow.
07/Mar/13 9:17 AM
I've been catching up on old puzzles and comments, since I was not able to get online much for a few days. My father has been in and out and back in the hospital, into and out of Intensive Care, expected to die imminently then to live for who knows how long (same as the rest of us), recommended More...
07/Mar/13 9:49 AM
HI all! Just a quick hello before I hit the sack - hope everyone is well and enjoying life. I will try to get back on here regularly soon. Life is looking up again!
07/Mar/13 9:50 AM
Thanks DorA and Amelia. I thought maybe he was signing the letter 'Y' but its nice to know hw was flashing us all a smile.
07/Mar/13 10:29 AM
Hi everyone!
07/Mar/13 10:40 AM
Thinking of you, Sarah. My Dad died In 2009, which sounds like a long time ago, but when I think of him it seems like yesterday!
07/Mar/13 10:42 AM
My pleasure, Sarah. Best wishes for your father.
07/Mar/13 10:44 AM
Hello Fiona. Are you new here?
07/Mar/13 10:46 AM
Here we are...
07/Mar/13 10:46 AM
At the bottom of a page...
07/Mar/13 10:47 AM
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