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Easy Sudoku for 7/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Not sunny and it snowed overnight!
Hope your day is better than 'Brrrrr!'.
07/Apr/18 12:04 AM
Wow! I'm at the top!
(I haven't been first in a loooooong time!)
I wonder if you can even give yourself a 'thumbs-up'???
07/Apr/18 12:08 AM
07/Apr/18 12:12 AM
TftD: Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just do not have film.
07/Apr/18 12:14 AM
Tonight 'my' art show goes up. There are 71 paintings by 24 artists in the show.
I'll be relieved when it's up... it's always kinda like herding cats!
(I have three paintings in the show.)
07/Apr/18 12:15 AM
I plan on buying new film soon, Hal!
07/Apr/18 12:16 AM
07/Apr/18 12:29 AM
Shiela and Hal!
I have been up for hours. It seems my visiting Goldendoodle is an early riser. She also takes up most of the bed and chases rabbits while she's sleeping. She is going to be pretty spoiled by the time her family comes to collect her.
And, I see a nap in our future.
07/Apr/18 12:35 AM
Hi, Rage! I was typing when you arrived.
07/Apr/18 12:35 AM
How exciting, Shiela, with your Art Show - how long will it be 'open' for viewing? Too bad we all can't stop-by to appreciate your talent!
07/Apr/18 12:58 AM
...and Good Morning Hall, Kathy, Rage, and of course #1 today, Shiela! Cheers to all who follow!
07/Apr/18 1:00 AM
Hello Shiela, Hal, Kathy and Joyce. Very remiss of me not to acknowledge you. It's nice to jave manners
07/Apr/18 1:13 AM
'have' that is. Goodnight to all
07/Apr/18 1:15 AM
07/Apr/18 1:29 AM
07/Apr/18 1:32 AM
Joyce, the art show will stay up from April 6 to May 4.
07/Apr/18 1:54 AM
Morning, all.
07/Apr/18 3:12 AM
Beautiful photo of Antarctica! Linda.
07/Apr/18 3:13 AM
Good mAen, good people. This is a bit of a repost from yesterday's page because I just posted there instead of here. I'm sorta tired from getting up early this morning thinking weather was going to make driving difficult. It wasn't. We dodged the heavy overnight snow that had been forecast. Did my More...
07/Apr/18 3:34 AM
I could use a nap, too, Kathy.
07/Apr/18 3:34 AM
Keith, Peter, anyone want to race?
07/Apr/18 3:35 AM
Then I'll take 22, thank you very much.
07/Apr/18 3:36 AM
And a cp, too. Yawn. Bother. I really need a nap. I don't think a caffeinated cuppa is going to help at this point.
☕️ But it may help if I take a short nap while I brew a cup.
07/Apr/18 3:39 AM
🎉🎂 bluey!
07/Apr/18 3:41 AM
bluey ... one of the folks in attendance at the Sydney party we went to.
07/Apr/18 3:58 AM
07/Apr/18 4:22 AM
Happy Friday day off, starting with my dental hygiene appointment and a bit of shopping, pastries and green milk tea to go.
07/Apr/18 8:05 AM
Hal, I think my film got overexposed!
07/Apr/18 8:59 AM
Ha. good one, Pam.
07/Apr/18 9:14 AM
Morning all, I could use some of that ice to put on my knee. Great photo ,Linda.
As some of you know I am home from hospital, I had a bit of a restless night so at 2am I put the golf on and had a nap in the armchair.
07/Apr/18 9:17 AM
Bluey, Angry Ant and Crocket hope you all have a wonderful day.
07/Apr/18 9:20 AM
Good morning everyone, at least it is morning here and we have a predicted top temperature of 29 Celsius. But now it is poozle time.

7 APRIL 1&4

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&4 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and fourth letters of a word and More...
07/Apr/18 9:59 AM
I can't let 33 beer pass without trying to snaffle it. I'll try '150 Lashes' because of it's fascinating name.
07/Apr/18 10:05 AM
There are so many craft beers available these days including those produced by the big breweries. Are they still craft beers if they are made in a large brewery?
07/Apr/18 10:09 AM
The Commonwealth Games are preceding well and Australia is doing well. Typically the host nation does extremely well, so that may be the reason.
07/Apr/18 10:12 AM
That should have been proceeding. The Games are getting pretty good coverage on the TV, so I might watch some of it today. This is a CP if no-one else has sneaked in.
07/Apr/18 10:15 AM
Sunglasses might help, Pam.
07/Apr/18 10:43 AM
An excellent choice Wombat. Used to buy a carton occasionally from the bottle shop but our local pub (of which I am an infrequent patron ) now serves it on tap. Mr Squires called it 150 lashes to acknowledge an early convict past practice. Details are, I think, on the carton.
07/Apr/18 11:37 AM
Let's turn the page, OK?
07/Apr/18 12:29 PM
07/Apr/18 12:30 PM
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