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Easy Sudoku for 7/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Guess I will take us to the next page
07/May/10 3:27 AM
Got to go and finish getting dressed, Harry has a doctors appointment this afternoon
07/May/10 3:28 AM
2:02 Hi to all. Busy day today. General Elections happening. I think more people than ever will vote this year, very intense!

Thought for the Day:

It is not wealth one asks for, but just enough to preserve one's dignity, to work unhampered, to be generous, frank and independent.
07/May/10 3:33 AM

Moving a Computer

Sometimes it becomes necessary to move your computer to a new location for whatever reason; installing/adding new hardware or just decided to move it for "easier access", for instance (note easier access in quotation marks).

Whatever your reason is, More...
07/May/10 3:34 AM
One can never have too many Glindas...I always keep a spare pair near the toaster...best to be prepared!
07/May/10 3:34 AM
Hi Sue, bye Sue.

I'm going to search for another puzzle now.

Oh, BTW, I heard from Fiona, and she is alive and well. She's left things to me for awhile longer.
07/May/10 3:39 AM
...or marigolds for that fact...
07/May/10 3:39 AM
Yes Andre, I have just been to the polling station and cast my vote. It seemed quite busy down there.
07/May/10 3:40 AM
The voters down there looked like a lot of sheep to me - herded by the media.
07/May/10 3:41 AM
Well! That sure gagged the discourse !
07/May/10 4:08 AM

Change the position of just one of the words below so that all the words are in an alphabetical sequence:

llama, phoenix, hyena, alligator, beaver, elephant, tortoise, antelope

Answers to the "what a bunch of critters" inbox, please.
07/May/10 4:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Oh look, a flying ferry, but wait, I guess that's just the flag on the ferry. Where's the ferry?
07/May/10 4:17 AM
Whin-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-e-e-e-e-e! Donde estan los numeros? (Add 4 items of punctuation to that!)
07/May/10 4:20 AM
47 Glindss! Well, why not? After all, Glinda (the Good Witch of the South) is the most powerful sorceress of Oz.
07/May/10 4:21 AM
Judy, I assume you want the answer here since you didn't ask for it to be sent to your inbox. Here you go... ¿Dónde están los números?
07/May/10 4:24 AM
Rayray, out voting for another government that everyone in your country will hate in six months? Been there and done that!
07/May/10 4:25 AM
Very good, CG! You get an A+! I really wasn't asking for the correct punctuation ... I was just too lazy to go find a Spanish keyboard! Uh ... where would I do that?

See, Kathy ... now even CG is asking for number riddles!
07/May/10 4:28 AM
The Wings are about to bite the big one, Greg. For whom should I cheer now?
07/May/10 4:29 AM
Judy, be like me and start cheering for the team you don't want to win the Cup. If it goes for you like it goes goes for me, that team will lose for sure!
07/May/10 4:38 AM
Gee, Greg, I've never known you to indulge in fatalistic pessimism before! I forgot for a moment that all of our Northern neighbors are born with tiny skates on their feet, clutching miniature hockey sticks!
07/May/10 4:42 AM
Kathy, we.ve had that riddle before I think. Sending an answer anyway.
07/May/10 4:46 AM
I'm going to pretend I didn't read that clutching of little sticks thing.

Do I understand you would rather have a math puzzle? Well, why don't you say so?
07/May/10 4:46 AM
I don't remember it, Greg, but maybe Fiona posted it and I missed it.
If that is the case, I should be positively flooded with answers!
07/May/10 4:50 AM
WWWOTWC...(Whiny Wicked Witch Of The West Coast)

Find the four digit number in which the first digit is one fourth of the last digit, the second digit is 6 times the first digit, and the More...
07/May/10 5:13 AM
If anyone else wants to try it, you may use a calculator. Not Judy, though.
07/May/10 5:23 AM
I'm SO glad that I have an infected head, so I can't wrap it around those puzzles/riddles.
Actually, the swelling is finally going down, but I'm enjoying the painkillers maybe too much.
07/May/10 5:27 AM
126. where will it end?
07/May/10 5:44 AM
Good mAen, everyone! Just a quick stop here and then back to work.
Daplap, how true, how true on moving a computer!

Re yesterday's discussion--Rice or beans or Deer Corn in an old or odd sock (no holes)heated for a bit in the microwave makes a good heating pad.
07/May/10 5:48 AM
I wish I know..glinda..u multiply faster than a cell!!!!
07/May/10 5:50 AM
No calculator necessary for the "number puzzle" ... just some fiddlin'! EZ! , Batty!
07/May/10 6:22 AM
Enjoy 'em while you can, Heidi! Glad to hear the swelling is going down. I hope the pain is becoming a thing of the past, too.
07/May/10 6:24 AM
well, if the storms hold off - our driveway will be pulled and re-done tomorrow -- just figured out - no way into our home - will have to jump at least 4 feet -- or maybe crawl behind the front brushes to the front door -- life is always a little More...
07/May/10 6:39 AM
May I suggust the Chicago BlackHawks ......
07/May/10 6:43 AM
Here you go, Mary. Up you go!
07/May/10 6:51 AM
1:53, everyone.
07/May/10 7:03 AM
Quick hello, gotta get to work.
07/May/10 7:43 AM
Having pooter problems this morning.
07/May/10 7:44 AM
Internet Explorer went on strike.
07/May/10 7:44 AM
Windows Mail went on strike.
07/May/10 7:45 AM
Eat more fiber, CP ...
07/May/10 7:45 AM
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