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Easy Sudoku for 7/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
07/Aug/10 12:00 AM
John! You're on first!
07/Aug/10 12:04 AM
A good way to start the weekend!
07/Aug/10 12:05 AM
And Shiela's on second! Who's on third?
07/Aug/10 12:05 AM
I'll be the short stop.
07/Aug/10 12:05 AM
Depends on definition... I'd say JUDY!!!
07/Aug/10 12:06 AM
Hello "Short Stop"!
07/Aug/10 12:11 AM
Adorable! He looks similar to my departed Dexter.
07/Aug/10 12:12 AM
Mickey is a great looking dog.
07/Aug/10 12:12 AM
Mickey looks like he has very soft fur & friendly eyes.
07/Aug/10 12:18 AM
Good morning all. Slept late.
07/Aug/10 12:18 AM
Good Maen, good people. Keith, I'd call you the "pitcher" as in 'pitch and woo.' I'll be the short stop because I can only make a short stop today. Little Plum has been playing with kids whose older brother has strep and bronchitis, and today L'il Plum's throat hurts and she and I are sneezing, but, in my case, that is probably late summer allergies.
07/Aug/10 12:20 AM
Good for you, Dorthea!
07/Aug/10 12:22 AM
Does anyone else have the problem of getting shot right back to the 'easy' page when trying for the 'hard' page?
07/Aug/10 12:23 AM
Still, it's not bad, we got the basic schoolwork done (we DON'T stop doing math and language arts during the summer, plus some schoolwork, esp. science and field trips are very much more fun to do in the good outdoor weather).
07/Aug/10 12:26 AM
We still need to work on finishing 4-H projects. Fair week is coming up. Ugg. That means bathing and shaving the goats and washing the chickens and trimming their beaks and nails. Anyone want to help?
07/Aug/10 12:27 AM
Yep, Shiela, the heading at the top of the page says Hard Sudoku, but it's the same puzzle, picture and comments - same page as Easy.
07/Aug/10 12:29 AM
Good luck at the fair, Plum!
07/Aug/10 12:31 AM

Typical macho man married typical good-looking lady and after the wedding, laid down the following rules:

" I'll be home when I want, if I want and at what time I want and I don't expect any hassle from you. I expect a great dinner to be on the table unless I tell you. I'll go More...
07/Aug/10 12:36 AM
Had a great 4 mile run and now will head for the shower before breakfast!
07/Aug/10 12:36 AM
all from beautiful So. Oregon.
07/Aug/10 12:43 AM
07/Aug/10 12:43 AM
Please note that the EASY and the HARD sudokus for 07 August 2010 are the same.
07/Aug/10 12:43 AM
We made a mistake with our first child. The next two were taught to read and write before they went to school. I sent a note to Crystal in Kindergarten and her teacher didn't read it to her because she thought she couldn't read it. Needless to say she didn't make that mistaken with Celeste.
07/Aug/10 12:44 AM
read =give
07/Aug/10 12:46 AM
everyone from way out in left field in sunny so. Oregon....
I sure am rusty with the online Sudoku....
07/Aug/10 12:47 AM
Hello from right field.
07/Aug/10 12:49 AM
Plum -- Millennium was a 1989 scifi flick with Cheryl Ladd and Kris Kristofersen (sp?) included time travel and time quakes (with different levels of impact - based on how it affected the past). I'm in Orlando, land of Shamu and Mickey - closer to the whale and love the special punch buggies they More...
07/Aug/10 12:59 AM
Same for me, Hard comes back here to Easy. I'm also having to sign in every time I open the site. I so seldom have had to, that I had to look up my password ... didn't have it memorized.
07/Aug/10 1:01 AM

Move over, Dave. I've heard before that I'm way out in left field, so I'll back you up at that position.

Plum, you WASH chickens? What a mental picture that is! "Here chick, chick! Into the tub!"
07/Aug/10 1:09 AM
The answer to yesterday's (and day before) puzzle:
The letter 'n'. wiNdow-widow, door-doNor.

In the are: Meg, The Phantom, and Greg.
(Everyone else must have been busy helping Plum wash her chickens!)
07/Aug/10 1:15 AM
2:26 Good evening all. I haven't long got home from babysitting the grandsons so I think it's time for bed.
Have a great weekend whatever your plans!

Phantom - I enjoy your daily summary. Keep up the good work.
07/Aug/10 1:19 AM
Okay. Put down those chickens and try this one:

The word candy can be spelled with just 2 letters. Can you guess which ones?

Answers to the "It better be chocolate!" inbox, please.
07/Aug/10 1:21 AM
What is your password Keith ... and while you are at it, please confirm your DOB, bank account # and password .........

That's what you get for owning a PC ....
07/Aug/10 1:25 AM
I, too, appreciate the summaries, Phantom!
BTW, since you are not from the opera, I have found a persona for you. Say hello to our Sudokuland Phantom, everyone!
07/Aug/10 1:27 AM
Kathy, actually, I am just a little left of center but I move left a lot more lately.
07/Aug/10 1:31 AM
awww... g'day, Mickey. You're just too gorgeous for words
07/Aug/10 1:52 AM
My wife's got a Mac, I've got a pc. But I used to be a Mac person. Both systems are good in different ways, but the pc's sure need more virus protection. I think the password issue is about the same on both, to protect yourself from ... ahem ... folks that want you to tell them your password, DOB and account #.
07/Aug/10 2:10 AM
Chicken washing instructions: Use two tubs or a double basin sink filled with warm water/body temp. Put some mild detergent - not a degreaser - into one tub. Hold the chicken as for showing in a competition with hand underneath, thighs secured between thumb and hand and pinky and hand and other More...
07/Aug/10 2:15 AM
Mickey is a King Charles Spaniel I believe. I have always wanted one, but I only get cats or dogs that are rescues or from the pound. So unless one comes into the pound, I guess I won't be getting one any time soon. Those truly are "puppy dog" eyes ... what a sweetie!
07/Aug/10 2:16 AM
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