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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hello page 3.
08/Jan/12 2:30 PM
I had a strange experience last Wednesday. I got up out of a chair and was struck rigid by a sustained spasm of severe pain. At the same time, something (a disk) in the low back moved from right to left. The pain seared down both legs. Since then my previous pain (in the right groin) seems to More...
08/Jan/12 2:33 PM
I hope an express train is NOT coming - of course
08/Jan/12 2:34 PM
Rayray - I certainly hope you get over the pain and discomfort quickly.
08/Jan/12 3:05 PM
Kathy(V) - I spend too much time on Sudoku as it is. Barbara would leave me if I joined FB.
08/Jan/12 3:26 PM
Ooooh yes, Karen. Smack me.

I think it's been a long, long day... my bedtime... good night all.
08/Jan/12 3:29 PM
You would enjoy it HalT.
Good night, sweet dreams.
08/Jan/12 3:45 PM
Good night people of the world.
08/Jan/12 3:45 PM
Rayray.... it sounds horrible. I hope you find the problem and solution soon. Nobody should have to live in pain.
08/Jan/12 4:15 PM
90 and feeling it.
08/Jan/12 9:25 PM
Home from work.
08/Jan/12 10:36 PM
Overworked again.
08/Jan/12 10:37 PM
And unfed.
08/Jan/12 10:37 PM
There was no time for a meal break.
08/Jan/12 10:37 PM
Oh well, will go and fix that now and then head to bed. Goodnight.
08/Jan/12 10:38 PM
time for me to hit the hay... I'm falling asleep at the computer ( gave up on the tough ) It was tough just keeping my eyes open.
Night all
08/Jan/12 11:43 PM
Rayray - that doesn't sound good at all. Hope you are taking steps to get mended.
08/Jan/12 11:59 PM
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