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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Also, prayers to Trevene and Judy. Some days are hard . . .
Donna(O): I told my daughter to stop being so bummed about things she couldn't control.Who knows, it may work out to where they will all show anyway.They had already prayed it would work out and everything is starting to fall in place. The devil is trying to get her eyes on the crashing waves and off the the peace God gives. I think she realized that before she left for work.
Thanks guys i do apreciate your concern and prayers. My son said to me that could have been him, because that is just where he worked and he left that job to do a photography course.(sigh) and yes i did tell him i loved him that was just too close to home
Awwwwwwwww! What a cutie-patootie!
4.37 getting faster
di, my Pioneer is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I've tried to learn to fiddle (on my daughter's discarded violin), but have not yet had the patience or time to scratch out anything recognizable. I am partial to Irish music. A few years ago I spent some time wandering around Ireland, soaking in More...
babies and puppies... keys to advertising. how about fat ugly people and dead kittens? joking. love the cheese.
to di, continued

music, and is one of the most gifted musicians I've encountered. She has several CD's out (QRP, I apologize for the apostrophe). Happiness to you, di, in making your music and sharing your talents with your students. I think music makes the world a better place.
Oops, I got so carried away with the rest of my reply to di that I didn't put my name...
3:53 -- ups and downs
just had to share

A Love Story
I will seek and find you...
I shall take you to bed and have my way with you...
I will make you ache, shake & sweat until you moan & groan.
I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.
I will exhaust you to the point that you will More...
hi ho, hi ho its off to home i go. Bye people
4:43 to betsy or jim:what's the mean of QRP? bonne journée
3:24. Trevene - as a parent it is totally unfathomable to think that our kids might die before us. My daughter had a 16 year old school friend who died last year, and it affected a whole community, not just his family. Love to you and your son. Cherish your kids, you just never know what the future will bring.
Dan S. I did pull the tape off about an hour after I painted. I had to eat lunch, I was starting to shake (I am diabetic). No problem with pulling off paint. I do have to say that I like the stripes very much. After the room is all finished, I will take a picture and submit it for all those who have helped me their suggestions.
Hoping that knowing people all around the world are caring and thinking of you in your sadness helps just a little.
Trevene-They say once you have children for the rest of your life your heart walks around outside your body. It is so scary when tragedy is close to home. Hug your son (I'll hug mine too when he gets home from school) and cherish the moments we have with them.

Catherine from France--I'm More...
Not I Betsy; she has no wrath for me. It is other, more delicate things that I fear.
Hugs to our children and spouses too. A girl was killed last year in a terrible car accident, just down the street. My daughter was so upset, it could have been her since she travels that road every day but stopped to buy gas after school on that particular day. Totally affected so many people and highschool kids especially...
7:18 my best time so far
- Girlie from Guyville... Obviously, you knew your apostrophe was erroneous. Removing it would have demanded less key strokes than your apology. Are you a sadist? Take one hour's detention.
- Betsy from Texas... My correct name is Queen Red Pen. Pencils are far too soft. Proper ink is required on this site.
Hi all. Trevene - great love story, lol. Is the wedding still on?
KRP... Indeed I have many great delicacies waiting for you.
Take great care in the Orient, dearest. It can be dangerous, they say. Full of bandits and bird flu.
When may we expect your return?
5:06,,what a cutie patootie...
AHA the orient express, a great place for a murder, yes? The great KRP is in danger...nyuck, nyuck, nyuck
Don't know if the wedding happened or not - too bollyd out to care! fiona, I'm happy to be tanned, but my drop bear cushion looks a bit sad. Hi Rosa, who knows? andre, hope you're safe and well somewhere - if Pete's managed to restrain himself. Trevene, fabulous joke - real lol :))) you obviously know my mind well
Dear QRP,

Please forgive my error. I am, as confessed, new here.

Your obedient servant.
Trevene love to you (ditto HH di and Yvette)stay strong xx
I shall take to the wing within this morn, my queen and return when the solstice of Mercury is in the eleventh hour (mmmm...21/11). I shall visit many farms and are wary of the dreaded avian influenza. I shall miss you dearly my queen but the thoughts of your delicacies shall sustain me.
....and I shall also have to watch out for the Fiendish Plotter. I fear it is Bucko who has it in for me....infamy...infamy....they all have it in for me. Check my joke in tough my queen. I was amused.
thanks Betsy.En français on pourrait dire : la reine du stylo rouge. Pencil is : crayon and fountain pen is : stylo.Is this name a recollection of school teacher? can I put an other question? Who is the King Red Pen ( le roi de la plume)has he the same function? merci pour les réponses.
catherine - KRP's functions are open to debate! He's QRP's lover, don't know how as his spelling and grammar leave much to be deisred - so he must have something we all don't know about! Allegedly they're getting married when he gets back from his travels - that is, if the rebels don't either ambush him or overthrow the palace in his absence...
oops - desired, before QRP sees!

I can not allow another to be blamed for my deeds. QRP, it was I (and not the innocent Girlie) that tempted fate with the use of an apostrophe accompanied by an apology. In my kingdom an apostrophe is accepted as follows: 'often forms plurals of letters, figures, .... Ex. You should dot your More...
Who is this wretched ape crying 'monkey'? You see Catherine, I have found favour with the queen as I have a very large and very thick red texta with which I can help my queen control her subjects. One swipe makes apostrophic errors quiver. I am also a bit of a larf. no wot I mean? I am from the antipodes, you know.
03.28 - but no cute baby!!

g'day all you drunks, straps and bowties!!

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