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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Anne
08/Dec/09 11:00 PM
Why do melons have fancy weddings?

Because they cantaloupe.
08/Dec/09 11:00 PM
ohhhh Rose - pushed the page over two times in a row - a very very special reward will have to be thought of for you !!
08/Dec/09 11:00 PM
Phew, thank goodness you didnt' weeeeee Rose!
08/Dec/09 11:01 PM
It is fun to be on top
08/Dec/09 11:03 PM
When does one know that melons have released trapped wind?
When there's a Galia (Gail 'ere)
08/Dec/09 11:04 PM
08/Dec/09 11:05 PM
Oh Ray, you have no idea what my first thoughts where! love it
08/Dec/09 11:07 PM
thinks I should refrain on thinking out aloud about Rayrays statement because the rope will definitely not be long enough to haul me back from the abyss it will send me into
08/Dec/09 11:10 PM
I know !!

08/Dec/09 11:10 PM
but it would be long enough to hang you Rose ! lol
08/Dec/09 11:11 PM
I can feel it tightening ...........
08/Dec/09 11:13 PM
It wasn't a statement - it was a joke !!!
08/Dec/09 11:14 PM
Rayray .....
08/Dec/09 11:15 PM
ooo was it put in the joke section ???????????
08/Dec/09 11:17 PM
your in trouble now rayray you failed to put it in the joke section !!!
08/Dec/09 11:20 PM
Hello Ladies!!
08/Dec/09 11:21 PM
so I guess it was a statement then .... .lmao
08/Dec/09 11:22 PM
08/Dec/09 11:24 PM
Whatever happened to that cow that was lifted into the air by the tornado.

Udder disaster!
08/Dec/09 11:24 PM
Bluey!!!!! ello sweetness :)
08/Dec/09 11:24 PM
woo hoo Hello Bluey xx
08/Dec/09 11:25 PM
Had a good trip home, but was too tired to even walk the dog, never alone chat with you girls. I need my beauty sleep!! Although from the racket you were making it is a wonder you didn't wake me!!
08/Dec/09 11:28 PM
Bluey - please don't take this personally - but I really need to go to bed !

I"m sooooooooooooooo tired.

08/Dec/09 11:29 PM
time for sleep for me and to stop thinking out aloud
be good
08/Dec/09 11:29 PM
Bluey sort of thought you would be exhausted so we made enough racket to make up for your absence .....
chat again soon
08/Dec/09 11:30 PM
I promise not to keep you awake Col!
08/Dec/09 11:31 PM
I'm only awake this late as I have been to Bridge and my head is full of numbers! Time for a nightcap, and then the rack!
08/Dec/09 11:33 PM
All comedy seems to have root in someone else's discomfort as the brunt of the humor. The fellow who slips and falls on the banana peel is in pain, but we all laugh.
Political correctness is to comfort the fallen with "I feel your pain."
But that's not very funny.
"Blurry bovine beats blurry house cat" 2 of 5
09/Dec/09 12:17 AM
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