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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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1:39 Good night one and all!

Lovely photo.
08/Dec/16 12:47 AM
Where on earth is everyone???
08/Dec/16 1:05 AM
Been busy working
08/Dec/16 1:56 AM
08/Dec/16 2:29 AM
G'morning all - sunny, crisp day! Enjoy what your day offers.
08/Dec/16 2:34 AM

The answers to yesterday's ppozle: bloody-buddy, rabbit-habit, tropic-topic, chilly-lily, witty-kitty (savvy tabby, neater cheetah), middle- fiddle, kitten's-mittens, brittle-skittle (frail nail), cattle-battle (cow pow), More...
08/Dec/16 2:41 AM
And for today....

Fill in the answers to the clues using the syllables at the top. All the syllables will be used, and used only once. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses.

08/Dec/16 2:42 AM
Hubby is doing the ''walk by the door and sigh'' thing. He wants to put up the Christmas tree. I think he wants me to help.
Bye for now!
08/Dec/16 2:44 AM
08/Dec/16 3:26 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
Oops! Didn't finish yesterday's poozle, and my answer for the last entry was 'dear career'
08/Dec/16 4:25 AM
Wow - a quick 1->9 puzzle today!
08/Dec/16 4:27 AM
I would have called that a Sandpiper, but comparing photos, guess not!
08/Dec/16 4:29 AM
Lest we forget (on this side of the date line at least) December 7th, 1941.
08/Dec/16 4:30 AM
Clever choice for 'ADORE CHORE', Aileen!
08/Dec/16 4:30 AM
Never Forget! ~ EVER!
08/Dec/16 4:53 AM
08/Dec/16 5:17 AM
The Pearl Harbor memorial is the most sobering and beautiful place I have ever been. I just read today that a soldier's ashes were spread there. He and his twin brother were serving on the Arizona and the brother was killed during the attack. His body was never recovered from the ship. They are together now.
08/Dec/16 5:28 AM
Had some motivation to go to my early-morning deep water water class as I got a pair of resistive training equipment from Australia yesterday - Love new things to play around with
08/Dec/16 5:40 AM
The Pearl Harbor Memorial is, indeed, a beautiful and somber place.
08/Dec/16 5:43 AM
Never forget.
08/Dec/16 5:43 AM
08/Dec/16 5:43 AM
08/Dec/16 5:43 AM
Morning all, love the bird photo.
An easy puzzle today that I was halfway through when I heard Bill rattling things in the laundry....by the time I got there he had soaker suds filling the washer, oh well the first load should be extra clean.
08/Dec/16 6:07 AM
The Piping Plover is the little bird that runs along the shoreline. They also nest in the sand on the beach, and are in constant danger of being crushed by vehicles that drive on the beach. This is the reason that they are endangered.
08/Dec/16 6:23 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
08/Dec/16 6:30 AM
08/Dec/16 8:19 AM
Finally! Christmas decorating is done! It was a bit of a challenge with having 4 extra family members staying with us while their house is getting painted and their wood floors getting refinished, but one grandson helped with the tree decorating and the other put my snowmen up. It was fun having More...
08/Dec/16 8:21 AM
I won't ever forget because my American born dad and relatives lost their constitutional rights and were incarcerated in concentration camps. Why just Japanese Americans? Why not the German Americans and Italian Americans? Their countries were at war with the US. Why? Because we looked different and there were greedy people wanting to steal the farms the JAs had.
08/Dec/16 8:22 AM
shosho ~ Germans were held also...


Dark days for all...........
08/Dec/16 8:57 AM
Why, for me, does one tuna-melt, for lunch, end up being two?
08/Dec/16 9:06 AM
Great shot of a bird. It seems very similar to the red capped dotterel which frequents our shores
08/Dec/16 9:50 AM
How dare I complain about tradesmen. The tiler and the fence guys were all here before 7am!! and after sorting out parking arrangements they are all working like trains.
08/Dec/16 1:02 PM
I'm glad it worked out well Lizzie. We've got a tradesman erecting a fence on Monday. Hopefully there won't be a problem with less likelihood of an unfinished job to complete as the weekend is available to complete any of those and we are the first of the day. I guess the weather and illness are the main possible problems remaining.
08/Dec/16 2:19 PM
Good evening
08/Dec/16 6:18 PM
No repairs or anything happening here. except Mr P is outside fixing up a bit of the irrigation system.
08/Dec/16 6:23 PM
I started typing the Christmas letter, but my shoulder is killing me so I'm taking a break from it and from here for a few hours. See you later.
08/Dec/16 6:26 PM
That was very easy 1-9 today
08/Dec/16 7:27 PM

An old lady went into a bar in Ibiza and saw a man with his feet propped upon a table. He had the biggest boots she'd ever seen.

The old woman asked the man if it's true what they say about men with big feet being well endowed.

The man grinned and said, 'Sure is, More...
08/Dec/16 10:05 PM
Good one Peter. Should I ask what sized shoes you wear?
08/Dec/16 10:48 PM
Cannot leave it here and go to bed!
08/Dec/16 10:48 PM
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