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Easy Sudoku for 8/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Wahoo - G'day folks! -Really? first??!
08/Mar/16 12:10 AM
Stone the flamin' crows. Its Keith. I swear.
08/Mar/16 12:22 AM
Good morning.
08/Mar/16 12:30 AM
Hello Joyce and BYOM.
08/Mar/16 12:31 AM
Where ys bin, BYOM?
08/Mar/16 12:32 AM
Haven't seen you for ages
08/Mar/16 12:32 AM
Lurking, I think.
08/Mar/16 12:33 AM
Haven't been actually, but saw that clip on FB and couldn't resist.
08/Mar/16 12:37 AM
08/Mar/16 12:59 AM
Good morning Joyce, Byom, CP and Halt Enjoy your day! Mind is beginning with snow! Love that kitten in the flower pot!
08/Mar/16 1:42 AM
Sorry for allusion to lurking BYOM. BYW, enjoyed the clip/
08/Mar/16 2:35 AM
Back to bed to try and catch some elusive zzz's.
08/Mar/16 2:36 AM
no sun for us today. We expect to be getting some today. We can really use it.
08/Mar/16 2:44 AM
Good morning to all! Someone's growing more kittens I see!
08/Mar/16 2:50 AM
Well BYOM. Long time no see. How's it going mate?
08/Mar/16 2:51 AM
Hip Hip Hooray - no need to leave your home to see, chat with, & smile at Harry! Bet your smile is exceedingly wide, too!
08/Mar/16 3:37 AM
Oh, Sue I'm hoping you know that was for you!
08/Mar/16 3:37 AM
BYOM - loved that clip - thanks & howdy, you've been missed!
08/Mar/16 3:39 AM
Good morning.
08/Mar/16 3:49 AM
I'll be running along now ...
08/Mar/16 3:49 AM
08/Mar/16 3:49 AM
08/Mar/16 3:49 AM
Good Maen, good people. I am breaking my sad, self imposed exile from Sudokuland for several reasons.

Firstly because I'm lonely and miss you all.
Secondly, because I had a hankering to play a sudoku puzzle.
Thirdly, because I want to distract myself - slightly - from very important but frustrating paperwork, and Sudokuland is a refuge of choice!
08/Mar/16 4:25 AM
I never was a thumb-sucker and one must find comfort where one can.
08/Mar/16 4:27 AM
Update: Burl's business start is growing well. Not to the point where we can draw an income yet, but rwe are investing in equipment and reputation-building in the field and SEO. Burl travels to Bali in June.

Little Plum, now taller than me and 'renamed' Skye, is still needing More...
08/Mar/16 4:36 AM
I am very out of practice with sudoku puzzles. Had to clear and restart the easy! OK. Gotta refocus on the paperwork.
08/Mar/16 4:38 AM
Well, my goodness! Welcome back, Plum! How very nice to see you posting!
08/Mar/16 5:02 AM
Check this out folks. A dummy still performs after ventriloquist walks off stage.


08/Mar/16 5:16 AM
Hi all - I'm also going to break my self-imposed exile (from posting, not the site) to welcome a fellow exilee back - great to see you posting Plum!
08/Mar/16 5:22 AM
I know this is in the 'TMI' category and I apologise in advance - I'm off to have yet another colonoscopy in around four hours. I'm sure there are a few out there who've had one (or more) so know what I've been through over the last 36 hours or so - not my favourite pastime. I can't wait for the feed they'll give me at around 10am!
08/Mar/16 5:24 AM
I didn't know you could plant cats.
08/Mar/16 5:31 AM
I'd grow a garden of kittens if I could! That guy looks like my Spike, fifteen years ago.
08/Mar/16 5:35 AM
I am doing the deed on Wednesday, Chris. Definitely NOT looking forward to tomorrow. Just a necessary evil.
Enjoy that first feed!
08/Mar/16 5:43 AM

1. porcelain: a stack of nuts (acorn pile)
2. stadium: an angry tuxedo (mad suit)
3. boomerang: an unruly crowd of citrus fruit (orange mob)
4. submarine: not a different bear (same bruin)
5. absolute: to misplace a musical More...
08/Mar/16 5:45 AM
Morning all,why is it when we see a yawn we also yawn. lol
08/Mar/16 6:11 AM
Good to see you back ,Plum.
08/Mar/16 6:14 AM
I'm having a hard time quickly finding a math puzzle I like. I give up. Try this instead.

What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat and 1/2 goat?

Answers to my ''those look like numbers to me'' inbox please.
08/Mar/16 6:26 AM
Nice to see some old faces again.
08/Mar/16 6:30 AM
Adorable kitten, in a flower pot. Grow well, and live long.
08/Mar/16 6:51 AM
Good morning. Nice to see Plum and Chris. Enjoy your feed at 10am Chris.
08/Mar/16 7:29 AM
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