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Easy Sudoku for 8/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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08/May/15 12:01 AM
HalT, and y'all who follow!
08/May/15 12:18 AM
I'll follow.
08/May/15 12:22 AM
Someone's all dressed up.
08/May/15 12:41 AM
Happy Thursday!
Who's the cutie pie?
08/May/15 1:49 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world........

Still got a long way to go Keith, dont think I will be much help tonight.
08/May/15 2:09 AM
It's funny how slow it gets when real life interferes!
08/May/15 2:49 AM
Wow - first six comments by different folks! It does seem to be a slow start.
08/May/15 2:54 AM
What an adorable baby today! I wonder who she belongs to?
08/May/15 3:33 AM
HalT or Lonewoof... guessing that today's pic on the 'Hard' puzzle was from one of y'all? Icy trees along a highway in SC.
08/May/15 3:48 AM

A dentist appointment this morning and a baseball game at 11:00, so I'm a little late......

The answer to yesterday's poozle: watermelon

The Melon-headed Crown goes to More...
08/May/15 4:05 AM
It's not mine, Silvergal.
08/May/15 5:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! Only a few comments. Has the site been unavailable for a while?
08/May/15 5:54 AM
No, I've been checking in off and on... just mega slow!
08/May/15 6:10 AM
1:37. Good morning all.
08/May/15 6:28 AM

A slow day here on Sudoku. Karen must be off doing other things...or still adjusting to Man being home at different times.
08/May/15 6:32 AM
I'll use up some time by thanking a few more folks:
Peter, yep, those bees are fun to watch.
Anne, you are too kind. She commented on every picture.
Jamie, too flat for falls in College Station. But you've got the Brazos.
08/May/15 6:45 AM
Morning all, that little one has a lot of hair.
Where is Karen when we need her.
08/May/15 6:46 AM
Off to Sydney again this weekend ,my baby sister is turning 55yrs and we are going to party.
08/May/15 6:49 AM
mAen all. slow day today.
08/May/15 7:03 AM
Well, after a very slow race....
08/May/15 7:19 AM
For Keith!
08/May/15 7:19 AM
Thank heavens the election will be over by tomorrow.
What a horrible campaign it has been!
Slagging off; abuse; throwing personal mud;
dirty tactics etc.
08/May/15 9:44 AM
My guess is that we shall end up with more of the same thing -
A conservative/liberal coalition.
That outcome could be much worse.
08/May/15 9:45 AM
[YAWN] 23...
08/May/15 10:01 AM
Yesterday Bathurst celebrated 200 years since the town was proclaimed, the first inland settlement in New South Wales ( & in Australlia). I missed out on the official stuff as I was at work in a neighbouring town.
But there is plenty happening around town over the rest of the week & the weekend! There is a website dedicated to the event - bathurst200.com.au if anyone is interested.
08/May/15 11:07 AM
Off to Charlotte tomorrow. Our oldest grandie graduates from college on Saturday. I will be here when I have time.

But for now...
08/May/15 12:20 PM
Also parting for a peaceful period of repose after polishing my Power Point production. G'night from SC....
08/May/15 1:10 PM
Wow so little posts. Been at the doctors today since hubby's biopsy showed aggressive cancer activity. We're having to decide which of the three options for treatment, surgery and two different radiation therapy. I've been on a roller coaster ride of emotions since last week.
08/May/15 2:18 PM

This one's for you Hal.....enjoy.

08/May/15 3:23 PM

I posted some photos yesterday but it seem that I wasted my time.
08/May/15 3:27 PM

But thanks to Anne and Silvergal who at least had a look.
08/May/15 3:28 PM
I would say a lot more people had a look and appreciated your photos ol' mate. Just not everybody feels compelled to comment.
08/May/15 5:40 PM
Shosho, did I miss earlier news about your hubs? I had no idea he had cancer. Prayers for successful treatment and the best possible care by doctors. In the absence of an unhappy icon... :-(
08/May/15 9:42 PM
Serena, I hope your absence in the later part of yesterday means something...!
08/May/15 9:53 PM
I, too, enjoyed your photos, Peter, though I didn't leave any comments. Ya done good.
08/May/15 11:20 PM
shosho, so sorry to hear the bad news. Difficult times ahead. You know we'll all be in your corner in spirit, sending good thoughts and hoping for the best.
08/May/15 11:22 PM
Love, prayers, and strength to you and your family, Shosho.
08/May/15 11:26 PM
I, too, enjoyed your photos, Peter. Thanks so much for posting them. You live in a very beautiful place!
08/May/15 11:27 PM
I can't believe we didn't fill the first page. Well, I'll fix that!
08/May/15 11:58 PM
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