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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Jan/11 12:00 AM

Hello World.
09/Jan/11 12:00 AM
1:45. I haven't been to Luna park for a long, long time. We may need to do it soon before the boys get too old for it to not be "cool".
09/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Hello, Chris & G-h!
09/Jan/11 12:10 AM
09/Jan/11 12:12 AM
Ah here come the Michiganers. I was beginning to worry.
09/Jan/11 12:14 AM
Hello & goodbye!
We're visiting son & DIL in Indiana today. Got to get on the road.
09/Jan/11 12:18 AM
Have a safe trip Shiela. I'm off to Gosford today.
09/Jan/11 12:22 AM
Hello and Good-bye from me too. Off to shuttle honey to the airport so I can actually have a car to use and then a series of nieces & nephews b-ball games. This is much too early on a Saturday to be up and around. But Chris is back in the #1 spot, so a good start for the day!
09/Jan/11 12:27 AM
Navy Pier in Chicago would be this picture's counterpoint
09/Jan/11 12:28 AM
Good Maen from snowy (yep, it's snowing again) North Carolina. Glad I filled the bird feeders yesterday so the critters can find some food.
09/Jan/11 12:33 AM
Good maeN all - just on my way to bed.
This little sweetie in my avatar, Madeline, is 10 today. She was about 5 when that picture was taken. Happy Birthday Madeline xxxx My how you've grown.
09/Jan/11 12:33 AM
Chris, we did a history tour of Luna Park a couple of years ago with Probus. Very interesting. Even had a ride on the Ferris wheel!
09/Jan/11 12:39 AM
Here is a link to the Queensland floods for those who missed it earlier in the week.

09/Jan/11 12:41 AM
Many Many years since I have been to Luna Park. Probably never go again as the Grandies live on the Gold Coast.
09/Jan/11 12:42 AM
Well the grand children have been dropped back to their parents and all were happy to see each other. They survived a week with Nanny and Poppy and we survived them(only just)
09/Jan/11 12:48 AM
Good Maen friends!
Shannon is right...Chris is back on top and all is right with the world!
Happy Birthday to sweet Madeline, Cyn!
09/Jan/11 12:49 AM
Aaaahhhhh - now to rest a spell, huh GH?
09/Jan/11 12:50 AM
I am staying with my sister at Palm Beach then mum and I are heading down to Gosford tomorrow for the funeral so I will be scarce for a couple of days.
09/Jan/11 12:50 AM
Yes VV then the rest spell before we head off to Adelaide later in the month.
09/Jan/11 12:52 AM
09/Jan/11 12:52 AM
09/Jan/11 12:53 AM
09/Jan/11 12:53 AM
You are up very early Vici.
09/Jan/11 12:54 AM
Love your "22" GH! Yep, up to feed the cats. Can't let them get too restless!
09/Jan/11 12:59 AM
Hello all
09/Jan/11 1:00 AM
Thanks Vici,No 1 son loves everything Japenese and added it to my smilies for me. Been waiting to use it since new Years. Yes we have three of our own who treat us as support staff.
09/Jan/11 1:06 AM
Maen GannieMo. How is France today?
09/Jan/11 1:07 AM
Hardly a fair-dinkum Oz face at that park.
More a Balinese face I would say.
09/Jan/11 1:11 AM
Good afternoon all.
The weather here is chilly and we have had some heavy rain during the past 48 hours.
There is snow forecast - mainly for the North - perhaps for here too.
My cellar is much better than it was - good planning - good execution - good friends.
09/Jan/11 1:14 AM
It is what I would call a miserable day; Drizzley-mizzley, chilly but not freezing and with a cold wind that cuts through any amount of clothes. We have those pale grey clouds that look rather like the forerunners of snow.
Time to light the fire, put on my Snuggie, and find an old movie on the TV.
I can do this as Steve is off to a friends house to watch Rugby.
09/Jan/11 1:20 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

This looks like fun!
09/Jan/11 1:26 AM
09/Jan/11 1:30 AM
Good Night World

09/Jan/11 1:37 AM
What, Grasshopper ... let me say 'Hi' before you go to bed: 'Hi' and goodnight!
09/Jan/11 1:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. Computer's running well today, so I may get to do all four puzzles!
09/Jan/11 1:39 AM
Hi Plum.
Sorry I have to go but i have a big one tomorrow.
09/Jan/11 1:41 AM
maen all Y'all...
Here it is - sorry to have kept ya waiting...

09/Jan/11 1:48 AM
Well now - G-H has new number smileys. (What else didja get for Christmas?)
09/Jan/11 1:49 AM
one & A pounce
09/Jan/11 1:50 AM
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