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Easy Sudoku for 9/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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I think Molly's adorable too!
Wonderful fall day here. I'm still nursing Holmes, our oldest cat, through his pancreatitis, a round-the-clock vigil; hoping he'll be back to his old self in time for his 15th birthday at the end of the month.
09/Oct/09 5:55 AM
His 'soccer mom' cousin - Minny Van Gogh
His happy, bouncy cousin - Po Gogh
His calm, 'no worries' cousin - Letit Gogh
09/Oct/09 5:55 AM
Vincent had a taste for tropical fruit, so he went to the docks to find his sailor cousin, Car Gogh.
He couldn't find Car Gogh anywhere, no matter how he dashed from one whorf to another.
Car Gogh, however, saw Vincent running here and there and knew what Vincent wanted, so he yelled from a nearby quay "Look at that man, Gogh!"
09/Oct/09 5:55 AM
Colo Jim - I can't make out the cartoon caption on the avatar ... what is it?
09/Oct/09 5:58 AM
Vincent also had a pacifist cousin named Don't Want To Gogh.
One relative was a felon named Do Not Pass Gogh and he ended up in jail.
09/Oct/09 6:01 AM
Kathy - love the Minny Van Gogh. lol
His 3rd cousin, the personal trainer: Gittup N. Gogh
Wow. I'd love to Gogh to this reunion!
09/Oct/09 6:06 AM
His flighty grandma, the social butterfly: Gotta Gogh.
(and so do I ... I'll check back)
09/Oct/09 6:08 AM
(Thanks, Greg. I can carry a smile to my next task.)
09/Oct/09 6:09 AM
Vincent was enthralled listening to his drummer cousin, Ring Gogh.
He loved looking at photos taken by his bird watching cousin, Flamin Gogh.
He learned to speak well from his language teacher cousin, Lynn Gogh.

Geez! stop me!!!
09/Oct/09 6:09 AM
Cathy - I don't want to ignore your bittersweet post. I'm sure Holmes appreciates everything you're doing for him. 15 is an honorable age for a cat with a dignified name, hope he celebrates it with at least a smidgeon of feline fun.
09/Oct/09 6:14 AM
1:41 Hi to all. Thank you very much for the birthday wishes for tomorrow. Much appreciated x

Thought for the Day:

Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength.

(I think I have used that before but I like it).

09/Oct/09 6:15 AM
You ladies have livened up the site from one post! Wonderful, and thank you! Now like his Grandma, I Gotta Gogh. Cheers!
09/Oct/09 6:16 AM
And lastly (for me)!
Vincent loved his lively little puppy - Bing Gogh
He wanted to adopt an Aussie doggie - Ding Gogh
His dancing queen cousin, Fandan Gogh, was the life of the party.
His cousin, Lum Bay Gogh, was a real pain.

09/Oct/09 6:24 AM
Was standing at the sink with my hands in wash water and had to come back.
Did you know that Matthew Broderick is a direct descendant of Vincent's brother (the inventor), who, incidently, married his 3rd cousin Holly Gogh Lightly?
Within the family they call him ...

Gogh Gadget Gogh.
09/Oct/09 6:27 AM
One last post... someone is turning 50 tomorrow, but don't tell anyone that you heard it from me please.
09/Oct/09 6:32 AM
I have posted a couple of photos in my gallery. A couple showing the kitchen progress and shortly, one of the grape harvest and a couple of the 'guardians' of this house.
09/Oct/09 6:37 AM
Kathy, the dancing queen had a twin named Tan Gogh.
Greg - is your last post your Thought for Today?
09/Oct/09 6:39 AM
Mo - très chic
09/Oct/09 6:44 AM
Great kitchen, Mo!
Are those your grapes being harvested?
09/Oct/09 7:41 AM
Unfortunately only the ones I managed to eat before the machine arrived.
Thank you all for the nice comments about the kitchen. It is just a pity that the water and waste are not yet connected nor is the gas or electrics behind appliances. One day............
09/Oct/09 8:11 AM
To those of you who have shared my concern about the fate of my 'surrogate family' in Padang (see photos on My Page), I have the good news that they are all fit and well, and their home was not damaged. However there has been quite a lot of damage to their village on the edge of Padang, and many of More...
09/Oct/09 9:00 AM
Fantastic news, Rayray - I know you have been very worried.
09/Oct/09 9:41 AM
2.28 Excellent news Rayray. You must be very relieved to hear from your friends.
09/Oct/09 9:45 AM
Good morning all - glad I didn't wait up for the race to 22.
Happy Birthday to André for tomorrow.
Good news Rayray, about your Padang friends.
Loved all the gogh's - thanks Greg, Plum and Kathy - I tried to contribute but ended up wondering where did my brain gogh.
09/Oct/09 10:01 AM
We were talking about people sharing birthdays earlier in the week. Yesterday was one of my friends birthday and when I went to the hairdressers last night it was her birthday as well - 2 years different in age though.
09/Oct/09 10:19 AM
About share birthdays, when I was in England eight years ago I met up with my cousin's ex-BIL and his wife and my cousin had thought his birthday was the same day as mine. Well, it was, and we were the same age, almost to the minute. About 5 minutes before midnight on a Black Friday.
The only person I know who shares the same day and age.
09/Oct/09 11:04 AM
my son was born on april 11, the same day as my father's and also my husband's Dad - also that day was the day set on the first ultrasound that I had
09/Oct/09 11:21 AM
though it was raining - not bad, but lite - we enjoyed the day (free day) at the Brookfield Zoo, they have a dinosaur exhibit - and since the weather was not the greatest for "little ones" we enjoyed the park almost to ourselves.
09/Oct/09 11:23 AM
sorry to brag -- but a 202 bowling game comes once in a blue moon for me....
09/Oct/09 11:24 AM
I think I bowled so well, cause, my thumb made me think more on my form - to avoid hurting it.
09/Oct/09 11:25 AM
congrats Mary

good morning everyone :)
09/Oct/09 11:28 AM
my son just came home - said a studentat his high school passed away from flu like illness, just 14 years old, according to the web story - she may of had a heart condition also - This flu season will be bad for young ones -- take care everyone - wash your hands.
09/Oct/09 11:31 AM
mymare, It breaks my heart to hear of a child losing their life for any reason. I hope your son is ok with dealing with this.
09/Oct/09 11:47 AM
John Lennon.
09/Oct/09 11:50 AM
Plum - Thought it'd be too small, but it's raining hard, and two dinosaurs on the top of a hill are looking at Noah's Ark floating away... And the caption is "Oh, Crap. Was that today?"
09/Oct/09 1:04 PM
He was one of twins. Gogh & May Gogh.
09/Oct/09 1:20 PM
They were a pair of theiving knickers, and became known as the Running-Goghs
09/Oct/09 1:27 PM
09/Oct/09 1:28 PM
Martha - nice to see you about, did you enjoy your birthday?
Colo Jim - love it!!
Mymare - how sad about the 14yo, and I second what Tami said.
09/Oct/09 2:02 PM
Why am I suddenly having to log in every time I use the computer at work whereas my own laptop at home can still remember me?
09/Oct/09 2:48 PM
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