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Easy Sudoku for 9/October/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
09/Oct/17 12:23 AM
I wasn't expecting a new page because I'm in not in my usual time zone. No wonder I'm so awake!
09/Oct/17 12:24 AM
Hi, Plum! Happy Sunday, y'all!
09/Oct/17 12:25 AM
Hi, Aileen. Wombat, you asked where I am. I am in south central Illinois, about 5 or 6 hours from home accompanying Burl on a business trip. I had a nice long swim this morning in a heated indoor salt water pool. I want one. I'm now eating a hot breakfast someone else cooked. Yesterday evening I had an excellent lobster quesadilla followed by flan.
09/Oct/17 12:30 AM
This is all extremely unusual for his business trips, as in, the evening we arrived I went to Walmart and got a small salad for supper.
09/Oct/17 12:32 AM
The retreat center where Burl taught yesterday sits right along the Illinois Central railroad route where the famous train 'The City of New Orleans' travels. That's just my favorite song ever.
09/Oct/17 12:37 AM
09/Oct/17 12:58 AM
Hi Nick from Toronto. I beat you for once - 28.17! Malcolm from England/Sicily
09/Oct/17 12:58 AM
Good morning, Plum, Aileen, Hal, & Malcolm; cheers to all who make a later arrival!
09/Oct/17 2:26 AM
everybody. I had more problems with Easy than with Medium today! Were the puzzles interchanged?! Probably just a personal problem. LOL
09/Oct/17 2:34 AM
Goodness but the landscape in central Illinois is open and flat! I'm not used to seeing so far nor with seeing so much sky. Interesting layers of morning clouds have burned off leaving a bright sunny sky.
09/Oct/17 2:54 AM
Woohoo! 1:29!
09/Oct/17 3:11 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
09/Oct/17 3:12 AM
09/Oct/17 3:44 AM
Just returned yesterday from Germany and Austria. All sunny days except one day in Innsbruck, Austria.
09/Oct/17 3:53 AM
Everybody. Sorry Wombat I've missed a few, I hope I'll get weekend one done tonight.
09/Oct/17 3:53 AM
Got to see the cows come down from the mountains. If all the cows from each farm returns, they decorate the lead cow with wreaths, flowers & ribbons and parade through the village. It's an event I've always wanted to see and I was overjoyed that it happened while we were there this time.
09/Oct/17 3:56 AM
They also had seven Alphorns playing before the cow parade. What an amazing sound!
09/Oct/17 4:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Wet and windy off and on again here in Ottawa.
09/Oct/17 4:19 AM
One of my wounds that is still being treated has developed an infection. Back on antibiotics after a visit to hospital emergency.
09/Oct/17 4:22 AM
That sure is one craggy rock face!
09/Oct/17 4:45 AM
Hope that infection is all healed, Greg. Also hope that all is well from here on in!
09/Oct/17 4:48 AM
First time here today ... just after the nick of time.
09/Oct/17 5:46 AM
Morning all, I love seeing these craggy rocks. Thanks Joan.
09/Oct/17 6:00 AM
Oh Greg! What rotten news. Thinking of you! 🤞
09/Oct/17 6:05 AM
Greg,hope the antibiotic works quickly.
09/Oct/17 6:11 AM
Interesting rock formation, nice colour! Lovely photo
09/Oct/17 6:19 AM
Here's one last Monday poozle.


I’m going to try a different style of poozle this time, although it is still a word poozle.
All of the two word answers begin with a place name and the second word is frequently paired with the first in a slang More...
09/Oct/17 10:21 AM
Wombat - I just woke up after falling asleep in front of the TV and realized I haven't sent you 1&4 answers. Go ahead and post and I won't peek. I'll do the poozle tomorrow and send you answers before logging in. It's been a long, eventful weekend and I'm heading to bed.
09/Oct/17 12:01 PM
1:29. Good afternoon everyone.
09/Oct/17 12:48 PM
Wombat's new poozle is great fun - give it a try!!
09/Oct/17 3:01 PM
I got the kayak wet today...possible for the last time this year. I also drove over Cordova pass. It was a 1932 WPA project. In some places, was convinced that they hadn't worked on the road since then! I will try to see if I can remember how to upload photos.
09/Oct/17 3:27 PM
I was supposed to do laundry. I have one more pair of clean underwear...and they are using the 'S' word for tomorrow. Those leaves may not be there Tuesday.
09/Oct/17 3:29 PM
The answers I expected for Saturday's poozle are as follows. I put an A in column E when it should have been AH and UE when it should have been UEE. Never the less Four of the Regular Core worked it out. They are Sarah, Judy, Joyce and Amelia, and a couple more are intending to submit. The More...
09/Oct/17 4:08 PM
Apologies, there are a couple of errors in the poozle I posted earlier today so I'll repost with corrections.

I’m going to try a different style of poozle this time, although it is still a word poozle.
All of the two word answers begin with a place name and More...
09/Oct/17 4:14 PM
Completed Wombat's short puzzle. That was fun. Thanks Wombat. Now off to bed.
09/Oct/17 11:36 PM
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