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Easy Sudoku for 9/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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09/Mar/16 7:48 AM
Thanks for all the good wishes yesterday everyone! You're probably in the preparation phase right about now Kathy - good luck! And good luck for a couple of weeks' time CG!
09/Mar/16 7:51 AM
Ah, I was too busy typing and CG snuck in ahead of me!
09/Mar/16 7:51 AM
...and I'm not even going to mention Hal's contribution to yesterday's conversation!
09/Mar/16 7:52 AM
Although I guess I just did.
09/Mar/16 7:52 AM
I guess I may as well get a CP while I'm here. I should also mention it's my 31st wedding anniversary today - I've taken the day off work and we're going out for a special lunch (for those who know Canberra, we're going to the fancy restaurant at the Arboretum.)
09/Mar/16 7:54 AM
Nice choice of restaurant, Chris.
09/Mar/16 8:37 AM
for you and Mrs Chris on your anniversary.
09/Mar/16 8:38 AM
Good morning all. Still in Melbourne and having a great time. Went to Daylesford and Ballarat yesterday. Stinking hot at 39*c. In Ballarat the fences of all the Catholic Churches and schools are covered in coloured ribbons in solidarity with child abuse survivors. Very moving to see.
09/Mar/16 8:59 AM
Off to a winery for lunch and the Queen Victoria night market for Sudoku meet ups.
09/Mar/16 9:01 AM
Happy Anniversary for you Chris and your wife. Enjoy your lunch.
Nice trip for you and Jane around Ballarat and Daylesford Sacky.
It is going to be warm here today. 32*c is warm for this time of the year.
09/Mar/16 9:27 AM
Congrats on your 31st, Chris. May you and your bride have as many as B. and I have enjoyed.

As for your 'procedure', at least that's behind you.
09/Mar/16 11:54 AM
I always hate arriving so late - by the time I've read all the comments, I've forgotten what I wanted to ask, giggle about, extend wishes to... let's see........
09/Mar/16 1:18 PM
Nice to see you, Plum & I love little plum's new moniker!
09/Mar/16 1:24 PM
Nice to have you chatting a bit, Chris - next time select a subject which doesn't play into Hal & his puns!
09/Mar/16 1:26 PM
Oh - & Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. Chris!
09/Mar/16 1:30 PM
Keith, I like your Sudoku-philosophy! One of these days I should try it & just cancel those other insignificant things I waste my time on......
09/Mar/16 1:35 PM
Puns are the lowest form of humor... and quite often, the most humorous.

Night all.
09/Mar/16 2:41 PM
...and they get better Hal!
09/Mar/16 4:03 PM
The lunch was lovely, and the view across Canberra magnificent. We even found a Japanese tea set in the gift shop that we couldn't do without, it fits very nicely in our Asian-themed dining room (before anyone points out the obvious, it's our only dining room - it just happens to be Asian-themed!)
09/Mar/16 4:09 PM
I'm with you Hal, in fact I have a t-shirt given to me by my wife a couple of Christmases ago that has a danger sign on the front with the words 'May pun without warning' under it. Whenever I wear it out somewhere I inevitably get a few smiles.
09/Mar/16 4:12 PM
Happy Anniversary Chris and your bride, pleased you had a lovely day.
Must admit I had a giggle at Hal's puns.
09/Mar/16 6:25 PM
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