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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Up & Over?
09/Jul/11 10:10 AM
Hmmm. Cheap Thrill.
09/Jul/11 10:12 AM
I think Maggie and I should go for a walk.
09/Jul/11 10:13 AM
Morning Everyone
09/Jul/11 10:41 AM
1:58 Good morning one and all1
I hope you all have a lovely and enjoyable weekend.
09/Jul/11 10:42 AM
Morning Anne, how did Johnathan go in the Footy last night?
09/Jul/11 10:43 AM
and a good morning to you, Rolanda.
09/Jul/11 10:44 AM
Yum...just enjoyed a tomatoe sandwich. One of my Summertime favorites. Fresh bread, tomatoe straight out of the garden and Hellman's mayo. Yep, if I did not have to share the tomatoes, I would have another sandwich.
09/Jul/11 10:45 AM
I haven't heard yet, and probably won't until they get home because his Dad's mobile 'phone wasn't working last night. Amanda rang the coach's wife to see if they had even arrived okay.
09/Jul/11 10:46 AM
1:44 this morning. Hi everyone.
09/Jul/11 10:46 AM
It would have been freezing out on the oval..
09/Jul/11 10:47 AM
Yes, I can imagine, which probably didn't do his asthma any good.
09/Jul/11 10:55 AM
Must away! See you later.
09/Jul/11 11:01 AM
Heidi, she is responding. She is resisting having a needle stuck in her and 10cc of fluid injected subq. She is also trying to drink on her own, and I am encouraging her to nurse.
09/Jul/11 11:03 AM
My hometown is doing a blast from the past return to your youth unofficial FB event tonight...we are crusin' Main! If everyone shows up, there will be at least 250 cars.
09/Jul/11 11:04 AM
I have reached my download limit (or rather my son has) and all is sooooo slooow. Beyond frustrating so I think I shall not bother until reset in 2 days. Otherwise I might do something I regret, like put my fist through the screen. Cheers to all.
09/Jul/11 11:11 AM

Old lady 88yrs who had lived in our town for 87 of those years passed away recently. At the funeral three old biddies were overheard to comment "you know she wasn't born here" MEOW
09/Jul/11 11:19 AM
That sounds just like our county, Grass-hopper.
09/Jul/11 11:44 AM
Frost has gone, and left us with a lovely sunny day.
09/Jul/11 11:52 AM
And a temperature of 10.7ºC.
09/Jul/11 11:53 AM
That's 52ºF.
09/Jul/11 11:54 AM
Better than the 7.1ºC/45ºF high of yesterday.
09/Jul/11 11:56 AM
And no wind today. It's a truly gorgeous day.
09/Jul/11 11:57 AM
Karen, are you sure you are a Texan? I thought all true southerners used Miracle Whip. I got introduced to Hellmann's - Best Foods out west, by my MIL.
09/Jul/11 12:59 PM
Going to my nieces tomorrow, Olivia is having a bowling party for her birthday that should be a noisy good time. Olivia will be 6 on Monday.
09/Jul/11 1:04 PM
Sarah Beth, hope Smokey is better soon.
09/Jul/11 1:07 PM
Seems everyone is either playing or sleeping. I really need to try and get some rest for the big day tomorrow.
09/Jul/11 1:09 PM
Sue, my family gives me a hard time for being a Hellman's fan. Miracle Whip is fine, but it seem to have a twang to me. Is that a Texas word?
09/Jul/11 1:22 PM
The small town stories are familar to me. I went to the city today. 40 miles one way, by the way. I saw a T-shirt a while back. It said.. The thing about living in a small town is, if you don't know what you are doing someone else does. I would like to have one of those T-shirts. I also enjoyed the Aussie version of the letter home. G'night.
09/Jul/11 1:26 PM
karen, one could turn that around and say that compared to Miracle Whip mayo is just bland.
09/Jul/11 1:38 PM
Duane Eddy's guitar had a "twang".
09/Jul/11 1:39 PM
09/Jul/11 1:41 PM
Well just about finished packing my suitcase. I am soooo "thrilled" to be visiting Hades!?! Actually I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to survive the weather!
09/Jul/11 2:17 PM
Will be flying airlines. I'm thinking that will be the de rigueur!
09/Jul/11 2:20 PM
Goodnight world!
09/Jul/11 2:22 PM
09/Jul/11 2:22 PM
I can one-up the mayonnaise discussion! I am such a condiment freak that I usually have 3 open containers of mayo (all the low fat varieties) in the fridge: miracle whip for when I want sweet, hellman's for when I want savory and regular mayo for when I want the mayo to stay in the background.
09/Jul/11 2:54 PM
I have about 4-5 bottles of various flavored mustards and 4-5 bottles of bbq and steak sauce. Two flavors of jams or marmalades at any one time, plus both creamy and crunchy peanut butters. Three different soy sauces, five different vinegars, three different oils ... uh, I think I'd better stop.
09/Jul/11 2:58 PM
I once had a comic strip cut out and taped to the front of the fridge because it was so accurate. The Mr. of the strip was standing and staring into an open fridge while the Mrs. directed him, saying: "The food is on the middle shelf."

Well, yeah. The condiments go on the top More...
09/Jul/11 3:02 PM
This is a lot of work. I don't care for this much work.
No problem, I will take care of it.
09/Jul/11 3:03 PM
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