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Easy Sudoku for 9/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Jul/12 3:02 AM
Will Karen wash the car or mop the dog? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of 'Life With Karen,' the never-ending story of an east-Texas housewife/mother of two/ever-lovin' wife of a beer hauler.
This episode of 'Life With Karen' was brought to you by Mother Jones' Emporium and Beauty Shop in More...
09/Jul/12 3:02 AM
I dood it! Now to run before Karen finds out!
09/Jul/12 3:02 AM
SHOSHO!!!! You wheed on me.
09/Jul/12 3:02 AM
Hey HalT! I could get to appreciate the melodrama around here when you present it!
09/Jul/12 3:04 AM
And so turns the world. Another revolution and you could wheed again!!!
Now I'm really going to run!!!
09/Jul/12 3:05 AM
As soon as I can get back up again!
09/Jul/12 3:06 AM
Federer wins it!
09/Jul/12 3:16 AM
Hehehe, you funny people.
Shosho, there is nothing like dancing in the rain. Never understood the saying 'Come in out of the rain.' Or something like that. Summertime rains are scarce, but they feel so good and very much appreciated. The next day, like to today, is icky, sticky and steamy.
09/Jul/12 3:18 AM
Uh...HalT, really hate to correct anyone, but I am in Central Texas. I am actually, the heart of Texas.
Well, for now I am.
09/Jul/12 3:19 AM
Hot and steamy here, too, so off to the ocean I go for my daily dip!
09/Jul/12 3:21 AM
Any correct guesses yet, Jane? Please note, I did not post my guesses below the picture today.
09/Jul/12 3:25 AM
Heidi, I guess my guess is right, tho I might be wrong about that.
09/Jul/12 3:28 AM
Ya got me Karen. I meant to say Temple, not Tyler. However, IMNSHO, anyplace in Texas east of I-35 is in east Texas.
09/Jul/12 3:32 AM
I thought, Tyler, was up and over there, pretty country site and Temple is down and in that direction.
You know, I really get confused once I leave my drive-way.
09/Jul/12 3:40 AM
Stinkin HOT here today...and to continue through the week - UGH!
Late getting here because I couldn't break away from the Wimbleton Championship. I love Roger and so happy for his win, but I would love to see Andy win it in the near future. The place would go wild.
09/Jul/12 3:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! Luna Park, alright. Anyone up for a roller-coaster ride?
09/Jul/12 3:52 AM
Yep, Tyler is east of Dallas, 'bout half-way between Big D and Louisiana. That's way-east Texas.
Temple is between Waco and Austin and still kinda-east Texas.
09/Jul/12 3:52 AM
Didn't get to visit the park when I was in Sydney, but hope to next time around.
09/Jul/12 3:52 AM
Over 100° again today, and it's only 2PM.
09/Jul/12 3:53 AM
Yes, I'm disappointed that Andy Murray didn't win too Vici. Well done for Federer, but the whole match changed when they had to close the roof. Too bad.
09/Jul/12 3:55 AM
On a brighter note, their was a Canadian sweep in the junior finals, with Eugenie Bouchard winning the Women's Junior final and Filip Peliwo defeating world number one ranked Luke Saville from Australia in the Men's Junior final. Kudos to both of you. A first for Canada!
09/Jul/12 3:59 AM
their = there
09/Jul/12 4:00 AM
Wow, HalT, your post had me looking at my thing-a-ma-gig that says how hot it is, it is only 88 degrees, at 1 in the afternoon. But like I said, earlier, it is steamy. Sticky steamy.
09/Jul/12 4:02 AM
Anne (and Ian), I quite enjoyed The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel film last night. I recommend everyone to see it if they have the opportunity.
09/Jul/12 4:03 AM
Vici, how could you be so hot so far up north of me??? Aren't you suppose to be cooler? We're barely getting to 70° here and it isn't noon yet.
09/Jul/12 4:38 AM
09/Jul/12 4:47 AM
It's so dry here that I just had to feed 6 rolls of hay to the cows. I hate having to dig into my winter hay supply already. Normally, I don't start feeding it until late November.
09/Jul/12 4:50 AM
Come on, Cold Front!!!
09/Jul/12 4:52 AM
We have cooled off to 98°.
09/Jul/12 5:06 AM
We're the same temperature that you are, Kathy.
09/Jul/12 5:24 AM
it's 90° here now, but the rain just started, so it should cool down soon.
09/Jul/12 5:34 AM
I agree, Greg. I saw 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' last weekend. Really enjoyed it! It was a rare movie that showed that it was okay to be older and even if older (contrary to popular myths), older people are still alive and adapting. I noticed that, interestingly, the movie did not try to downplay their wrinkles!

09/Jul/12 5:54 AM
I should be 'gone' more often! I got the best time on today's puzzle that I've had in a long time!
09/Jul/12 6:09 AM
Although fun, fun, fun, I am recovering from 'grandparenting! Had the two older grandsons (ages 6 & 3) overnight without parents for several days, then the grand-twins, and then my nephew & his wife for two days. Whew! It'll be like I'm on vacation this week!
09/Jul/12 6:14 AM
Quick good morning.
09/Jul/12 7:04 AM
My car is going for a makeover.
09/Jul/12 7:04 AM
So I had to be up early to take Mr P to work, leaving my car at the beauticians on the way.
09/Jul/12 7:05 AM
No I didn't crash it!
09/Jul/12 7:05 AM
It's just got a few scratches etc.
09/Jul/12 7:06 AM
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