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Hard Sudoku for 8/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I did not time this puzzle. I just solved it. Logic is not a function of time. If you complete the puzzle in 3 minutes, and I complete it in 15 minutes, can you conclude that you are more logical. That would be illogical.

And, again, in a Zen sense, we have been working on this puzzle More...
11:22... Love the joke Anne!!

Gonna buy my husband new boots AND a HAT!!!
Welcome Barbara from London, There seems to be more people from Ontario on this site, I live between Windsor and Chatham. It took me a while to catch on but now i am hooked. I have a hand held one that I use when I cant sit at the computer. You will catch on and be addicted just like the rest of us. I hope you enjoy the site. Great jokes fine people, see you all later.
Barbara and Sheri - Thanks for the response. Yes, I do use possibilities but seem to reach a point where none of the choices can be definitively eliminated. You answered my questions, however, when you said it can be worked without guessing. Apparently I'm missing something and am not surprised More...
I have never seen a picture of the Sydney Opera House before, so I was glad someone said what it was! It does look like a funky ship , or maybe part of Seaworld! A cool building. Andre, your fact made my brain hurt, but I did indeed read it without any problem. So much for being an English major...will I ever be able to proofread again?
14:36 A bit slow, keep up the great jokes everyone.
Question ..
What do people think of the global vote on the new seven wonders of the world? (Of which the Opera House is one)
Link at http://www.new7wonders.com/
I have been made aware of a scandal that has brewed. It is unfortunate queen that you have duped in this beat up by a lowly and dispicable minion in one going by the name of Mo. She is the true and only wretch in this sordid tale. What was quite innocent has been transformed into sludge much in the More...
Mo shall get her just rewards in the manner of Judas. I have instructed my finest body of kniggets to ride before dawn and capture her. She shall be ravished, beaten, ravished, hung and ravished. I know that is a lot of ravishment but my men like that bit. They do not get out much you see. Once More...
Andre & uh uh uh - I keep trying to convince myself that doing these puzzles will help with my numerical dyslexia, letters have never beena problem...til now
I have composed a short poem entitled 'The German Guns' : Boom boom boom......Boom boom boom.....Boom boom boom...(and this last line is the one I like)...Boom boom boom. So, no pencils up the nose and underpants on the head like they btreid in the Sudan...with luck I will be in Passchendaele More...
9:23 Slow today, but not really hard. The SOH! I used to live just across the harbour.
Anne, Very funny!! G'maEn all.
what's happened to the picture gallery? easy and medium are ok, but hard has only the one pic, and tough only 4!
Beth -- It's correct that 'hard' can be worked without 'guessing' (really testing a string; usually necessary on 'tough'). Look at the suggestions under 'a solver'. Biggest help: if 2 spaces in same set have only same 2 poss., remove those poss from rest of set. Same for triples. Notice if a num can only be in one row or col in a square. Still all logic... Do lots!
Under 4 min today. Getting better, but I've been practicing a lot. I'm using a program that gives 'hints', which has helped me learn to spot 'triples' 'x-wing' etc quickly. It is so addictive.
Cythina B from Louisiana:

'Hints' from a program...

Please share with the class.
FU old mole
Surely you require that your ladies in waiting be able to spell......
Is calling someone a coward using an alias cowardly? Discuss
9:16 I would never want to move from melbourne but sydney sure has some beautiful harbour views!!!!
interesting point Jim. I would argue that it is very cowardly to say that using an alias. Shows no ticker at all. White feathers by post. Gutless. anyway 14.35 for me, slowly getting better.
Deb, loved the joke! Encore!
Hello Bill,
Are you from Albany West Australia?
7.29 not too bad
have a great day/night one and all
one of the worlds great buildings
Hard is hard, but I got there eventually. Forgot to set the timer of courrrrse>.........
No guesses, just simple eliminations but lots of fun. A couple of triplets. 8.11'
leidig is so genna win the swimming carnival- karvel sux! xox
I would like to change my 'FROM' in the sign-in to 'San Diego' as when I filed it I just put my last name in the box out of habit
13/Apr/10 8:48 AM
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