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Tough Sudoku for 1/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I wonder... Will we get the full picture tomorrow?
01/Oct/08 12:05 AM
[messed up the clock, about 10-12 minutes] Another great statue picture!
01/Oct/08 12:22 AM
I still question the political correctness of honoring an event which contributed to robbing so many native Americans of their homes and lives.
01/Oct/08 12:30 AM
Nice close up Sue
01/Oct/08 12:57 AM
Have a wonderful day/night,everyone.
01/Oct/08 1:10 AM
01/Oct/08 2:55 AM
maen all! boy,these toughs are tough without printing them out and doodling. heidi, many amerinds still won't use $20 bills because jackson's pic is on them. he actually overruled congress to start the trail of tears.
01/Oct/08 3:47 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is this an edit of your other photo showing the full statue Sue? Wonderful job if it is!
01/Oct/08 3:53 AM
It was Jackson's successor, Martin Van Buren who actually began the forced removal. Despicable time in American history
01/Oct/08 4:37 AM
I don't think there has ever been a friendly invasion! Is there any nation that doesn't have displacement of natives as a sad part of their history? I know that it happened in Australia, England, Africa. It is still happening.....
01/Oct/08 7:37 AM
A path to solve this one
Start at 22 filed, basic techniques UP28.Note: pair (57)af8,
1) (9)f1=(9-hp14)f56=(1)f79-(1=6)e9-(6)g9=(6)g6-(6)c6=(6)c1-(6)d1=(6)d3-(1)d3=(1)d2 => c1,d23<>9. Note: c1<>9 at (6)c1, d3<>9 at (6)d3
2) More...
01/Oct/08 1:33 PM
Australians of Aboriginal descent and others call Australia Day (the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet) Invasion Day. With good reason.
01/Oct/08 6:39 PM
1. UP at e6, d9, e3, c 8, b1.
2. Let h1=7. Then d2=7, d3=1, c 1= 5, a3=6, c 6=6, g9=6, e7=6, d1=6, f1=9, d4=9. This leaves no 9 in left middle block. So h1<>7, but g2=7. UP=28.
Further UPs at i2, g8, a7, i8, h8. Total UP=33.
3. Let a3=6. Then c 6=6, g9=6, e7=6, d1=6, f6=9, f5=4, More...
01/Oct/08 8:40 PM
Another path:
1)Start at 22,basic techniques to UP=28
3 )(2=4)i4-(4=6)i6-(6)i7=(6-2)g9=(2)h9,=>h5<>2.UP=41
4)(37=1)d14-(1)g4=(1-6)g6=(6)g9-(6=1)e9 ,=>e4<>1.UP=61
02/Oct/08 12:58 AM
Hi sotir,
Nice path, but I think that: (...1)e9-(12=37)e45 is INVALID, because (37)e45 => empty at d5...
I think your step 2 should write :
=> c6<>6
02/Oct/08 2:34 AM
Please correct the wording in my step 4: instead of 'This leaves no space for 1 in right middle block', the sentence should read 'This contradicts the two possibilities of 1 and 2 at e4'. There is no error in the proof given in step 4 except for the clarified wording.
02/Oct/08 3:10 AM
Hi ttt,
Thanks for your help and you suggestion.
BTW:Congratulation for your "elegant solutions" of weekly extreme puzzles.Please let me know where to learn about "Kraken solving technique".
Best Regards.
02/Oct/08 4:20 AM
Hi sotir,
I answered the question on your page.
02/Oct/08 12:37 PM

09/Sep/10 12:33 AM
another possibility: UP=28
1.(9)c6=f6-(14')f56=(1)f79-(1=6)e9-g9=g6 => c6<>6, UP=40
2.(7=14)cb7-(4)b9=h9-(2=469)h79i7-(246)i46h5=(37)dh5-(3)b5=(39')b24 => b24<>4,h5<>2,b45<>7 UP=47
3.(7)a6=a4-(379)bde4=XW(1)be49-b5=(1-4)f5=f6 => a6<>4,e4<>1 UP=81
07/Jan/11 5:45 AM
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