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Tough Sudoku for 11/February/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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What a beautifully serene scene!
11/Feb/10 12:09 AM
Oh how pretty and so Green!
11/Feb/10 12:24 AM
This is so peaceful. Was this taken in June 2009 or did our June take it in 2009????
11/Feb/10 12:40 AM
Must be pretty when it's lit at night.
11/Feb/10 12:45 AM
Solved pretty easily.
11/Feb/10 1:02 AM
1. Note pairs 18 at d8/f7;58 at ch1;19 at df1.Unique possibilities to 25.
2. If b9=3,g9=4,a9=6,a8=2=h7,a5=9=b2=g7,c8=5,c1=8;row 3 is devoid of 8.So b9=4.UPs to 81.
11/Feb/10 1:06 AM
Forgot to type "=h3" after g7 in step 2.
11/Feb/10 1:11 AM
No one does tranquil and soothing like the Japanese ...
11/Feb/10 1:14 AM
Any one up for a walk?
11/Feb/10 3:11 AM
Very nice picture! Have a nice day / night all!! /
11/Feb/10 3:15 AM
13:15 Maen! Not too tough today... and a gorgeous garden is the reward!
11/Feb/10 3:22 AM
maen all! boy, they sure spiffed up that p.o.w. camp...notice the no koi fishin' sign...not terribly hard but hard none the less!
11/Feb/10 3:26 AM
Very tranquil. #1 son and his girlfriend will be going to Japan in June/July to visit her family. It's his first O/S trip. He is busy learning Japanese.
11/Feb/10 9:45 AM
Easiest tough I've done for some time.
11/Feb/10 11:58 AM
11/Feb/10 12:01 PM
This picture is a tonic for anyone in the US mid-Atlantic region right now. The current phase of the blizzard was forecast to end at 10 pm tonight, but high winds are still banging on my windows at 2:00 am. Along with schools and local and federal governments, shopping malls are closed. Driving More...
11/Feb/10 6:52 PM
1) Basic techniques to UP=26.
2) (7=4)d3-d5=b5-(4=3)b9-(3)def9=(3-2)e7=(2-9)h7=(9)g7-(9)=(67)eg3=>c3<>7, UP=81
11/Feb/10 8:05 PM
A lovely serene scene.
11/Feb/10 9:32 PM
12/Feb/10 4:54 AM

10/Sep/10 10:57 AM
1.SST to UP25
2.(5)a8=c8-(5=8)c1-c3=(8-9)h3=(9-2)h7=hi8 > -2a8 UP81
16/Feb/11 11:51 AM
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