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Tough Sudoku for 13/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Rather see a Rainbow Lorikeet! Or a Cardinal. Or a Gold Finch. Or a Flamingo. Or a Eastern Bluebird. Or a... you know... not that this bird isn't the sweetest bird that ever walked the earth or flew in the air, but... COLOR! I need COLOR!!!!
(Does that mean I'm being shallow today?)
13/May/08 12:16 AM
13/May/08 1:13 AM
Hi Shiela,

I like : Meg Ryan & Tom H… on S…
13/May/08 1:27 AM
16:42 Maen! Nice closeup!
13/May/08 1:34 AM
Maen all. No time, but no mistakes either. Did good today.
13/May/08 2:04 AM
Shiela, don't worry. It's Monday. It'll wear off.
13/May/08 2:16 AM
Maybe if it was shot in Black & White Shiela would like it better.
13/May/08 3:54 AM
Quite simple. 22.
13/May/08 4:06 AM
Good afternoon to all! Listen bird, don't talk back and don't give me any crap!
13/May/08 5:20 AM
25:05 to you all.
13/May/08 8:03 AM
It's not pigeon-toed!
13/May/08 8:10 AM
I would like to see a few coloured birds too. Our usual flocks seem to have left for the warmer areas. Can't blame them really. My toes are cold & I'm thinking longingly of summer already!!!
13/May/08 9:38 AM
Forget the pigeon, I did this as a sudoku and learned that "All moves correct so far." does not apply to possibilities!
13/May/08 11:11 AM
maen. 14.34
13/May/08 1:09 PM
13/May/08 3:47 PM
9.55 Coo coo
13/May/08 4:21 PM
1) Start 23, basic techniques to UP=30
(note np: ab3=68,gi2=68,b37=68,dh3=34)

2)Coloring (6):ac8=b7-b3=a3,=>a46<>6. UP=31

14/May/08 1:09 AM
Maen Sotir,
Your second step starts with (6):ac8=b7 but 8 is still a possibility in c9 so this is not a valid strong link.
14/May/08 4:26 PM
A short path:
A short path:
1) Start 23, basic techniques to UP=30
(note pairs: ab3=68,gi2=68,b37=68,dh3=34,ae9=17)

2)(6)c6=(6)c8-(6=8)b7-(8=5)c9-(5=2)c1 => c6<>2

3)(8)e8=(8-2)e6=(2)h6-(2)h8=(2)g8 => g8<>8.UP=81
14/May/08 5:22 PM
Hi Jeff,

There is a misunderstanding.The second step
is for 6s,not for 8s.
Your second step also is excellent.
Best regards.
15/May/08 1:24 AM
Wow, I completely misread that step even though it clearly says 6 twice! Keep up the great work!

I really appreciate the proofs that everyone posts, for many of the toughs they are the only way that I get the solution. I refuse to guess but I only have limited amounts of time to spend here.
15/May/08 1:38 PM

These guys are speaking an unusual language. For somebody with dyslexia like me.... DUH.

I really like pigeons and this one is a very unusual color.

20/May/08 2:44 PM

08/Sep/10 9:29 PM
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