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Tough Sudoku for 19/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Beautiful garden or memorial! Where is it?
I especially like the shaped trees.
19/Feb/13 12:10 AM
I thought it was some sort of memorial garden, too, Shiela.
19/Feb/13 12:24 AM
1. Note g19=34.Unique possibilities to 41.
2. Whether e7=68,c7=86=a4;e4=1.UP46.
3. If g8=9=d2,g5=6=b2=d3=e6=f8,d6=7;79 have no place in Box E8.So g8=6.UP81.
19/Feb/13 1:50 AM
Poignant photo--yes, where?
19/Feb/13 2:49 AM
I think I recognize this picture. It may have been taken at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.
19/Feb/13 3:07 AM
I just Googled and took the online tour of the Biltmore, Glen and I didn't see anything like that.
19/Feb/13 3:27 AM
Now I got an advertisement for the Biltmore on this page. Talk about fast ID theft!
19/Feb/13 3:29 AM
I just deleted my browsing history and that ad disappeared!
19/Feb/13 3:31 AM
Like Alfred's
#1. LS and LC; UP41
#2. Chain[2+2] : EmptyRectangle : 6,8 :e7=c7-c456=a4 :=> e4=1,ac4=6;UP45;i12=5;UP46

Solving column g and the strong digit 9 ...
#3. Chain[7] : (6=9)g8-9d8=9d2-9b2=(9-8)b1=*WWings[(6=8)e7-8e1=*8f1-(8=6)d3.f5] -> 6g8=6e7=6d3 and 6g8=6e7=6f5 :=> -6df8; UP81
19/Feb/13 3:47 AM
I think it's Wagdy's - Andalusian Gardens Cairo.
Just googled it & Wagdy's photo is there!
19/Feb/13 8:31 AM
28 (34)g19=>g1<>7
42 e9=1=>h9=9=>{c4=9=>h4=1=>h2=5=>c9=5&h8=8=>i9=6=>i6=5=>c6=8=>(c7=6&e4=8)}= >e7={}=>e9<>1
43 i6=5=>{g6=6&h2=5=>h4=1=>c5=1=>c6=8=>(c7=6=>&e4=8)}=>e7={}=>i6<>5
44 More...
19/Feb/13 10:25 AM
Or, more likely, someone submitted the photo from that website.
19/Feb/13 10:45 AM
0. Standard techniques UP 41
1. Double kite 6,8 (6)e7=c7-a89=a4 and (8)e7=c7-a89=a4 =>e4=1 UP 46
2. Kraken column (6)e679 => d6<>8
3. Kraken row (6)dei6 => c4<>6 =>UP 81
19/Feb/13 10:50 AM
If you go here to Wagdy's Flickr page you'll see the same photo only larger. Wagdy took a lot of photos, so I doubt he needs to use other peoples. The woman could have taken her own photo (it is possible for people to take the More...
19/Feb/13 3:41 PM
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