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Tough Sudoku for 2/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First again? The whole world must be asleep!
02/Mar/14 12:49 AM
oh, and fabulous perspective of fascinating construction....
02/Mar/14 12:51 AM
1. Unique possibilities to 27.
2. Whether g2=8;OR c2=8=h7;h3=35.
3. Whether a9=6;OR b7=6=g2,c2=8=a9;a8=4.UP81.
02/Mar/14 1:20 AM
SE=7.1 UP to 27
1)continuous loop:(6=7)b7-b2=(6-8)g2=(8)c2=(7=8)c7 => g2<>13,c9<>78, a89,c8,f7<>7,b1<>6,c1<>8 UP=30
2)8 skyscraper:ch7-cg2 => g9,h3<>8 Up=81
02/Mar/14 1:56 AM
It would be interesting to know how old this is and when and why it was abandoned.
02/Mar/14 3:04 AM
02/Mar/14 7:00 AM
A brief respite from work...
SE 7.1
#1 SSTS to UP27 w turbot (8)h7=c7-c7=g7 => g9<>8.
#2 (4)a8=(4-8)a9=a13-c2=(8-6)g2=g1-a1=a9 => a9<>4; UP81.
02/Mar/14 7:09 AM
Path to P6104 (posted by kobold on February 25)
Standard techniques UP 30
1. SS (3)b6=i6-i89=h9 =>b9<>3
2. Kraken row (4)abdfi6 =>SIS 4b346=4eh9 More...
02/Mar/14 8:22 AM
How was it accessed? Or have the trees grown in and around it, obscuring the access point?
02/Mar/14 1:08 PM
(28) 4?@a9=>a1=6=>[g2=6&a3=8=>dg1=8]=>a9<>4
(30) 3?@a9=>a1=6=>[g2=6&a3=8=>dg1=8]=>a9<>3
(31) 1?@b4=>b3=2=>b2=3=>g2=6=>c2=8=>[a3=7&c7=7=>b7=6]=>b1={}=>b4<>1
(33) More...
06/Mar/14 6:00 PM
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