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Tough Sudoku for 23/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Sue - beautiful colors! was that birdie giving you the bird???
23/Aug/08 12:45 AM
Funny, Vici.
23/Aug/08 12:48 AM
Have a terrific weekend, everyone!
23/Aug/08 12:52 AM
7:44 well I suppose I wouldn't be too happy if someone was taking pictures of me cleaning my feet either!
23/Aug/08 1:13 AM
Another beautiful picture from Sue ~ thank you! Yes, have a great weekend!
23/Aug/08 1:17 AM
Nice close up Sue!!!
23/Aug/08 1:32 AM
Pretty bird! Pretty birrrrd!
23/Aug/08 1:36 AM
Or picking my teeth (except birds don't have teeth, just rough hard tongues).
23/Aug/08 1:56 AM
what beautiful colors!!
23/Aug/08 5:57 AM
Must be quite a bird park that park!
23/Aug/08 9:04 AM
UPs: b8=4,f2=4,b6=2.Pairs 78 at ab5;pairs 89 at h6,i4.A forced chain starting with b4=9 leads to a contradiction,hence b4=5,a6=9,h6=8,i4=9,c6=1,c4=4,d6=4,h7=3, f6=5,h8=9,d7=9.If h3=6,e5=6,a2=6 and no 6 in top left box, hence h3=7.Pairs 16 at ae8 and 25 at di8.Whether d8= 2 or 5, h9=4, and the rest are unique possibilities.
23/Aug/08 10:53 AM
23/Aug/08 12:23 PM
1)Start at 22,=>UP=25
23/Aug/08 3:41 PM
22:11, too slow for what was an easier-than-normal tough. all.
23/Aug/08 4:16 PM
25/Aug/08 7:52 AM

08/Sep/10 10:25 PM
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