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Tough Sudoku for 24/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Cute little pointy heads on those birds!
24/Jan/11 12:07 AM
Love these guys' spiked "do"s!
24/Jan/11 1:11 AM

24/Jan/11 2:04 AM
These look so much like our mourning doves ... but with mohawks!
24/Jan/11 3:26 AM
(8=7)b8-b9=i9-(7=8)i5-a5=a13 > -8b12, STTE (FSF(6) etc.)
24/Jan/11 3:45 AM
Hmm. clearly I must have missed a fish or two somewhere as I played basically the same opening move as Kobold!
However I had fun with a big 69 ADP ..

#0 SSTS, x-wing(3) ; UP33

#1 m-wing(78) extended ; (8=7)b7- b9=i9 - i5=(7-8)a5=c6 => c7<>8 ; UP45

#2 grouped More...
24/Jan/11 5:00 AM
-I may have erred on STTE peterj (not fully awake)
24/Jan/11 5:09 AM
UK extreme this week

(2)b5=(28')b1a2-(7)a2=a4-h4=h5 > -2h5, UP34
(1)f6=i6-(1=67)h45-(36=1)dh9 > -1f9, UP81
24/Jan/11 5:13 AM
there seemed to be cascade of finned swordfish after first chain FSF(6)bdi149 fin=i6 > -6gh4; then FSF(6)dgi269 or something... will recheck
24/Jan/11 5:20 AM
My progress was slow as molasses. One chain took me to UP 43, but from that point on I needed several chains each eliminating only one or two candidates. No way I could (or would want to) reproduce that solution as a proof here. Tip my hat to those who did better.
24/Jan/11 6:53 AM
Does everyone but me get the hard and tough puzzles on the first shot? I have to try harder I guess. I usually have to check my moves on these.
24/Jan/11 7:28 AM
nice solution peterj.
24/Jan/11 8:38 AM
I wish I could get some of these. They're so unusual. But no birds can be exported from Australia.
24/Jan/11 9:05 AM
For those who don't follow Eureka:
1. Note ai5=78;e6/f4=23.Unique possibilities to 33.
2. Whether b8=8;OR b8=7,h8=6=i6,c6=8;c7=3.UP45.Note bd1=69.
3. If i6=6=g2=h8,c6=8;The 69 deadly pattern at b14/c4/d19/e5/f59 cannot be resolved.So i6=8.UP81.
24/Jan/11 11:52 AM
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