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Tough Sudoku for 27/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Sorry Everyone for today's troubles. Guess the Grinch got me while I was on holidays :(

Thanks to everyone who sent in an email.

4:21- not many comments 2 day, lol.
Phew! Thanks Gath! I'm afraid a few of us were about to go into withdrawl...appreciate this site even more now that I know how much I rely on it **hee hee** Happy holidays!
better late than never! thanks Gath!
i won an xbox
too easy, ginza
HI ERIC, how did you win that xbox?
Had much trouble with this one.
You are forgiven, Gath, you too deserve some holidays!
Starting with 24 filled. a5=b2=h8=7 d8=8
chain 48/89/59 in row 6/Bh5 c6=3 c5=8 e3=8
chain 15/12/25 in row 4, a2=8 remove 2 in Bh2.
pair 14 in row 3/Bh2 e6=7 f6=1 f8=5 e8=4 a8=1 a4=5 c4=2 b4=1 b1=2 a1=4 c7=5
pair 69 in row a f1=3 h3=2 a3=3 a7=9 d5=3 d1=5 e1=1 e5=5
Whatever you choose in f5 (4 or 6) leads to f7=7 d3=7
Whatever you choose in g4 (4 or 6) leads to g2=3
Whatever you choose in i5 (4 or 6) leads to i2= 9
Then easy to the end.
For those who are asking for a tough one, go to the archive and look for the august 7th.
4:21 ?
all you need now is someone to believe it :)
Got some practice in with archive tough till this one was available
have a lovely night/morning etc.
Hi, Merry Xmas and best wishes to everyone ! Big thanks to Gath who manages this site working even in these holidays times. Today's puzzle is same as dec 12th up to minor changes.
A fc proof for whoever cares :
around 23 filled
(b7=8)==(b9=8) forbids {c7=8, a7=8, a8=8, c8=8}
(h3=2)==(h1=2) forbids {i3=2, g3=2, g2=2, i2=2}
around 46 filled
(c1=6)==(c1=9)--(h1=9)==(h1=6) forbids {d1=6, e1=6, f1=6}
around 51 More...
hi all
did puzzle. not mentioning time
ap from india. u r a regular. can u tell me indian
time at what time daily puzzle is changed? i always
seem to be late
Just over ten minutes, maybe I am getting better!
found puzzle and solved it tues 8 am ontario time
new puzzle s should be up anytime
Era interessante, mas acabou
baly- remove 2 from Bh2?
what logic is that? thanks
excuse moi, valy. desolee
To Vance lee:
Sorry, 'remove 2 from Bh2' is a sum up for 'the 2 of the row x is only in the block Byz, so you can remove the other 2 of the block'.
hi sweta.its ist between 06:30 to 07:00p.m.it varies.havent noticed the exact time.btw which part of india you are from?
No Timer
it took me some time!
30:15 No guesses, no hints
Mar. 13, 2007.
13/Mar/07 3:42 PM
32 mts.
12/Sep/07 4:46 AM

05/Sep/10 8:18 AM
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