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Easy Sudoku for 1/October/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen!

Happy October, to those who are on the fast side of the world.

Call your Congressman, to the US folks.
01/Oct/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
01/Oct/13 12:00 AM
Good morning!
01/Oct/13 12:00 AM
The weather hasn't decided... / Well, whatever, we need a bit of rain...
01/Oct/13 12:01 AM
It's a good thing my boy's didn't see this picture. It'd start the whole I want a dirt bike, I want a four wheeler conversation all over again.
01/Oct/13 12:03 AM

In honor of apple season at my house.

A shop sells apples at $1 each. Each of these apples are wrapped in a special wrapper. You can trade 3 of these wrappers for 1 apple.
If you have $15, how many apples can you get altogether?

Answers to my ‘’Granny Smith’’ inbox please.
01/Oct/13 12:05 AM
Good morning to all! I made yesterday's puzzle a little bit devious for Mr Cee's birthday, as several of his early iterations when he introduced us to them were just as devious. Answers next.
01/Oct/13 12:07 AM
Last one this week answers:

1. ranks and rank
2. mummy and Mumm
3. oily and oil
4. stash and Stas
5. mighty and might
6. boozer and booze*
7. Palma and Palm
8. Rage and age**
9. Wendy and wend
10. golf and GOL
* boozer is an Aussie term for a pub
** Rage More...
01/Oct/13 12:09 AM
Should I point out that 8 is a beheader and not a curtail?
01/Oct/13 12:13 AM
Greg - I didn't send in my answers, but I had fun (and frustration) trying!
01/Oct/13 12:19 AM
Good morning people of the world.
01/Oct/13 12:19 AM
Blasphemy Day
01/Oct/13 12:21 AM
Grass-Hopper, to answer your question from the last page yesterday, no it is not hot chocolate. I believe I am trying my best to make up for the almost 4 years without coffee, as soon as possible, I start the day out with coffee, I end my day with coffee and I dream of coffee in between.
01/Oct/13 12:23 AM
Sorry Serena. I never noticed it until you said something. Like I said.... MY BAD!
01/Oct/13 12:30 AM
Just as well...desecrating a beach and wasting a non-renewable resource.
01/Oct/13 1:11 AM
01/Oct/13 1:25 AM
If we went more towards people power vehicles we'd do less damage to the environment, don't have the speed and really who'd ride a bicycle on the sand??? Plus we wouldn't use any fossil fuel! I think all buildings and houses should be equipped with a treadmill or a stationary bicycle attached to a converter (using all that movement to generate electricity)
01/Oct/13 1:54 AM
Can you imagine thinner people due to all the exercise they'd do to watch the television? Maybe not on the computer although I think I saw a picture on a person on a treadmill with a computer attached to the top part.
01/Oct/13 1:55 AM

All of the last 16 Presidents, from Theodore Roosevelt in 1900, to Barack Obama, have had dogs at the White House.

01/Oct/13 2:07 AM
Oooh, Daplap, that last post of yours reminds me of Kayo! I do miss her daily daffinitions!
01/Oct/13 2:16 AM

I think we all miss her.

01/Oct/13 2:29 AM
Thanks for the interesting factoid, Daplap.

It's still summer in Kentucky. I'm in a sleeveless top, shorts and sandals, and am about to turn the A/C on. I'm looking forward to weather that's cool enough to let me wear a tee shirt.
01/Oct/13 2:38 AM
Between the waves and the wind, the tracks will disappear. But I guess horse and dog crap are OK. They could be doing something 'constructive' like spraying graffiti.
01/Oct/13 2:54 AM
85 plus / minus
01/Oct/13 2:59 AM
DevilOrAngel, periodically the local beaches around close because of bacteria and whatnot. One of the biggest factors is pet feces.
01/Oct/13 3:19 AM
insert ''here'' between 'around' and 'close'.
01/Oct/13 3:20 AM
I know, Serena. I thought about that after I clicked 'Submit', but decided to get off my 'soapbox'. Once in a while the 'angel side' does prevail.
01/Oct/13 4:34 AM
Happy Monday!
CG: It didn't occur to me to check Google for Stephen King novels written under his other name...
oh, well, better luck next time!
Thanks for the challenge, though.
01/Oct/13 4:37 AM
01/Oct/13 4:41 AM
I think it's time for US citizens to demand that if Congress lets the government shut down, they don't get paid while it is shut down.
01/Oct/13 4:46 AM
And they don't get back-pay when it's fixed!!!
01/Oct/13 4:47 AM
AMEN! Brother Hal.
01/Oct/13 5:05 AM
Where's Jerry?
01/Oct/13 5:05 AM
Yeah, where IS Jerry? I haven't seen him on the site for at least a couple of months.
01/Oct/13 5:10 AM
Good morning everyone. It does seem the US government is in a somewhat precarious position! How is it that your country can be held to ransom like this?
01/Oct/13 6:56 AM
After about 3 hours, spread over the day, on the phone, my iPad problems have been resolved! Yay!
01/Oct/13 6:58 AM
I'll now be able to post freely again! I never realised how much of a blessing remembered passwords are.
01/Oct/13 7:01 AM
I also would hate to see the US government shutdown, and I can't believe the people supposedly leading professionally and progressively for a better future would let this happen. A shutdown will affect not only
US citizens but also the whole world.
01/Oct/13 7:14 AM
Sacky, what was and how was your IPad problem solved?
01/Oct/13 7:15 AM
Morning all,no matter where people go to enjoy themselves there will be someone that doesn't like it.
01/Oct/13 7:15 AM
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