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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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forgot to add my joke. A child is choking having swallowed a coin, but no-one can get it out. While waiting for the ambulance, a man gets up, gives the child an almighty squeeze and out pops the coin. All were amazed, but the man explains, 'That was easy. I work for the ATO (read IRS American friends).'
glad to hear most everyone is having good weather for halloween. Loved the puzzle.I will keep playing. liked the cat joke, too.
I solved it in 6:16, not as good as a lot of you, but I just wanted to pretend that I could brag!
This is fun!!!
I did really well and my time was 2:60! Anyone think they can beat that? well tell me if you can beat it!
4:25. Happy Halloween. It's beautiful here, temp in the 60's. Kids are really excited about trick or treating tonight.
2:50 hi all happy monday / tuesday..... looking forward to trick n treaters tonight!
Hi all, Trevene how are you?
Lily you made me laugh :) guts!
Bill lol particularly the brackets bit :)
jh i did jury service a couple of years ago, horrible but fascinating meeting others and listening to other people's opinions as well. Now I am exempt for 5 years!
wow geoff from D......... you sounded a little upset in yesterdays post not like you...... couldnt find what you were ticked at.......... hope today is better for you!
Happy Halloween North Americans! Just an excuse for people (not just kids) to 'play dress-up' and eat lots of stuff that's bad for us!
JO form japan i can beat it, you did'nt say we acutally have to beat it, you just said tell you is we think we can beat it. I firmily believe i can ( in reality i can't ) but i can say so any way heh heh
My son has been spiderman for two year now but this morning decided me wanted to be Sherk. Lucky CVS had one in his size for only $10. No scary costumes yet he's only 4 years only.
Congradulations John! Yeah CA.

Love the baby dog.
6:24 although it felt faster.

it's supposed to rain here today, but be clear tonight, i think. i thought i heard thunder a couple hours ago, but no rain yet.
Trevene From Trinidad you have to beat me before you can say you can beat the time!!! so go on try it!
5.28 -slow as! Its the night duty brain.
As an aussie I've just never got the whole halloween idea. What's the point of it? Does it have some significance?
Happy Halloween. Hope everyone is well in the Sudoku world. we are spending Halloween with our granddaughters (7 & 1 1/2) I am not a big fan of halloween but do love to see the little ones in costumes having fun.
Got it done in 5 mins .. my baby doll came in lost track boo hoo
I'm very fond of french jokes but I didnt understand the joke about the french cats 'un deux trois'.
un deux trois sank? I don't speak an enough good english to understand the 'jeu de mot' :)
The Joke

What is the difference between Lady Di and a Mosquito?

The Side of the windshield.
super, I love it !
Hi all! jo from japan, you have to read others' comments before posting! many of them already beat you. anyway, i had i done within 2:43.
even i'm in canada, i don't celebrate halloween; but i do like to buy multi-chocolates packages that are on sell only on halloween. =)
Bill, a punchline is rarely funny without the joke. This time is no exception.
The Halloween Holiday has been around since before Jesus Christ and has evolved over the years to what American's (mostly) celebrate today. For more info 'Google' 'Meaning of Halloween'. Everyone can enjoy throwing a party and lots of candy! :)
5.08 :( Happy Halloween all.
Hello all, I know you've all missed me dreadfully, but I'm back. Yes, I survived the long weekend with the inlaws and am alive and well! (However, having got only 3.39, maybe not...) Went back a few days to read the comments (good grief there were a lot!). Yes, I've read everything by George R R More...
Hi Rosa i am a lover of books also however they are too expensive so i have to depend on the local library which stocks a pityful array. I like Harlod Corbin
Susan ingham am a designer,for many years up until had gruff and hormone now as kids get older help my 'sudoku' out occasionlly (designer: bars, restaurants, clubs etc) and work with my bro setting up networks etc. Have to work all hours doing networks so very little sleep do about 16/17 hours a day non stop over week or so but good fun.
Got off jury duty early; they didn't need me today. I need to call in tonight to see about tomorrow. k(brissie): thanks for noticing my absence. I spent the weekend visiting my elderly mother. No internet at her place! Susan: Good ATO joke!
Un deux trois quatre cinq. A native English speaker would probably pronounce it like - un deux trois cats sank.
What...no picture today?
5:50! A record for me.
3:37 (not the same John that's first today) :)
2:20 Now I have to get back to work.
5:58! my best time so far. nice... but i need more practice! how do you guys do it so fast?!
You sound like a busy lass andre, don't think I could cope with so little sleep.

Did you hear about the woman whose husband ran off with the neighbour?

She still misses the neighbour...
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