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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Just popped in again for a few minutes... gotta keep up with the comments! Bill from Woolwich: how many languages do you speak? English, French, Dutch, ?,?,?
Just over 5mins todo puzzle. 15 mins to read comments - not sure which I enjoy most.
Is there a mathematical proof to find whether or not a single puzzle has a solution? Is there a formula for finding missing numbers..... it seems as though it should be possible to derive a formula but my old tattered brain does not seem up to it.
Bill, I got your French joke. But then my Father-in-law is from Paris. Sooooo many comments yesterday! Finally got to the puzzle. Happy H. tonight, got the candy ready.
Betty (Boston) - check out at the top of the page, the link to 'Proofs' or check out gb's sandbox (probably referenced in tough comments)
Hey all where is that Kerira today??
Betty (Boston): check out gb's sandbox at http://brunogreco.free.fr/bazar/sudoku/ gb is from France and has a passion for providing 'proofs' of the tough puzzles.
I think we probably scared Kerira away.
elsie: yeah, you're really not missing much!!

to all: Well, I got that part time grocery store job for my supplemental income! Thanks to you all for the best wishes. NOW, I need a full time day job to pay the bills. Feel free to send more best wishes my way!!!!! :) hehe
4:42, getting better. Love the pick. Have a great day everyone!
She was weird
Yep...Kerira was a little bit left of Saturn. Oh Mandy.......will you send me away without caring. I don't like ducks - they go quack.
mornin/noon/evenin' all!!!
am finally awake and at work... well have had my morning hit of coffee now onto my fix of sudoku...
hi amber, andre, ted s, k(brissie), hh, susan(i), all regulars...
Happy Birthday Matt!!!! I love you
You should come to my house tonight Barry...no ducky things there.
Thanks Joelle...I love you too! Who are you?
Hi a-one and all waking etc am just off to bed so can't stop but have a lovely morning and a fix of sudoku.
Hope nal florida is ok noticed hasn't been on the site since Wilma, and Max Der Alte hi if your reading. night night all.
02.59 yahoo - am officially back from the land of nod in stunning form!!

mandy - i agree, there was something fishy there, first she invites comments by spilling her story on a free for all website then starts snubbing people who were genuinely trying to help....

oh well, to each her own!!!
Totally agree a-one she is only a clikd herself and has two of them
4:24 G'Day every one. Glorious sunny day here. Pity I'm stuck in an office without a view.
Happy Halloween . . . which isn't just for kids. I'm dressing up. Won 1st place with my costume Saturday night. Can't let it just sit there so am dressing up again tonight. The trick-or-treaters enjoy it.
3.38 That does not look like a Koala
If cats were Marcupial would we ever find our Keys ?
Was Kerira a clikd? As in 'Clikd go the shears'? There was something fishy about her....she was actually a large octopus.
thats 'marSupial' dean....no presents for you this year.
Morning all. My joke submission for the day. What does DNA stand for? National Dyslexic Association. Susan - loved the ATO joke. That's todays joke for the Cup BBQ I'm off to. Thanks.
Dean - Not funny
**Pandy - Not funny
2:27 Hi everyone. An absolutely beautiful morning today
Who has the adorable puppy?!
Mon wouldn't that be NDA
Hey Mandy and Pandy, today is just dandy.
No Sandy, Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.
I had an adorable puppy last night Zoe. Lightly marinated and done on the rotisserie. Washed down with a fruity sangria....superb!
Hi Mandy. I think that was the point of the joke. Sorry.
Hey Mandy it was really meant to be AND surrounded by MY would be.........MANDY
Hi Randy, Sandy, Mandy & Pandy.
Does everybody rhyme on here today
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