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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Aussie, aussie, aussie!
01/Dec/10 7:00 AM
Oi, oi, oi!
01/Dec/10 7:00 AM
Enjoy your day, everyone!
01/Dec/10 7:00 AM
Good mAen Sudokuland! News from Texas - Karen is looking forward to a return to cyberland tomorrow. The cliff notes - Computer died. BIL tried to resurect. NO Good. Man buys part to try to resurect. No Good. New computer purchased. New fangled gadgetry does not compute with old fashioned More...
01/Dec/10 7:00 AM
Having the steps and ramp for the barn replaced. I call it a barn, it really is a large shed that looks like a barn. This was all replaced about 5 years ago, with untreated wood.
01/Dec/10 7:08 AM
Sounds like Karen needs to move a little closer to civilization.
01/Dec/10 7:15 AM
Finally the service person has come and gone. I will be gettting a new chair in 6 to 8 weeks, a problem with the leather.
01/Dec/10 7:17 AM
Probably should give a bit of Richfield News as well. 3 kids doing great in school and many many activities. One 18 month with a snotty nose having trouble sleeping because of it. All make for a tired momma. BTW he may be 18 months but he thinks he is 9 years old.
01/Dec/10 7:17 AM
Since he has come, guess I will go to town, have a few errands to do.
01/Dec/10 7:18 AM
Jill ruined my CP
01/Dec/10 7:19 AM
When that happens, Sue - you just have to quickly post the required number of comments to make the next cp!
01/Dec/10 7:35 AM
Hello everyone,great action shot Kate.
G'day Bjay, great to have you with us.
A fun read today even had Bill laughing as he isn't playing golf in torrential downpour that hasn't stopped since early this morning.
01/Dec/10 7:56 AM
Ahh Jerry, you know I love to dance....
01/Dec/10 7:59 AM
to all the old gang & Bjay. Newcomers are always welcome here - join the party!
Speaking of parties, I went to a fun one today. 12 ladies played in a tennis round robin this morning & then gathered for a pot luck lunch to celebrate the birthdays of More...
01/Dec/10 8:34 AM
2:21 Hi everyone. Thank you for the warm welcome back. Kathy I'm glad I'm sitting in your kitchen under the disguise of a TFTD...xx

I've been playing dancing on ice on the roads today and I've built a small snowman, he is two inches high and he is called Bertie after my namesake. Greg, Johnny Depp is here...my, my, my!!
01/Dec/10 8:58 AM
Thought for the Day:

A few moments of friendship are worth a lifetime of wonderful memories.
01/Dec/10 9:03 AM
Glinda, good toastmistress your return is of great value in the kingdom of toast. Long may you reign x
01/Dec/10 9:05 AM
Or should that be long may you crust?
01/Dec/10 9:08 AM
Keith, I am dreaming of Rogers...orange cream or raspberry to be precise. I can't believe you still have some to savour, sigh, sigh...
01/Dec/10 9:09 AM
Thank you, oh andré of the land of midget snowmen.
01/Dec/10 9:23 AM
Good morning all! I'm tired from Jerry's dancing!
Welcome to Bjay (from Brisbane, too)!
Second day in a row that we've seen Andre - woohoo! And that TFTD is so apt for this site!
And, thanks Jill for the update on Karen and yourself - love that the 18 month old (can he be that??) thinks he's 9 - that's what happens when there's older siblings.
01/Dec/10 9:23 AM
How remiss of me - it's Dec 1st - need a Christmas avatar. I'll start with my hubby dressed as Santa and my grandson believing him - 9 years ago. That boy is now 12, raging pre-teen hormones - but still loves his Pop.

Ooh! Glinda came back again too!!
01/Dec/10 9:28 AM
Bjay, the more the merrier.

Good to see Andre and glinda back again.
01/Dec/10 9:59 AM
Finally back from shopping, I hate shopping anytime of the year but it is so much worse during the Christmas season.
01/Dec/10 10:00 AM
Will be in Tulsa most of tomorrow, have to pick up the new fan/heater for the bathroom. Since I will be going there anyway might as well do the shopping I need to do there.
01/Dec/10 10:02 AM
I fixed a huge pot of vegetable soup today. It is ready to eat.
01/Dec/10 10:03 AM
Later everyone
01/Dec/10 10:03 AM
98 Years Old & No Enemies - Human Interest Story...

All women should live so long as to be this kind of lady!

Toward the end of Sunday service, the Minister asked, "How many of
you have forgiven your enemies?" Eighty percent held up their hands. More...
01/Dec/10 10:39 AM
Well, it's been a fortnight - plus two days - but we finally have a new, WORKING, stove/oven. Now if Karen can get back to Sudoku-land, all will be right with the world. Right, Karen?
01/Dec/10 11:06 AM
That is the COOLEST avatar, Cyn!
01/Dec/10 11:12 AM
Your photos is very interested,thanks for sharing.

Wishing all of you a very happy day wherever you are.
01/Dec/10 11:18 AM
I went to the cemetery yesterday and there were four pall bearers walking around with a coffin.

3 hours later they were still walking around with it.

I thought to myself: "These ba$t@rds have lost the plot."
01/Dec/10 12:01 PM
ANNE!!!! I'm flabbergasted.

That was hilarious.
01/Dec/10 12:17 PM
Colo Jim and Anne.
Anne keep your fingers crossed I don't think of this when I'm at a funeral tomorrow.
01/Dec/10 12:18 PM
Hal, glad you now have a new stove/oven. You must have had your Thanksgiving turkey at someone else's house this year?

Speaking of working appliances, Kathy (MD) how's your new washer washing??
01/Dec/10 12:26 PM
Don't ask, Kathy! Batty probably has hubby out on the back porch with a washboard and a bar of Fels-Naptha!
01/Dec/10 12:38 PM
Anne - that's so funny!!
Judy - thanks - I've always loved that picture and the memory of that night!!
Hal's got his oven and, I agree, when Karen comes back all will be right with the world!!
01/Dec/10 12:41 PM
01/Dec/10 12:45 PM
Yes, Kathy. Both of our daughters and their families had other committments, so B. and I went to Myrtle Beach SC, Wednesday and had a fabulous T'day meal at a local restaurant on Thursday.
01/Dec/10 12:50 PM
Time for a page...
01/Dec/10 12:51 PM
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