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Easy Sudoku for 1/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen.Hey Hey it's a wonderful day.
01/Dec/10 12:00 AM
AAll alone this Maen
01/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Must be tired a typo already
01/Dec/10 12:01 AM
01/Dec/10 12:01 AM
01/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Hello GH!
01/Dec/10 12:04 AM
Hello Shiela. Was beginning to feel lonely.
01/Dec/10 12:05 AM
You seem to have lots of energy left over at the end of your day, Grass-hopper!
01/Dec/10 12:06 AM
Great shot of the Bridge to Bridge race.
01/Dec/10 12:07 AM
Had a great night at Bowls and just got in.
01/Dec/10 12:08 AM
Cat was very unhappy with me this morning. Since it's been raining all night and I didn't sleep well last night I had to pry myself out of bed to give him his insulin injection.
01/Dec/10 12:08 AM
Any trophies?
01/Dec/10 12:08 AM
Always good to get out with friends.
01/Dec/10 12:08 AM
2:19 Good evening all! Phantom - it's only 9:08pm here, not late at all.
01/Dec/10 12:08 AM
No trophies this time. Poor cat.
01/Dec/10 12:10 AM
Hello, Anne. Is the Phantom lurking?
01/Dec/10 12:10 AM
11.08m here. Phantom must have DST
01/Dec/10 12:11 AM
Evening Anne
01/Dec/10 12:12 AM
Cat never seems to mind, luckily!
But I have to make sure he eats after I give him the shot. He's been a bit persnickity recently. I think he's getting tired of the diabetic formula cat food and the choice of leftover turkey that he's holding out for!!!
01/Dec/10 12:19 AM
Evening Grass-hopper & Shiela - Phantom said I was here late at night but we're three hours behind the eastern states so it's only early here still.
01/Dec/10 12:21 AM
Yes Shiela we have 3 fussy cats.
01/Dec/10 12:23 AM
01/Dec/10 12:23 AM
Just had to slip that one in
01/Dec/10 12:24 AM
Yes Anne those southerners have changed over to DST very quickly this year.
01/Dec/10 12:26 AM
Lucky and talented today, GH!
01/Dec/10 12:26 AM
Mind you I'm getting tired so am going to call it a night.
01/Dec/10 12:27 AM
Thank goodness us sensible states don't have it, Grass-hopper.
01/Dec/10 12:28 AM
Thanks.It was a good day. Hope tomorrow is as good.
01/Dec/10 12:28 AM
You are so right Anne. When we were in Sydney you just did it but with the little ones it was so hard to explain it. The Grand children are still in NSW so we have to watch when we call them.
01/Dec/10 12:31 AM
Viva le Real Time.
01/Dec/10 12:32 AM
Real time?
It seems it's ALL relative!
01/Dec/10 12:33 AM
and they think they're ahead of us! HA! HA! HA!
01/Dec/10 12:34 AM
Yes Especially when they are mostly interstate.
01/Dec/10 12:36 AM
And there was the 33.
01/Dec/10 12:38 AM
I think I'll have an early night. all! zzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz
01/Dec/10 12:39 AM
Well, it's taken me quite a while to read all the way through the last few days' worth of posts. I know I could "just" read Phantom's summaries, but I better appreciate his wit when I have read first what he's summarizing.
01/Dec/10 12:41 AM
Oh I just checked the radar and it looks like the rain is a coming big time.
01/Dec/10 12:41 AM
Many missing "old timers" are starting to show up again. Also, many who rarely post have posted. Very nice to enjoy visiting with all of you good people!
01/Dec/10 12:42 AM
BTW, what Phantom said about outdoor work -- read that as outdoor WINTER work. I work outdoors much more in warm weather. I simply hate the cold. Count me in with the species who prefer to hibernate or migrate to warmer winter quarters.
01/Dec/10 12:46 AM
It's a very rainy day here, Grass-hopper. So dark still, it doesn't seem like morning yet. Still, I'd rather it rain than snow.
01/Dec/10 12:48 AM
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