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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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well since it is now 1.52 and the temp has dropped to 22(71) I think I might try and get some sleep. Night all hope you all have a great day
01/Feb/09 1:52 AM
that sounds like smart thinking Mickey..

Tell the teachers and staff that you're recuiting their family members and acquaintances..

I don't even think I spelled that right.. haha

again..no editing..:)
01/Feb/09 1:53 AM
goodnight.. sleep well
01/Feb/09 1:54 AM
all you first pagers! Nice to see the names Mickey & Rayray again!!
Mickey - I can't beleive Kalleb is 2 1/2 already!! I remember when he was born. Gosh, I've been coming to Sudokuland for a LONG time!
Rayray - glad you are feeling better again. Welcome back to the fold (that's a sheep pun - get it?)
01/Feb/09 1:54 AM
Sweet cool dreams Mickey
01/Feb/09 1:55 AM
cute picture I wonder if they're monkeys or clowns. they look like they're having a good time though
01/Feb/09 2:02 AM
Marylinn - bless your heart. It seems you have to deal with lack of sleep quite a lot. I'm glad your sister & her family have a warm place to go to during the power outage. To me there is no worse feeling in the world than being cold!

Jim - love your word "Celsians"! It More...
01/Feb/09 2:02 AM
Good morning, everyone!

Kathy - Wasn't the Nadal-Verdasco match amazing?? If the final is half as good as that match was, it will be well worth watching! We taped the women's final last night so will be watching it as soon as Jaime gets up this morning!
01/Feb/09 2:10 AM
Karen - I saw a cute plaque in a store sale flyer that I think you would like. It says "My next house won't have a kitchen, only vending machines."
01/Feb/09 2:12 AM
hello kathy. jane, and steve.. :)

Kathy, yes- you're right.. due to many reasons there is a lack of sleep, but especially on saturdays! I hope I can work it out to where I've gotten enough sleep before coming in early, as of yet my body says NO!- I hear ya on the football...I'm not More...
01/Feb/09 2:15 AM
Jane - did your recorder record ALL of the Nadal-Verdasco match? Since it was such a LONG match, ours cut off before the end. Rob was so aggravated!
01/Feb/09 2:16 AM
Steve- I'm not sure where in MO you are, my sister is in the boot area, and they have suffered from the ice storms... have you experienced any of this, power outages, etc?
01/Feb/09 2:17 AM
Kathy - I always add on lots of extra time when I record 5-set tennis matches because you never know when they're gonna go the distance! So we did see the whole match, and we were glued to the tube the whole time! I'd send you my tape, but unfortunately, I used that tape for the women's match last night.
01/Feb/09 2:19 AM
Hey good morning, everyone!!!
I like it when I can tell the to shut up!
01/Feb/09 2:20 AM
Marylinn - it's good to see you posting these past several days after months of silence!
01/Feb/09 2:20 AM
Kathy that works for me.
01/Feb/09 2:20 AM
Good morning, Shosho!
01/Feb/09 2:21 AM
Marylinn - to me the best part of the Super Bowl is the clever commercials. We are going to a big party where I, like you, will enjoy the people there more than the football! Rob will record the game here at home so we can come back later & skip through to watch any of the commercials we are More...
01/Feb/09 2:21 AM
I've yet to get my and is my toes to remind me that her bowl is empty. I will luxuriate in the late hour of morning! Hey any thing after 5AM is late.
01/Feb/09 2:22 AM
Good day Shosho! That's the best conversation a gal can have.. when she's told her Alarm where to GO! hehe

Jane, you are right about that.. it's good to be posting! Several months off, were really bound by some crazy times.. so if anything i'm grateful that life has slowed down. I do really enjoy my friends here
01/Feb/09 2:24 AM
Hi Shosho! Glad you got a little more sleep today. You deserve it!
Jane - we're pretty sure the Tennis Channel will eventually be showing repeats of the Nadal-Verdasco match in its entirety. I'm sure we're not the only ones who missed it.
01/Feb/09 2:24 AM
Rayray, it's good to see your posts! And you really didn't need that old part anyways. I must google to see if it ever had a function eons agol
01/Feb/09 2:25 AM
Girl has decided to go clothes optional already and I am still in layers.

That is what that sound is, Shosho thank you for reminding the cats want food, again.
01/Feb/09 2:26 AM
That is a good plan Kathy.. every once in a while we'll see some commercials that give us a good chuckle or smile..

it will be interesting to see what is created for tomorrow..
01/Feb/09 2:27 AM
Hey Kathy! Poor Rob, . Sorry as you can see I'm not much of a sport fan. I'd rather play it than watch it. I guess I don't have much patience to watch something that long. I barely have to patience to watch a movie! I'd rather read a book or go out walking somewhere.
01/Feb/09 2:27 AM
And thanks to Mymare--I cannot get the jingle 10 little monkeys jumping on a bed out of my head.

It is a favorite around here, at times.
01/Feb/09 2:28 AM
Karen, enjoy your optional clothes day! Here it's a bit too chilly for that. I must make for myself in that unmentionable room.
01/Feb/09 2:28 AM
I just forwarded to "the regulars" a hilarious Bud Lite video that might be one of tomorrow's commercials. (For all I know, it might be an old one, but I never saw it before). If anyone who's not on my e-mail list would like to receive it, just send me your e-mail address by private message.
01/Feb/09 2:29 AM
shosho - you brekkie looks fabulous! Can I have some? Pretty please???
01/Feb/09 2:30 AM
It's been a busy week. I haven't read comments or done puzzles here in several days now. Must go back & try to catch up a little. Hope everyone has a "Super" weekend & temperatures modify a little in all parts of this crazy world. Stay warm (or cool!), healthy, & happy.
01/Feb/09 2:31 AM
Marylinn, I must tell you that I've enjoyed your interesting solo discussions, your Marylinn show! If you're watching the super bowl, Marylinn and Kathy please give me the commercial highlights!
01/Feb/09 2:31 AM
Karen - wish it were a "clothes optional" day here. Unfortunately, we're back in the middle of a cold wave again. Thank goodness, it's not as bad as last week though. And the sun is out now, so it looks like it will warm up a bit.
01/Feb/09 2:32 AM
Jane, please forward me that commercial!
One brekkie for Miss Jane coming up! Do you want cream or sugar with your ?
01/Feb/09 2:33 AM
Ouch! Ouch! Alright already, cat! Must go before she bloodies my toes! Be back later!
01/Feb/09 2:35 AM
Jim from Jupiter: It was -1C here this morning (Hernando County) so Florida is definitely cold.
01/Feb/09 2:35 AM
Well, I've got to shower and get dressed. Jaime and I plan to bike down the main road where all the retail establishments are having a 3-mile-long sidewalk sale. This is a first for St. Simons! Normally, these snobby stores don't even have sales. This tells you how tough things are for everyone.
01/Feb/09 2:36 AM
I'll try to remember the good commercials, if I catch any- i'm sure I will..

I hope I'm not as solo as I was a couple of weeks ago.. but it's fun anyway..

I'm definitely the type of person who can have a conversation with myself, when I get looney with no sleep
01/Feb/09 2:36 AM
Shosho - you should have gotten it. Has your e-mail address changed?
01/Feb/09 2:37 AM
Jane have fun, that sounds like good shopping!

Hi Chalkboard :)
01/Feb/09 2:37 AM
Why not?
01/Feb/09 2:55 AM
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