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Easy Sudoku for 1/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Sitting up watching the Winter Olympics is not helping me get my time clock back to normal.
Good morning All.
01/Mar/10 12:01 AM
2:06, a little slower that normal this morning.
01/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Evening, Chris & June!
Good Maen, ebreyone! (I've got my second cold in two weeks. Pass the tissues!)
01/Mar/10 12:03 AM
..or even *than* normal (I need a new keyboard, one that can spell!)

Good morning June - me too. I just watched the finish of the 30km women's cross-country - wow!
01/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Hi, everyone. I'm hoping that this worldwide group might help me to widen my search for old-fashioned blue jeans.

I'm looking for the real deal: heavy-weight raw denim, unwashed, 100% cotton (no 2% stretch material added) -- the kind that took a few months to break in but that then lasted More...
01/Mar/10 12:38 AM
Glinda, I googled 'old fashioned cotton denim jeans'. Several sites came up. Many sites not promising. One was www.sugarcanejeans.co.uk/ that advertised '100% cotton, heavy weight' that you had to wash first to wear. email: sales@togged.com
Have no idea whether this would work, but good for a More...
01/Mar/10 1:01 AM
Good day all. The snow is beginning to melt is SE Michigan. OK, it is only a little snow that has melted. Saw 3 robins this morning in our apple tree.
01/Mar/10 1:07 AM

Glinda - try entering "heavy weight jeans." I know that "Dickie" is a brand used by quite a few Texans (who could get more rugged than that!) and the rodeo types who ride bulls, etc.
01/Mar/10 1:08 AM

**that should be Dickies
01/Mar/10 1:17 AM
Good Maen to all of you.
Nice sunny day in Alexandria after a day full with rain.
01/Mar/10 1:21 AM
all! For those of you who remember Schultz, there's one of the last pictures taken of him on the jigsaw easy ...
01/Mar/10 1:22 AM
From: Alexandria .
Wishing all of you a very nice day wherever you are.
Arrived here this morning for just One or Two days only .
Have a nice day everyone.
01/Mar/10 1:39 AM
1:59 Hello to all. Sweet little girl in the photo.

Thought for the Day:

To give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.
01/Mar/10 1:58 AM
thanks for the blue jeans recommendations!
01/Mar/10 2:05 AM
Glinda is it just the man in the ad for the Levi's jeans you require? He's quite a heavyweight!!

01/Mar/10 2:05 AM
Good afternoon all
01/Mar/10 3:12 AM
Ray, I had the same problem with a new fridge. Luckily, I was able to convince the delivery man to reverse the door before he left. He said the doors of 9 out of 10 he delivered opened on the wrong side. Must be an international problem.
01/Mar/10 3:24 AM
Happy Sunday!
Picked up my sister at the airport yesterday, and I smell freshly baked scones in the oven for breakfast today! I could get used to this...♥
01/Mar/10 3:26 AM
Good Maen!
01/Mar/10 3:30 AM
Just stopping by...
01/Mar/10 3:30 AM
01/Mar/10 3:30 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle:
1. River-versatile
2. alarm-armoury (I understand it is spelled that way in Australia, too, not just a British spelling)
3. mound-underego
4. unaware-arena
5. apron-pronounce
6. fellow-lowly

In keeping with the Olympic theme, the prize More...
01/Mar/10 3:36 AM
Next one coming up!

How is failure represented in the rebus below?

A) Success
B) Victory
C) Triumph
D) Accomplishment

Answers to the "will Fiona EVER return" inbox, please.
01/Mar/10 3:41 AM
The sun is shining brightly today after days and days of overcast skies, wind and rain. A harbinger of spring, perhaps?
01/Mar/10 3:47 AM
Kathy - I sent in my feeble attempt at today's puzzle, but I'm not sure I understand it since a rebus is a puzzle that incorporates pictures, and I don't know how to transmit images in a private message. Help!!!
01/Mar/10 3:51 AM
Considering your recent obsessive workouts, Jane, I doubt that anything about you is "feeble" ... Miss Rippling Abs Bun of Steel Toned Muscles Perky Pecs Fitness Woman of the Year!
01/Mar/10 4:28 AM
Good Afternoon to everyone! Wow! What a cutie!!!

Jane - Any news from Jaime's Family and Friends?

The snow is melting here, too. But oh do we have the snow to melt.....

01/Mar/10 4:38 AM
I believe that this is Mini Ant.
Dorothy is headed back to Kansas on Tuesday to watch the annual cross state rivalry on home turf with the Tin Man. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
01/Mar/10 6:01 AM
Yes, Jane... inquiring minds want to know. Is Jaime's family OK?
01/Mar/10 6:01 AM
Yup, it's still morning here, even though it will be noon in about 45 minutes!
01/Mar/10 6:13 AM
What a sweetie--that Christmas angel!
Andre' Love that TFTD--plan to share it, if you don't mind.
Hope everyone is having a "loverly" day. A lovely lazy Sunday here.
Think SPRING! It is on the way...we are seeing signs of it here in SE Texas. Won't be a bit too soon for More...
01/Mar/10 6:53 AM
Sho Sho - It is now Noon. So:
Beautiful day out yesterday & today - no rain - sunshine & clear skies.
01/Mar/10 7:00 AM
everyone. Getting ready to watch the U.S. vs Canada hockey game! Could it end up as exciting as the 1980 gold medal game??

I haven't been visiting Sudokuland as often lately - a nice surprise to see both Sarah Beth & Eve here today ,too! Virtual hugs to ALL.
01/Mar/10 7:15 AM
Hello everyone, lovely Christmas Angel. Sheila, I needed the tissues myself this morning, had a sneezing fit while trying to do the puzzle.
Jane, hope all is well with Jamie's family and friends.
Where is everyone today, its very slow,still on the first page.
01/Mar/10 7:23 AM
We were woken up at 5am by a storm and torrential rain it was so heavy that it overflowed the gutters, water water everywhere.
It has cleared a bit now thats why hubby has gone to golf.LOL
01/Mar/10 7:31 AM
Good Morning All,
Pretty Christmas Angle!
01/Mar/10 8:08 AM
Think you're right, Sarah Beth, about this being Mini Ant.
01/Mar/10 8:14 AM
Good morning. A little cool in Canberra this morning. I had to put on an extra layer.
01/Mar/10 8:15 AM
Yep. Yahoo says it's 10C at the moment. we're never happy, are we? A few days ago, I was wishing summer away.
01/Mar/10 8:16 AM
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