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Easy Sudoku for 1/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Mar/13 6:07 AM
That's better - bye!
01/Mar/13 6:07 AM
Morning all,at last a caption for the photo.
What is this still on the first page!
01/Mar/13 6:09 AM
Thank you CP, well it was on the first page when I was typing.lol
01/Mar/13 6:10 AM
01/Mar/13 6:42 AM
01/Mar/13 7:00 AM
01/Mar/13 7:06 AM
Damp and gray here. Bathroom floor tiles ordered ... still no major glitches, but I'm sure some are waiting around the next corner!
01/Mar/13 7:18 AM
2:18. Slow this morning, no coffee yet and trying t odeal with a sick (or possibly just not wanting to go to school) child!
01/Mar/13 7:23 AM
01/Mar/13 7:40 AM
Morning all. Welcome Back CP. That was a quick trip to Coffs.
01/Mar/13 7:57 AM
.45 DoA ? Wow speedy.
01/Mar/13 7:58 AM
579.5454545453 mph or 932.6879999997514 kph
01/Mar/13 8:21 AM
everyone. I must apologise Daplap, because I cheated on the answer to your brain teaser. I would never have come up with that answer anyway, because I still believe in Santa!
01/Mar/13 8:51 AM
I am so excited!! Over the last few days there have been 15 to 20 black cockatoos make short, but memorable visits to our garden. 2 days ago they put on a spectacular aerial display that I would never have imagined birds of that size could do. They can grow to about 68cm (about 2'2') long. These More...
01/Mar/13 8:58 AM
The whole time this air show was happening, they were screeching flat out.
01/Mar/13 8:59 AM
Any way, this morning as I arrived home from taking Hubby to work, they also arrived. I was able to capture a pair of them on the bough of a gum tree. The female was ripping into a banksia cone and eating the seeds, while the male sat next to her. Some of the pics are up on my page. I ask myself -Can it get any better? ( I need a Yipee! smiley)
01/Mar/13 9:04 AM
CP and off to freeze tomatoes and make and freeze tomato soup. We have so many that I am running out of ways to use them. I'll make another batch of relish and that will do.
01/Mar/13 9:07 AM
Rufus dog decided the other day to measure how much stuffing there was in 1 small cushion. He was astounded to find there is HEAPS! The evidence is on my page.
01/Mar/13 9:25 AM
Sacky, red tailed or yellow tailed black cockatoos?
01/Mar/13 10:18 AM
It seems like everyone has other things to do today.
01/Mar/13 10:37 AM
Have been busy today doing all those little things that seem to always be put off.
01/Mar/13 10:40 AM
Since there is no one here guess I will talk to myself.
01/Mar/13 10:41 AM
I am stalling about fixing dinner, but since it has to be done guess I should fet busy
01/Mar/13 10:42 AM
fet = get

CP is done
01/Mar/13 10:44 AM
Gath has advised me that the YouTube problem is fixed. I've tested it with an old video, wondering if any Aussies were there when it took place.
01/Mar/13 12:06 PM
We only have yellow -tailed, Gail.
01/Mar/13 12:07 PM
He is working on the jigsaw issue now re: pieces not fitting in the frame. Cheers!
01/Mar/13 12:07 PM
Where did we have to be Greg?
01/Mar/13 12:08 PM
Peter, Paul and Mary clip won't work for me, Greg.
01/Mar/13 12:10 PM
Off to town now. Back tomorrow.
01/Mar/13 12:11 PM
Works for me. Send Gath a message via the 'contact us' link above Sacky.
01/Mar/13 12:12 PM
Works for me, Greg. Thanks for the memories.
01/Mar/13 12:19 PM
Sacky..... I am SO envious!
01/Mar/13 12:34 PM

Yup worked for me Greg.
01/Mar/13 12:58 PM
I'll try again tomorrow.. on my movie and its hopeless!
01/Mar/13 1:03 PM
See what I mean.
01/Mar/13 1:06 PM
I am way too lazy to keep scrolling all the way down here.
01/Mar/13 1:12 PM
So I will do it.
01/Mar/13 1:13 PM
Bye bye page 2.
01/Mar/13 1:14 PM
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