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Easy Sudoku for 1/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A tigger bounce from me while Jerry's outside doing some work.
01/May/10 11:47 AM
Good luck to your granddaughter, Hazel
01/May/10 11:49 AM
When I started reading the last page and Jerr's saga kept growing - I thought he was going to manage a whole page by himself!
01/May/10 11:49 AM
Well, YOU almost did. "Bucket Mouth". (as in talk too much.) Jus' teasin'!
01/May/10 11:51 AM
The microwave just went "ding". Dinner is served.
01/May/10 11:53 AM
It seems that it has been verified. I have at least the bear necessities of life here. My neighbor, across the road, saw a bear amble through the fence and disappear onto my property. She estimated it 30" at the shoulder. (It was on all fours.)
01/May/10 11:58 AM
Nuh-Uh! You have 21 posts to my 8 (9 now!!)!!
01/May/10 1:13 PM
So! Braggin' or Complainin'?
01/May/10 1:25 PM
OOooooo, a pair of 8's.
01/May/10 1:25 PM
Why is ice cream so good?
01/May/10 2:01 PM
For the same reason that Maple fudge is so good.
01/May/10 2:17 PM
Nice to see a pretty local scene but would love the sun to shine, first day of winter today so we can expect a few grey days.
01/May/10 2:27 PM
Sorry I'm a month ahead of myself!! But the rain we've had these past two weeks made me feel like winter. By the way Jerry would love to know where Washougal is?
01/May/10 2:32 PM
Dot most everything one might want to know about Washougal can be found here...

01/May/10 2:55 PM
Hi Dot, great to see you posting.
01/May/10 3:11 PM
Gloomy sky.
01/May/10 6:31 PM
Only 1 month to winter and we've had a beautiful sunny autumn day in Hobart.
01/May/10 7:20 PM
Amelia visited today and I hope she and Bill enjoyed themselves. Janet and I certainly did.
01/May/10 7:22 PM
Great news saylz, pleased you both had a good time...I knew you would.
Isn't Sudokuland and it's inhabitants wonderful?
01/May/10 7:51 PM
100 - over and out! Goodnight!
01/May/10 10:11 PM
Off on a road trip to San Antonio..ta ta
01/May/10 11:25 PM
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